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Fun Graduation Photos Mesa Arizona Photographer

Cost of Senior Picture Packages | Phoenix Senior Photography

One of the most asked questions I get is how much do senior pictures cost? Is it worth the extra cost to hire a professional photographer? Can you afford it? Well that’s up to you. Everyone values different things in life, and for my clients, they treasure memories, photos, keepsakes, and an fun experience that allows one-on-one time with their soon-to-be grad!

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High School Senior Yearbook Photos Gilbert, AZ

The Truth About Yearbook Photos | Gilbert Senior Photographer

One myth that seems to confuse and frustrate seniors and parents every year is whether or not they’re required to use the school photographer for senior photos. Usually, if they want to get into the yearbook, the answer is yes. Most Phoenix area schools will require you to use the contracted photographer if you want your picture included in the yearbook, but that definitely isn’t your only option for senior photos!

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College Dorm Shopping List

12 Essential Amazon Products for Your Dorm Room | Shopping List for College Freshman

High school is in the rear-view mirror now! Next stop—college!! It can be daunting task figuring out what to buy for your college dorm room. You don’t have much space and so your dorm will become your bedroom, living room, and study area. Your closet will be small and you want to get the bests deals. I’ve created a list of the essential list of Amazon products you’ll want to grab before heading off on your new adventure.

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