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Sweet Sixteen Photoshoot | Fun and Creative Birthday Memories for Teens and Tweens

From birthdays to graduation, life is full of moments you want to remember forever. Capture all the 'bests' with a professional photo session that's planned just for you!

Keepsake Portraits Highlight Your Mega Moments

I love seeing repeat clients for so many reasons! One of the biggest ones is that it’s so much fun to see how much they’ve grown and changed over the years—but I also love the opportunity to help families turn memories into lifelong keepsakes. And with a professional portrait collection, you can do just that!

I met Kate for her first teen photo session when she was 14, and boy what a difference a couple years can make! When Kate turned 16 years old, she was looking forward to all the fun and excitement of her last couple years of high school…and she’s looking grown up, oh-so-fashionable, and full of vibrant smiles that the camera loves. Her mom had previously purchased a designer photo box, and this time around, she was looking to add in some 5×7 images as Kate celebrated turning 16.

Happy Sweet 16: A Little Girl at Heart

She may be growing up and enjoying being a teenager, but when her birthday cake was presented for this photo, she went all out to get the first bite. What a lovely way to mark one of life’s biggest milestones! Now, as she sails through high school, everyone in her family can look back on this special moment and celebrate the beautiful young woman Kate is.

This photo collage just goes to show that no matter how grown up we get, a birthday cake can still make us giddy! It was so much fun to see the playful side of Kate as she went face-first into her cake—but even more than that, it was great to know I was giving her and her family a joy-filled memory that will mark this moment in time.

In a beautiful dress with spaghetti straps and a vibrant floral print, Kate is stunning as she shows off her beaming smile. She kept her accessories to a minimum, wearing a delicate cross on a chain, and she’s simply stunning as the star of the show!

Soaking Up the Arizona Sunshine…Outdoor Photos That Dazzle

Outdoor photos are pretty popular here in State 48. After all, we get about 300 sunny days every year in Arizona, so many of my clients choose to bask in the sunshine and pose in natural environments for their pictures. In this photo, Kate shares a beaming smile as she poses in front of some of the local plant life.

It’s so much fun to watch as clients become confident in front of the camera, too! With a couple sessions already under her belt, Kate is a natural as she makes eye contact and enjoys the perfect sunshiny day!

A Wish Full of Wonder

With her hands cupped together holding sparkling glitter shapes, Kate prepares to make a wish as she scatters confetti against this natural backdrop. It’s the perfect combination of natural elements—with just a hint of magic floating around her as she blows and lets the tiny pieces scatter around her.

There are so many creative things we can do during your photo session to make you really stand out. From confetti to playing with light and shadow to adding your favorite props, the possibilities are endless! I love getting to know my clients as we shoot so that I can recommend ideas that will match their personalities and make them stand out like the stars they are.

Find Your Professional Photographer in Mesa, AZ

I tell all my clients that I may—or may not—be the photographer for them. I lead with this for several reasons. First of all, I never want you to feel pressured or uncomfortable. Also, when it’s time for your session, I want you to know you’ll be getting all my attention! I’m transparent about pricing, because my clients get a complete photo session experience along with gorgeous heirloom photos that will last a lifetime. I’m happy to be able to offer payment plans for my clients so I can make the professional photography experience accessible for as many people as possible!

If you’re ready to have the time of your life while creating your photo package, contact me so we can chat. The sooner you book, the more likely it is that you’ll get the day and time you want for your session.

You Do You…Silly, Goofy, Fun & Carefree

One of the most fun things about teen photo sessions is that you get to be TOTALLY YOU! That’s why, during your professional session, we’ll talk, giggle, and even add in a few shenanigans. I want to capture photos of you with your natural expressions, smiles, and reactions…so there’s never any rush during your session. We’ll take our time, find the perfect locations…and I’ll even snap a few candid photos that reveal your inner goofball!

It’s always so much fun to work with Kate and help her and her family add keepsake photos to their growing collection. Years from now, they’ll be able to look back on Kate’s transformation from little girl to teenager to high school graduate and reminisce about all their happy moments together. And yes, as a Class of 2023 grad, I’ll be sharing Kate’s senior pictures very soon!

If you’re a 2024 grad, it’s time to grab your slot on the calendar so we can work together to create the perfect photo session for you. Contact me to learn more and to get started with your professional photo session—and read more of the blog to get great ideas for poses, locations, and outfits. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see the latest and greatest client sessions. There’s a story behind every creative photo…now let’s share yours!

  • Sweet 16 pictures are so much fun! I love that her parents have invested in pictures of her throughout the teenage years. They fly by so fast and they change so much! Kate has such a genuine smile and I just know you have captured her personality perfectly!

  • Photography is the art of turning visions into impactful visuals and you’ve done that with these gorgeous portraits!

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