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September 11, 2018

New Owners at Mesa Nail Salon

Mesa AZ Nail Salon Spa

Anyone who knows me knows I am incredibly picky about my nails. While I don’t personally do acrylic nails, I have used gel polish for years. I have been to nearly every nail salon in the area and have found that gel polish is just not something everyone can do correctly. I’ve gotten polish on my cuticles, bumpy polish, polish that chipped, and even been treated poorly by owners.

Formerly Thy Nails

Thy Nails has been on the northwest corner of Baseline and Power in Mesa for nearly 2 decades. Within the last year, the owners remodeled and sold the salon. Back in 2009, I had pretty much given up hope when I stumbled upon Thy Nails. Long story short, Ann & Kathy were the only place I went until 2017. They moved to another location and I missed them terribly.

Without much confidence, I decided to give the new owners a chance. I was delighted when my first gel manicure was flawless! They probably just had a lucky day, right? That was my thought. Not one single cuticle had polish on it!  While I still missed Ann & Kathy, a few weeks later I decided to try them again for a full gel manicure and pedicure.  After taking over in February, I’m happy to give them my personal recommendation. You won’t be disappointed!

And Now I’m Hooked

Both Victor and Johnny have worked in the nail care industry for over 10 years. Previously their families were from midwest, but they relocated to the Phoenix area a couple of years ago. They ran successful nail salons in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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Johnny is absolutely amazing and gives the best foot massages! He and his wife, Tina, are co-owners of Utopia Nails. While Tina was off the day I visited the salon for pictures, she has done my gel manicure several times and I couldn’t ask for better service! Johnny will joke that today is his first day and we’ve had some great conversations about his home and family in Vietnam. Even though they lived in the United States at the time, his kids were born in Vietnam and they speak both English and Vietnamese.

You won’t find a better salon owner than Victor! He takes great care to be sure your nails are perfect! He and his wife are co-owners of Utopia Nails. His wife will be away from the nail salon for awhile caring for their new baby! Unlike many salons, they speak very good English. In fact, Victor was just telling me about his citizenship test and how he had to read paragraphs, as well as both speak and write in English. I was impressed! I know many people who are bilingual but learning to write English is quite the accomplishment! Congratulations on becoming an American citizen!

Best East Mesa Nail Salon

The Colors

If you like gel polish, this is your place! They have so many colors it is hard to choose, and they even have a line of polish that includes both gel and regular! You know what that means? You can get regular polish on your toes and gel on your fingernails…and they’ll match!!! This is huge for me! For years I would try to find the closest possible matching polish for my pedicure, but this makes it easy!

Next time you stop in, check out their box of sample colors! This isn’t even close…this is just one set of available colors!

They do take walk-ins but of calling ahead or making an appointment is recommended. They are closed on Tuesdays but check Google for current hours.

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  1. Thank You so much . Michelle

    • You’re welcome!

  2. If I lived in the area I’d stop in! Great post Michelle!

    • Thank you Wendy! We love them!!!

    • Hi Michelle I want to Johnny as well but he left Utopia do you know where he’s at now

      • I know, I was so sad when I found out he wasn’t there anymore! I sent you an email with what I’ve heard, but I have no idea if he’s even still in Arizona.

  3. Nail polish is my favorite form of makeup! So glad they turned out to be the right salon for you!

    • Me too! I don’t color my hair or do much else, but I absolutely love getting my nails done!

  4. Hey! I have read your Blog and this so nice! This is an awesome service you have provided. I learned many new things from here and want to implement my website.

    • I’m so glad I was able to help! You might check out local photographer to help you with some beautiful images of your nail salon!

  5. Hi Michelle. Wow! This looks so a professional and seems to be one stop service for nail care. Isn’t it? I’m a nail lover and love colorful nail. So, I change color most everyday.

  6. Hello, Awesome Article, and Your information is very amazing and so much useful for me. Keep it up and thank you very much.:)

    • Thanks, I’m glad you found it helpful! While this salon is closed, I’m hoping to add my new favorite salon in it’s place!


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