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Wear Hats for Senior Pictures | Floppy Hats and Berets

Hats are such a fun way to change up your look and get even more variety for your senior pictures! Be sure to look through the Style Closet to get some great outfit ideas for your senior portraits! If you love hats and accessories, Your photo shoot gives you a chance to step out of your box and try some fun looks!

Wearing Hats for Senior Pictures

I guess I’ve always loved hats. It reminds me of playing dress up when I was a little girl. Many senior girls don’t have a lot of hats, but never fear, I’m always adding to my collection! If you saw my recent post about the accessories in our Style Closet, you’ll know that this whole idea started with one hat. Specifically, a black floppy hat from Target. By 2014 I had started collecting hats and using them with every one of my teen and senior girls. Hats are such a fun way to change up your look and get even more variety for your senior pictures. If you make it to the end, you’ll get to see my favorite hat!

The Original Hat

This black floppy hat has been around forever! I still love it and bring it to every outdoor senior portrait session. Being black, it can coordinate with almost any outfit or pair it with these cute heart sunglasses, which are also available to borrow. Hats are a great way to frame your face and show off your eyes too!

Best Queen Creek Senior Photographer Girls

Wearing a Floppy Hat

These sun hats work great as summer accessories for your senior portraits, but in Arizona, you can pretty much wear them any time! This light blue hat from my Style Closet works great with light, summer colors, sundresses, and rompers. It takes a little shaping but that’s about it. I just love how long hair flows from this hat, but long hair can be tucked up inside for a different look! And of course, short and sassy haircuts look great with floppy hats too!

Floppy Hats for Senior Pictures

Styling With Hats

You can always hair a sun hat with your favorite dress or skirt! Just check out this sunrise session with the light colors and pastels…pure heaven!

Hats Sunrise Senior Pictures Mesa Arizona

Even more gorgeous desert colors in the spring, and this time we paired the hat with a tan scarf, also from my Style Closet! Hats add a different style depending on your outfit. The style suits Kelci perfectly!

Try a Beret

I can’t explain it, but I fell in love with this adorable beret the minute I saw it! Unfortunately I’ve only had the chance to use it a couple of times, but I still love it! If you have an outfit to match (brown jacket or boots maybe?) bring them so we can give it some love again!

Sun Hat and Boots? Yes!

Love the rustic look we got when paired with boots and jeans! We had a little trouble deciding how to wear the shirt. Tying it in the front did the trick!

Navy Blue Sun Hat

Oh yes, another favorite! But really, how can you choose? I love alllll the hats and let me tell you, nearly every senior girl comes in and says “but I don’t wear hats.” Well, maybe not every day, but for senior pictures? Absolutely!!

Blue Sun Hat for Senior Pictures

If you have hats, bring them! If you don’t have hats, check out our Style Closet and I’ll grab mine! If you don’t like hats, you will once we’re done, I promise! Hats work great for many outfits, styles, and locations so you really can’t go wrong! My favorite hats will make appearances in these blog posts too.

Cassandra, Saint Mary’s High School
Brianna, Gilbert High School
Caroline, Desert Vista High School
Madie, Basha High School


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