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Phoenix Arizona Photography Teen Photo Shoot

How To Build Your Teen’s Confidence with A Fun Photo Shoot

Kids change a LOT from the time they’re 13 or 14 years old until they graduate a few years later, and I’ve got a SECRET for you! You don’t have to wait until senior year to capture memorable images of them. Schedule a teen photo shoot to boost their confidence & create memories with them now!

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Fun Graduation Photos Mesa Arizona Photographer

Cost of Senior Picture Packages | Phoenix Senior Photography

One of the most asked questions I get is how much do senior pictures cost? Is it worth the extra cost to hire a professional photographer? Can you afford it? Well that’s up to you. Everyone values different things in life, and for my clients, they treasure memories, photos, keepsakes, and an fun experience that allows one-on-one time with their soon-to-be grad!

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Eastmark Professional Portrait Photographer Teens

Ideas for Teen Photo Shoot

Professional portraits of your teenager are so important and can be lots of fun! They change so much during these teen years, so don’t forget these milestones and awesome teenage years! The sports, the fun personality, it is all worth cherishing! Spend some quality time with your teen and get gorgeous photos at the same time!

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Teen Photoshoot Mesa, Arizona

Creative Teen Photo Shoot in East Mesa

While day time photos are beautiful, there’s something truly magical about capturing portraits at night. The play of light and shadow, the mysterious ambiance, and the opportunity to experiment with creative techniques make nighttime portraiture a unique and exciting endeavor.

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MMIW Arizona Photographe

MMIW Awareness | Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

What is MMIW? Until I heard from Kate and her mom, Tara, I was unaware as well. Indigenous women are ten times more likely to be killed than the average national murder rate. There are more than 5,700 cases of missing or murdered Native women. No more stolen sisters.

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Phoenix Photographer Best Friends Photo Shoot

Best Friends | East Mesa Photo Shoot | Mesa, AZ

You’ve been through everything together, late nights studying, stressful classes, boyfriends, summer vacations, and more. Your BFF is there for it and you get through it together. Scheduling a special photo shoot is a perfect way to celebrate your senior year together before you head off to college.

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Best Phoenix Photographer Teen Photo Shoot

The Best Way to Boost Your Teenager’s Confidence

Part of being a professional photographer is providing amazing images to my clients, but even more important is the confidence boost I want every single one of my teenagers to carry with them throughout high school. You don’t have to wait for senior year to celebrate your teen!

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Fun Senior Photos Cap Gown Arizona

Fun Senior Photos and Ideas for Your Photo Shoot

There’s never a dull moment as a professional photographer. It’s one of those careers that you simply have to jump in and experience the unknown in order to build up knowledge and prepare for all those moments that will inevitably pop up and surprise you from time to time.

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Professional Senior Photography Girls

How to Boost Your Teenager’s Self Esteem

Lose the labels and use some positive words to help your teenager with their self confidence! Use these positive parenting ideas to give your teen be more confidence. We all know how much words mean, both positive and negative. Remember to find the good too, and enjoy this fun stage of their lives!

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Cute Teenage Girl Blowing A Kiss

How To Get Natural Expressions for Senior Pictures

As a professional, if you’ve scheduled your sessions so that you have plenty of time to work with each client, you know that time is on your side. There’s no need to rush and no need to force actions or expressions. That’ll get you awkward-looking unnatural photos faster than you can say “smile.” Instead, I use prompts to create natural smiles and expressions for senior pictures everyone loves.

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Tempe Professional Photographer Brothers Boys

Professional Portraits for Brothers | Photographer in Tempe, Arizona

Our kids grow up too fast and we know that most boys hate having their picture taken, but if you do it right, we’ll get some amazing professional portraits of your boys! Don’t miss these fun teenage years since that sweet face won’t be the same in a few years. There is no rule that says you have to wait for senior pictures! Schedule a session now, and then we’ll do something more spectacular when they graduate!

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