Should I Hire a Professional Photographer for Senior Pictures?

When you hire a professional senior picture photographer, you can say hello to fantastic memories...and say good-bye to stress and unanswered questions.

6 Phenomenal Perks of Choosing a Pro for Your Senior Portraits

Senior year is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and reminisce about the past four years. It’s a time to reflect on hard work, accomplishments, and everything you’ve learned. So, it’s pretty easy for everyone to agree that senior pictures are important.

But exactly how important is it to work with a professional photographer? Are pictures just pictures, or does it make a difference when you work with a pro who has tons of experience styling, posing, and shooting exceptional senior photos for teens? I’m about to answer all your questions about why it’s SO IMPORTANT to hire a professional photographer who specializes in senior pictures to capture your most treasured high school moments and turn them into forever keepsakes. Will you be happy with “good enough” for your senior pictures?

Sure, taking pictures is fun—and selfies and photos with our smartphones have become the norm—but when it comes to your BEST and BRIGHTEST high school moments, a professional photographer stands out in so many ways. If you’re looking to turn your senior year memories into keepsakes you’ll love, a professional photographer is a must!

6 Phenomenal Reasons to Choose a Pro for Your Senior Pictures

1. A pro is invested in YOU and your senior pictures.

Clients are more than just a job to me! Because I only take a limited number of clients per month (typically 3-4), I’m able to spend plenty of time getting to know you and focusing on all the little details that will make your senior pictures unique and special.

Fun Cap & Gown Graduation Photos

A professional senior photographer views taking your senior photos as way more than just another job with another face. When they invest time in learning about you, your likes, and dislikes, they’re working toward creating a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience that represents you at this special time in your life—all while making you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Plus, it’s not just your face out there in those photos; it’s also your photographer’s art and expression of their skill. Trust me, they want to make you look fabulous!

2. You benefit from their professional training and equipment.

Most of us have cameras on our phones that take some great pictures. That’s good enough, right? Not quite—and definitely not for senior pictures. A professional senior photographer knows how to use lighting, composition, and lenses to create top quality images that show you at your very best. And when it comes to posing and styling, your professional photographer will ensure you’re in tip-top, camera-ready shape so that when you see the photos, you’ll gasp and say, “Wow, is that really me?” Yep, it happens at every one of my senior sessions and it is one of the best parts of this job! Showing you how amazing you really are, when the rest of us already see it every day.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked about my equipment because my camera “takes really good photos.” Equipment is part of the equation, but would you go to a high-end restaurant and let the chef know that his “oven makes really good food” because your meal was delicious? Of course not. Like any other profession, photographers spend years perfecting their skills to know which lens, shutter speed, aperture, and lighting to use for different scenarios. Simply stated, the equipment is only as good as the photographer behind the lens—and that’s why it’s important to work with an experienced professional.

Don’t forget…your professional photographer is also the one who’s responsible for retouching every image by hand, ensuring correct skin tone, color, and contrast—and then getting images ready for print. There are a lot of details that happen behind the scenes to deliver gorgeous grad pictures you’ll love, so be sure to put your memories into the hands of someone you trust!

3. Your photographer will make sure you’re ready.

We’ve all tried plenty of YouTube tricks and tutorials for hair and makeup, and I for one, can say that I’m glad I have ZERO photos of my attempts at these experiments! You’re probably much better at following along and picking up on the latest trends, but knowing exactly what and how much to apply for a professional photo shoot can be more difficult. Instead of just applying more of your everyday makeup, try hiring a professional makeup artist. A MUA experienced in doing makeup specifically for photo shoots will keep you looking like you…with a little boost. I know there are many of you out there who will also love to feel pampered and not have to stress about hair and makeup.

A professional photographer will have all the hookups for professional hair, makeup, styling, and anything else you need to look your photo-ready best. This means we’ve already vetted these pros, know their work, and stand by the fact that they’ll add just enough glam to your already-gorgeous look to make your photos absolutely perfect!

Top Senior Photographer Chandler Makeup

When you hire Magical Memories by Michelle for your senior photos, you won’t have to worry about about the details because I’ll guide you through every step. I know you’re busy with school, sports, college applications, and more, so there’s not a lot of time for extra appointments like consultations or viewing appointments…or even an hours-long photo shoot! I keep my shoots simple but complete by giving you the information you need such as location selection, a guide for what to wear and a simple ordering menu for physical prints. My photo collections have been perfected over the years to offer you and your family exactly what you need without having to stress over setting up yet another appointment.

4. You’ll get a variety of product options.

Your images are meant for more than just a few days of social media celebration! They are meant for more than a digital screen! Yep, you guessed it, digital images are the first thing most teens ask about, and that’s because they’re eager to get on social media and share them with their friends. However, the photos that are displayed and shared the most are those physical images. Photos are meant to be displayed, and with the collection options I offer, you’ll never miss out on the best and most up-to-date ways to show off your senior year memories. At a minimum, every one of my senior portrait collections includes silk wall portraits, a custom storyboard, and silk gift prints, but most collections include so much more! You’ll be able to choose heirloom albums, keepsake image boxes, metal prints, acrylic blocks, and even a senior video!

How to Print Professional Pictures Mesa Arizona Photography

5. With a pro, you’ll get senior photos AND a support system

When you first start to think about senior pictures, it can be overwhelming. Where should you take your photos? What should you wear? How do you prepare for your session? These are just a few of the questions that come up, and without a professional photographer to help you get it all organized, the task of getting ready for senior pictures can seem daunting. That’s where a pro can come to the rescue!

I don’t just drag you out to a football field, point my camera at you, and start clicking. In fact, the minute you decide to hire me as your senior picture photographer, I get busy researching all kinds of things. I’m interested in landscapes and locations you love, styles you gravitate toward, and all sorts of things that will come together to give you a unique and artistic photo collection. I’ll be your go-to resource, and whenever you have a question (or think of something that would be awesome in your pics!), you can reach out to me. Plus, I’ll be sending you tips and advice on choosing outfits, getting ready, and planning, and I’ll work with you to make great choices, and be a support system for you in the weeks leading up to your session.

Professional Photographer Helps with Styling Senior Pictures

6. Your photographer will turn your session into a senior-year memory.

So many things happen during your senior year of high school. It’s super busy and fun, but it also goes by in a blink! It’s easy for things to become a blur.

Investing in a professional senior session is not just about buying photos. It’s about investing in a whole senior experience that can help you reflect on your accomplishments and give you memories for the rest of your life. Think about how often your memories are triggered by unforgettable family photos, and reflect on the photos that have really made an impact on your life. It’s not the photo itself that makes the impact, but rather the memory and feelings it triggers.

Over and over again, photos are there to help us reminisce about some of our best moments, and that’s what I want your senior pictures to do for you. When I go out on a shoot with seniors and their families, we start making memories from the very first moment. I love when my clients are laughing, interacting, and being their own silly selves because that allows me to photograph their authentic personalities. The laughs, jokes, and goofiness we share on a shoot quickly become part of the memories you can store away as a fun and positive memory from your senior year.

Senior Year Only Happens Once

You are only a high school senior once and you deserve to be celebrated! While it may have seemed like it took an eternity to get here, this moment will not last forever. By hiring a professional photographer you are giving yourself the gift of celebrating your memories which is the most valuable thing to have in life. Your senior pictures are a document of who you are right now and all that you have accomplished. Long after your school years are behind you, you’ll be able to look back and enjoy every part of being a senior.

Cap Gown Ideas Graduation Senior Pictures Friends

If ever there was a time to treat yourself, this is it! Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your senior year into keepsake photo memories that will last for generations. And if you need any more inspiration to get professional senior pictures taken, just remember your parents and grandparents will likely display whatever photo you give them in a VERY prominent place. Do you really want it to look like a snapshot? Your loved ones will truly appreciate having professional photos that show you at your very best.

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