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What To Wear For Senior Pictures: A Peek Into The Exclusive Style Closet | Phoenix, Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer

By: Michelle
July 2, 2021

What To Wear For Senior Pictures

What is a style closet anyways? How do I choose clothing for my senior pictures? What should I buy? How do I choose locations that good with my wardrobe? These are all very important things to consider when planning your senior portrait session. I know it can be overwhelming, but we’ll answer all of these questions for you right now!

Our Exclusive Style Closet

We know you have a ton of outfits in your closet, but which ones are the best for senior pictures? I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years now, and I’ve learned that great styling can either make or break your senior pictures. Often though, my senior girls don’t have outfits that match the locations they like or the vision they have for their photo shoot. I know you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new clothes that you maybe will only wear once or twice. The answer? Our exclusive Style Closet!

Yes, we have a closet filled with tops, skirts, dresses, rompers, and tons of accessories that are available to borrow for your photo shoot. My outdoor photo shoots are like a fashion show. I want you to feel confident because if you feel confident, you’ll look better, and you’ll have more fun! And that’s what this is all about, right? We’re celebrating one of the most important moments in your life… high school graduation!

I’m not a big believer in having a bunch of casual outfits or being all dressed up. I want you to have both! I know you have more than one style, and I want to capture a complete picture of you right now so you can look back on this time with great joy. I’m guessing you have some super cute outfits in your closet, so by all means, bring them! By the time you’re ready for your photo shoot you’ll know which ones are best, but you’ll also know what you’re missing. You’ll have a chance to  dig through the Style Closet, and you might find the perfect dress to wear by the lake or a great skirt that will show your vintage side!

But of course,  clothing comes in many patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes! It’s often difficult to choose outfits that will photograph well and make you feel confident. I found this body shape calculator to help you find the perfect dress for your body shape. Whether you are showing off your hourglass curves or trying to give your bust a boost,  you can use the body type calculator to to find the perfect dress that highlights your silhouette. It provides a waist-to-hip ratio that perfectly fits your body and waist shape then determines measurements in 5 main categories. Give it a try!  Once you are on my schedule and receive my What to Wear Guides, you’ll find even more great info about choosing the best outfits for your senior photo shoot!

Long, Flowing Dresses

While I’ve always had hats and accessories, I didn’t always have outfits to style my seniors like I do now. One of the most difficult locations for clients to style is the lake. Sounds easy, right? But you can’t just wear jeans and a t-shirt for senior pictures by the water and have the same effect as if you’re wearing a beautiful boho look complete with a flowy dress and hat!

The dress below is a favorite for senior girls wanting to be near the lake for their session. Sometimes they’re in the water, sometimes they just splash, and sometimes they just sit near the edge, but no matter what they do, this beautiful blue and white summer dress always looks fabulous!

Meet beautiful Sarah…no, she’s not a senior, but she’s one of the lucky ones who has a mom who didn’t want to wait for senior year! So they took advantage of our teen portrait sessions, and Sarah chose to wear this dress, twirl a little, then get right in the water!

Outfit Ideas Senior Pictures Az

Kaitlyn loved the idea of being near the water for her senior portraits, but she sure did surprise me when she walked in and started splashing away! It really showed her playful personality as she splashed and played in this beautiful little area of East Mesa. I especially love it when we can capture the edge of one of the little waterfalls like we did in the 2nd image. We caught just the right splash at the right time, but we won’t discuss how many shots it took to get that right AND have her toes pointed!

What To Wear Senior Pictures Higley AzWilliams Field High School Senior Pictures

Yet another senior who chose this dress while picking through our Style Closet! Arete Prep senior has yet another look, different from the other two teen girls. That’s one reason clients choose to have their senior pictures with Magical Memories by Michelle. Same location, same outfit, same photographer…but 3 different looks! Depending on the lighting and the time of year, and of course the personality of each teenager, you’re guaranteed that your images will still be unique to you!

Arete Prep Academy Az Senior Portraits Arete Prep Academy Senior Pictures

So if you decide you’d like to have your senior pictures taken near the lake, but you’re not sure what to wear, consider this dress from our Style Closet as one of your options. It flatters many different body types and has adjustable straps. If it’s a little big, we simply clip the back to make it fit better. No worries about ruining one of your favorite outfits by going in the water. Once you’re finished, the dress comes back home with me to get washed, steamed, and ready for the next senior!


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  1. I love that you have the option for senior’s to wear clothing from your style closet for their senior pictures! And that body shape calculator, what a neat tool!

    • Hey Brand! I had someone recommend that Body Shape Calculator and thought my seniors might find it helpful!

  2. I love this! Styling is such an important part of any session, and you have taken the guess work out of it! perfect!!

    • I think it’s incredible that you offer Style Closet for your senior photo sessions. It’s hard enough to decide what color and styles to wear, but to have this professional advice and offering is a great asset to seniors. Lucky seniors to have you as their Phoenix Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer!

      • Thanks for taking the time to comment Andrea! The Style Closet started out as just some fun vintage outfits, but has morphed into so much more! It’s fun to see their faces light up when they find just the right outfit for their personality!

    • Hey Kelly! I was a photographer for years before I understood just how important styling is for senior pictures! It’s so fun to help my teens choose styles that work best for them and work well with their locations too!

  3. Great styling!

    • Thank you Susan!


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