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Kaitlyn was just bursting full of personality throughout the entire shoot; I could barely keep up! You might wonder how Kaitlyn managed to pose so effortlessly cool in the photos, but truth be told, she wasn’t posing at all! That’s Kaitlyn in all her glory, goofing around, splashing in the lake, and blowing adorable kisses to her mom...

Williams Field High School Senior Pictures

Have you ever met someone who’s all personality? No fluff, no falseness – just 100% themselves? Over 10 years of photography, I’ve learned to relax when I see these people coming. No matter which way they turn or twist, what faces they pull – the camera will be all over it!

Well, I’ve known that certain someone since they were only just 8! So, essentially from when she was just a youngster to well, … a slightly taller youngster. I’ve taken Kaitlyn’s family photographs, but I first ran into the energetic gal when she was bouncing around in gymnastics many years ago with our daughter, Alex. So, I knew what I was in for: a brilliant evening of fun, laughs, and good times!

Even during the Covid-crazies in the spring of 2020, we still tried our best to celebrate graduates! If you couldn’t tell, Kaitlyn was very happy about it, and why wouldn’t she be! Of course, we had to grab some fun moments of her showing off her finest graduation gear. I loved her poses and playing with her tassel; if that doesn’t say “bye-bye school, hello world!” I don’t know what does!

williams field graduation pictures gilbert az

If you can’t tell, Kaitlyn inspired all of my favorite cap & gown photos. Prior to this, I did mostly “mom shots” for senior pictures. You know, perfectly posed headshots showcasing the cap and tassel. But once Kaitlyn showed me her personality while wearing her cap & gown, it literally became part of every session! Just look at these expressions of her posing proudly in her cap and gown!

graduation pictures gilbert arizona cap gown

Capturing Authentic Good Times

Kaitlyn was just bursting full of personality throughout the entire shoot; I could barely keep up! You might wonder how Kaitlyn managed to pose so effortlessly cool in the photo below. Truth be told, she wasn’t posing at all! That’s Kaitlyn in all her glory, goofing around and blowing adorable kisses to her mom. What was supposed to be an outtake ended up making it’s way into her final gallery of gorgeous senior pictures.

Pro Tip: Be yourself and let me worry about capturing your true personality!

fun graduation pictures gilbert arizona

Style Closet Favorites

Is it really a photoshoot if we don’t make use of grab some accessories from the Style Closet? Kaitlyn opted for one of the favorites – the (almost iconic by this stage) blue and white flowery dress that looks like it was made for the photo shoots by the water! Even the funky heart-shaped glasses made an appearance, and they suited Kaitlyn’s fun style.

And just as eager as Kaitlyn was to dive into the Style Closet without fear, she also grabbed every photo opportunity, hesitation be damned. Perhaps that’s how she ended up almost waist-deep in the lake, splashing to her heart’s delight. Who cares if your legs are wet if you look beyond fabulous and the camera’s loving every moment!?

graduation pictures gilbert arizona girls
What To Wear Senior Pictures Higley Az

A Winning Smile and Perfect Poses

Marilyn Monroe smile is an understatement to describe Kaitlyn’s beaming smile! It’s almost impossible not to smile right back; I mean, just look at the twinkle in her eye! Are you surprised to find out that the elegant navy sun hat and trendy romper are both right out of the Style Closet?

williams field high school senior pictures gilbert

In the midst of all the fun it can be surprisingly hard to gain control over your own facial muscles, believe it or not! It’s just so natural to smile when a camera’s around. However, with just a few tips Kaitlyn tried a ‘serious’ pose and crushed it!

professional graduation photos gilbert arizona

Figuring Out the Style Closet

The Style Closet makes regular appearances at nearly every senior portrait session. If you’ve read more than two or three of my blogs, you’ve definitely heard mention of its famous goodies! Kaitlyn made good use of what the Style Closet has to offer up. If you’d like to follow in her footsteps and try out some of the inside the Style Closet, here’s why that’s a fantastic idea.

Not many senior photographers have this wide selection of accessories, clothing, and props available for clients. You might be apprehensive about diving in, but it always pays off, so give it a try!

  • It’s all suited to your shoot! I don’t just pick this stuff up and bring it along willy-nilly. You can be sure that these are tried & tested pieces that they know look FANTASTIC on camera. I don’t accept anything less!
  • It’s fun! Have you seen my “hello boys” sunglasses?  Some of my props add a touch of humor to your images, and that’s what graduation photography is all about – laughs, fun, and good times.
  • One size fits most! Many of my clothing pieces are flexible and can be adjusted to fit most sizes. Moreover, my accessories are the perfect fit for everyone!
  • So fun! She looks like a blast. I really need to get a style closet going. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sarah, you’ll love having a style closet for your teens and seniors! It’s really not that hard to start, plus it gives you a reason to go shopping!

  • Awesome as always. Love her personality and how it comes through as well as the story you tell in words. The blue/white flower dress is supper cute and the heart-shape glasses are awesome.

  • These images are gorgeous and she just oozes fun! Your senior clients are so lucky to have you and your awesome style closet for their senior portrait sessions in Gilbert, Arizona!

    • Hey Brandi! Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m glad you can tell how much fun I have with my seniors…love them so much!

  • Excellent info and beautiful images! Great job!

  • Omg she looks like so much fun to photograph! You can tell in her photos just how happy and comfortable she was. You also captured every bit of her personality!

  • Gorgeous images of this senior from Williams Field High School. Looks like she had a wonderful time and those accessories are amazing!

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