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Seton Catholic Prep Senior Portraits

Can you do a full session in a single location? Absolutely!! Caleigh chose a gorgeous East Mesa location with tons of variety so she could include her volleyball uniform, cap & gown, and several of her favorite outfits.

High School Senior Pictures

Meet Caleigh, a graduate from Seton Catholic Prep in Chandler, Arizona. Caleigh came to me through a referral by her cousins, the Thompson Triplets. I was SO excited to shoot with her after such a great experience with her relatives, and she had a lot of great ideas for her senior pictures!


Caleigh is a passionate volleyball player! She wanted to capture this in her photos and told me she’d like to take pictures with her uniform. We played around with a volleyball while shooting, experimenting by having her hold it out toward the camera lens, and even took a cool shot of her bumping the ball! What you can’t see is Mom, just off camera, tossing the ball and trying to get it in the right position, and the many attempts it took to get just the right shot!

Because she was familiar with her cousin Tally’s senior portraits in Phoenix, she came to me with lots of ideas in mind about what she wanted out of the session, like what backgrounds and visuals she wanted for the photos. It was fabulous! We really worked to capture her interests and style and I had so much fun working with her many outfits, different poses, and endless expressions.

Personality Over Perfection

I believe it’s not always about the “perfect” smile, but capturing the true emotions of every teen. I mean, sure, the 2nd image is gorgeous…but images like the first one are always an unplanned favorite. It shows Caleigh’s playful side as well as the beautiful person she is, inside and out.

While she maybe wasn’t expecting it, I was on top of my game and made to capture the silliness in amongst her gorgeous smile.

Seton Catholic Prep Graduation Photos

And of course to mark the occasion, she took some photos in her cap and gown, featuring one very special senior picture with Mom! (Don’t stress over this..I promise you’ll look amazing!) Robyn was nervous, just like every other mom, but just look at them! Aren’t they gorgeous?!?!

Cap and Gown Photos

White Dress for the Win

Looking at the pictures, you’d never know how nervous she was. She texted me multiple times in the weeks leading up to her session, enthusiastic and eager to get everything right! I absolutely LOVED that Caleigh was so prepared. She really wanted something unique, which was an easy goal because she just had such a distinctive personality! Caleigh was open to experimenting with many outfits, poses, and expressions after just a few prompts.

And since she’d mentioned her love of water and the color white, we were sure to take a beautiful photo near a lake in this white dress, which is a new addition to the Style Closet.

The Platinum Session

Caleigh chose a Platinum senior portrait session, which meant we had 2-3 hours to experiment with backgrounds and outfits, giving us a lot of variety! Her family decided to stay in the Eastmark area, which was great because it has such a great number of location options.

Let Me Help You With That

As is often the case with my seniors, they are super busy with lots of activities, and their parents are very involved but also busy with work. You know, typical life when you have teenagers!

I’ve designed my business around families just like yours! Is this you?

  • You get overwhelmed with too many choices
  • You’re not really sure what you want
  • You want special time celebrating your soon-to-be grad
  • You want to be sure the final images will be amazing
  • You’re more concerned about quality over quantity (25 really amazing images vs 100+ and you only love 3-4)

This is a big reason why families choose Magical Memories by Michelle for senior portraits. Once your images are fully retouched, you’ll return for your Image Premiere and Ordering Session. You’ll get to see a senior video showing off every image from your session, and probably shed a few tears. Then we’ll sort through each image to select your favorites. Don’t stress about “choosing” though, we’re just getting some ideas…and you’ll see that you’ll have many favorites, not just 3-4. Then watch the magic as we transform your gorgeous images into designer artwork for your home!

While her family originally wanted to do a smaller collection of photos, they just had so many favorite images to choose from! Both Mom and Dad fell in love with the Heirloom Album, so instead they selected the Luxe Collection, which also happens to be the most popular! The great thing about this process is that you don’t have to choose until after the photo shoot, during your image premiere and ordering session and once you have a feel for how the pictures have turned out and how many of them you love and want to print (all of them, please!).

I know you hear it a lot, but I love this family! They were all so excited and super charming. And Dad was so thrilled he insisted that I be available to photograph Caleigh’s little sister when she graduates – in 6 years! You bet I will, it’s a date!

Hire a Portrait Photographer for Class of 2025

Ready to get started? Whether you’re just starting your search for a professional senior portrait photographer, or your a returning client, you’ll want to review the latest information about scheduling your senior pictures! Now booking Class of 2025, can you believe it?!?! If you’re interested in learning more about Magical Memories senior portrait experience, I’d love to share my Senior Client Welcome Guide with you! Just click below to sign up and the guide will be delivered to your email!

You don’t have to do a lot to get started. Just contact me, and I’ll get you on the schedule (yes, it’s already filling up!). And keep following the blog for great inspiration and ideas for your senior pictures! You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram where I’m always posting the latest senior photo sessions. Make sure you browse the galleries to get some amazing ideas for your senior portrait session too!

  • I love the variety you were able to capture for this Senior Girl’s Portrait Session. What a treasure–especially the album!

    • Thanks so much, Susan! The albums are absolutely stunning, definitely one of my favorite products to deliver to my grads!

  • This Seton Catholic Prep senior picked the perfect location in East Mesa for her senior pictures! There is so much variety in just this one location. I love how you captured her fun personality!

    • Hey Brandi! Thank you for reading about Caleigh and I’m glad you enjoyed looking through her senior photos!

  • What a fun senior session in Ease Mesa! The variety and personality you brought through in the images is astounding! Gorgeous senior gallery and I love the guidance you offer before, during, and after sessions!

    • You know, when you have seniors like Caleigh, it makes everything so much fun that we can’t help but laugh and have fun throughout the session! Jody, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  • Senior portraits for this Seton Catholic Prep senior are stunning. I absolutely love the back of her white dress and love the variety of locations, posing and outfits that you offer your seniors!

    • Oh that white dress is gorgeous!! It’s from the Style Closet and Caleigh was the first one to use it! Thanks for commenting, Jodi!

  • What a fun and gorgeous Senior Girl’s Session! These images turned out amazing, and mom and dad will cherish that album and prints for years to come!

    • Her senior portrait album had us all in tears!!! If you can believe it, I never used to like albums, didn’t even offer them until about 4 years ago, and now they’re by far my biggest seller!

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