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Tennis, Tunes, & Taking it Easy | Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

No matter what you do after graduation, you’ll never forget all the things you did that led up to that momentous occasion when you finally got to toss that cap into the air and walk across the stage. Be sure you highlight all your interests and accomplishments in your senior pictures.

Think Outside the Box for Unique Graduation Photos in Mesa, AZ

One of the best things that can happen to a professional photographer is to have an ultra-talented and well-rounded client walk through the door. Even better than that is a client who’s energetic and excited about helping create a senior portrait package that will stand apart from the rest!

When I met Danny and started talking through all his talents and skills—all of which I wanted to capture in his senior pictures—I knew we’d be going for a full-on experience and getting creative with our locations and poses. Between sports, music, and other extracurricular interests, I’m not sure where Danny finds time in the day to even sleep or grab a bowl of Cheerios!

Game, Set, Match

A competitive tennis player and proud Mountain View Toro, Danny skillfully represented his team…so of course we had to get some great action shots of him on the court!

Mountain View High School Senior Pictures Tennis Mesa AZ

Sporting his school colors and with racket in hand, he put on his game face for some fantastic photos. We got several fun poses with him looking directly toward the camera, but you won’t want to miss that in-action showstopper on the bottom left of this collage just after he hits the ball. It’s definitely a favorite!

A Date to Remember

If you know me, you know I’m always on the lookout for new and original ways to highlight my clients and their talents in senior pictures. When this tennis ball idea popped into my head, I had to make sure we captured it perfectly!

High School Senior Pictures Tennis Mesa AZ

Thanks to years of practice and the magic of photography—plus plenty of talent from Danny—we pulled together this image of him tossing “2021” tennis balls into the air with his racket. Talk about celebrating your sport AND your graduation!

Into the Sunset

No matter what you do after graduation, you’ll never forget all the things you did that led up to that momentous occasion when you finally got to toss that cap into the air and walk across the stage. Danny has been a very busy guy over the past few years, and I wanted to make sure his senior pictures highlighted all his talents and interests.

Mesa Arizona Photography High School Senior Pictures Guys

Best Foot Forward

We chose a late afternoon to highlight Danny’s love of sporty cars and purring engines. He looks perfectly comfortable leaning against this white Dodge Charger with the glow of the setting sun over the mountains in the background, and his casual black denim, untucked shirt, and dark sunglasses add to the relaxed vibe.

I follow one of my own rules here by giving him something to do with his hands so that he never has to fidget or look nervous. And it works out perfectly! His crossed arms add to the carefree feel of this photograph, making it look like he’s ready to cruise off into the sunset.

Safety Note: I take every safety precaution I can for my clients. If you look closely at the license plate on the car in the photo above, you’ll notice I’ve replaced identifying plate information with a super fun “Class of 2021” plate. Not only does this add a nod to the graduation year, it keeps anyone who may see this photo from being able to find further information about the client.

Middle-of-the-Road Hangout

It’s true, my clients and I find some unusual hangouts for graduation photos, but don’t worry. It’s all done safely, and I promise when we’re playing in the road, there are no cars in site!

Mountain View Senior Pictures Guys

Plus, there’s something pretty special about this portrait of Danny with a favorite sports car—alone with the open road and ready to head out toward the future! Our timing turned out to be just right as we captured the sun going down over the blacktop at the perfect moment.

After Dark & Under the Lights

Danny is one of those clients who looks great whether he’s going for a casual look or a dressed-up look. And since there was no way to choose between the two, we went for both!

Ideas Senior Pictures Mesa Senior Photographer Guys

This close-up image of Danny in a ball cap really focuses in on his features. As the evening lights fade behind him, his light-colored eyes become the center of attention. With curls that gently flop under the brim of his hat, he looks every bit the part of the All-American, sports-loving kid as he makes eye contact with the camera. This shot is a great one that’s sure to make grandmas and grandpas happy!

Dressed to the Nines

Taking things up a notch, Danny changed into a dress shirt and accessorized with a red tie and a dapper black hat. He’s looking off to the side in this shot, poised to tip his hat to passersby—and his slight smile and raised brow offer a hint of dashing flirtation and character to the portrait.

What to Wear Senior Picture Outfits Guys

Musically Inclined

This young man has loads of talent, and once we’d moved on from daytime sports and hobbies, it was time to dive into his musical ambitions. Now it’s time to wrap your head around the fact that Danny can play piano, violin, AND sing like a professional!

Mountain View Senior Pictures Piano Music

When I originally spoke to Danny and his mom, they mentioned incorporating some photos to commemorate his love of music. From that initial conversation, I can honestly say I did not grasp the extent of his talent!

Senior Pictures Ideas Guys Violin Piano Singer

When we arrived at his home, Danny emerged in full concert attire and proceeded to put on a performance that would awe many professionals!

Can he play? Yes! Can he sing? Most definitely! Can he do everything he sets his mind to? Clearly!

College & Mission Bound

Danny plans to attend a summer session at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, after which he’ll head out for an LDS mission. In the future, he hopes to have a career as a scientific researcher.

Ideas High School Senior Pictures Mesa Senior Photographer

When clients know where they’re headed for college or future adventures, it’s always fun to capture photos of them in t-shirts or with signs that tell everyone what they’re up to. It’s a great way to share what you’ve decided for the future with friends and loved ones—plus, it’s a fun way to record memories of those exciting milestones.

You’re heading out to do great things, Danny! Can’t wait to see where you end up next!

  • All of the awesome things this guy does is amazing and you captured all of them so great. I absolutely love the one with the car and him sitting next to the wheel on the street, with the lighting it was perfect. I’m sure they are going to love every single one of these!

  • These are aweomse! I can’t imagine a senior not looking back at these over time and loving every single one! Awesome! And such a good display of variety!

  • I love the variety here, but I especially Love the night shots from this Senior boy portrait session. So unique!

    • Hey Susan! I love taking my seniors out for portraits after dark. It’s definitely something different that I offer that makes my senior portrait experience unique. Both teens and parents love it!

  • Great job capturing Danny’s personality and many talents. He and his family will sure treasure these images for years to come. LOVE the license plate switch and the tennis ball “class of” portraits….so clever!

  • Oh my goodness!! I kept reading this blog thinking “These photos can’t keep getting better” but they did! Michelle you are so gifted with creating senior photos that show personality and talent in the most creative ways! My favorite is the 2021 tennis balls bouncing off Danny’s tennis racquet. What an amazing senior photo gallery. I am awed by your talent as a senior photographer!