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Ultimate Outdoor Senior Photoshoot in Chandler, Arizona

Whenever there’s a chance to add a sweet treat to a photo shoot, I go for it. Why? A quick break gives clients a chance to rest, and I often get the chance to capture candid, fun-loving moments during the break...

Center Stage: A Musician, a Dancer, & The Senior Pictures of Her Dreams

When a client comes in for a consultation and already knows they want the ULTIMATE senior portrait session, I immediately go into all-out planning mode! I do this for every photoshoot, but for Ultimate sessions, it takes a little more time and energy, simply because of the time that will be invested—as well as the outfit and venue changes that will be involved. There’s more moving around, which means even more creativity and more outside-the-box ideas to make sure we don’t duplicate a single pose.

Inside Scoop

I’ll admit I had some insider knowledge about Mavery’s senior pictures because this girl has been hanging around my house for about as long as I can remember! She’s besties with my daughter, and that means I’ve had lots of time to chat with her about what she was thinking about her graduation photos.

Let me just say this…I’ve had a few clients that made me feel like I could keep clicking and getting shots all day and all night—and Mavery is one of them! She has a captivating smile, a multi-faceted personality that shines both when she’s smiling and when she’s serious, and she’s a standout in casual AND dressy outfits. When I heard her ideas and saw her adorable outfits, I knew we had a gazillion photo options! It was going to come down to how much energy we both had, and trust me, neither of us was aiming for a short photoshoot!

Any Outfit, Any Place

Mavery can pull off absolutely any look, and we started our day in a nice, casual location at San Tan. She stole the show in a breezy floral jumper and low, strappy heels. Her long, red hair perfectly complemented the combination of blues she chose in her outfit, too! She even topped this look off with a floppy-brimmed hat in a few photos for a jaunty vacay vibe.

Ladies, if you love jumpers and feel comfortable pulling off this look, it’s definitely senior-portrait-worthy! Jumpers are flattering and tend to photograph well. Plus, they make an easy all-in-one outfit you don’t have to worry about pulling together. Simply accessorize…and BOOM…you’re photoshoot ready!

Fun Senior Pictures Model

Notice Mavery’s expressions in all of these images. She’s carefree and smiling. That’s because we took our time getting warmed up, chatting, and even having a few laughs before jumping right into posing. I do this for all my clients because I think it helps them feel more comfortable in front of the camera if we have a good rapport before I just start clicking!

I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for ice cream! Whenever there’s a chance to add a sweet treat to a senior photoshoot, I go for it. Why? First of all, who doesn’t love sweets? Plus, it gives clients chance to take a quick break. And during that break, I often get the chance to capture candid, fun-loving moments of clients as they kick back and have a little fun. Talk about authentic smiles!

Senior Pictures Ice Cream

No Hat Tricks Here

Why do I love hats? So many reasons! But some of my favorites are the way that hats can add so much texture, dimension, and style—and all you have to do is pair one with a lovely outfit and pop it on your head to get a completely different and updated look.

I had to get a close-up of Mavery’s hazel green eyes and the way the light captured their glow under the wide brim of a sun hat. The hat perfectly framed her face and ended up being the perfect backdrop for her natural makeup, wavy hair, and dreamy gaze.

Cute Outfits Senior Pictures Girls

Capturing Talent & Passion

Mavery has a ton of talent, and I wanted to make sure we captured a variety of her skills in her photo collection. From dancing to playing the ukulele, you name it and this girl can pretty much do it all!

An outfit and location change took us to a waterside location, which was perfect to display her artistic abilities. Her lovely flowery dress perfectly complemented the local scenery, and Mavery looked like she was putting on an enchanted concert when we got to the photos of her with her ukulele.

Senior Pictures Music Instrument Ukulele

En Pointe

A dancer at heart, Mavery’s graceful dance moves were also on display beside the water. A change to pointe shoes made things official, and she made it look effortless to extend into her long, graceful lines.

The fun thing about the transition between these photos is that there wasn’t much of a wardrobe change required. A simple change of shoes had Mavery going from musician to ballerina in mere minutes, and in the end, she’ll get to show off more of what she loves in her senior photos.

Dance Senior Pictures Ballet Pointe Chandler

Natural Beauty

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers during your photoshoot! This is no time to be stressed. Instead, relax and enjoy all the little moments that present themselves. You never know when you’ll stumble across some natural beauty that will add to your graduation pictures in pretty and unexpected ways.

PRO TIP: If you’re here in the desert and you ABSOLUTELY know you want flowers in your photos, it’s a good idea to plan ahead! Think about the blooms you want and consider grabbing a fresh bouquet from your local florist, just in case everything is a little more sandy than…er…bloomy. (We desert-dwellers know that can happen!)

I love Mavery’s bouquet photo because it shows off the absolute perfection of her eye makeup! Seriously, zoom in! It’s a beautifully shaded ombré—slightly darker than she would wear for everyday, because through the camera lens, makeup looks lighter. Her brows are meticulously done, as are her nails, and her lips have the slightest hint of colored gloss. Ladies, this is an AMAZING look when you’re shooting natural photos! In this image, Mavery is the star of the show…exactly as she should be!

Professional Senior Photography Girls

It’s a Wrap

Senior pictures at night give clients a chance to show an entirely different side to their personalities, and Mavery went all-out! When the sun went down, she opted for casual chic in a faded denim jacket over a white tee—which she wore to perfection! A quick tousle of the hair let me capture a fun-loving, kick-back moment and a super-natural smile that reflects Mavery’s lighthearted and lovable personality.

Senior Picture Outfits Denim Chandler az

A 2021 graduate of Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, AZ, Mavery is currently studying at ASU to become a veterinarian. In her free time, you’ll probably find her hanging out with her friends or watching some of her favorite shows like Big Bang Theory and Disney/Pixar movies. Some of her favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Book Thief…and so many more!

This bright and beautiful girl is going places, and I can’t wait to see where her next amazing adventure takes her!

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  • WOW! This is for sure the ultimate senior dance photo session! I love your Chandler Arizona senior photography. I love that you captured Mavery’s love of music and dance.

  • This session is absolutely beautiful and I love the one with the flowers. You don’t even have to zoom into the frame to see the lovely color of her eyeshadow. So many different varieties of her senior pictures and I’m sure she loves them all.

    • Thanks Shunta, that is one of my all-time favorite pictures! I even used it on the cover of my Senior Portrait Welcome Guide because I love it so much!