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Fun Ideas for Your Senior Year Photo Shoot | Best Props for Session

Your senior year photo shoot is a special occasion to capture your personality and interests, your time to shine! One way to make your photos more impactful is to bring along items you love. These items can help to tell your story and show your personality in a way that will make your session more fun than you could ever imagine!

What extra things and props are best for your senior photo shoot? Well, that depends on you, but I have lots of ideas to guide you if you get stuck. When I say props, I’m talking about anything important to you at this stage of your life! What hobbies do you have? What do you want to remember about your high school years? What have you worked hard for? Let’s combine all those things into a fabulous session featuring you!

Cool Senior Photos for Guys

A Graduate, a Car, and His Dog: Great Photo Shoot Ideas

A great example is the session I recently had with Aidan; the focus of a last-minute spring session squeezed in before graduation. He made a couple of outstanding choices regarding what to include in his pictures, and quite possibly why he was able to grab a spot in my already-full schedule. The first was his car, and the second was his dog. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for both of these! Paired with an amazing senior guy and I’m all in!

Senior Pictures with Your Dog

To make it easier for Aidan, we started by taking photos with his dog Buddy so that Aidan wouldn’t have to bring him along the entire time. Once Aidan’s dad took Buddy home, we proceeded with a more relaxed photo session, going with the flow.

Casual Outfits for Guys Senior Pictures

On the day of the photoshoot, Aidan was up for anything! He enjoyed experimenting with different poses and looks to create a gallery that had him all smiles…and mom holding back the tears. Despite the windy weather, we decided to proceed with the shoot as we had already postponed it once due to high winds. With graduation only a few weeks away, we made the most of the situation, and the resulting photos turned out great!

Top Senior Photographer in Arizona

Classic Cap and Gown Graduation Photos

It wouldn’t be a graduation photo session without the classic cap and gown shots! For Aiden, we used this amazing East Mesa location along with the sprawling desert backdrops, adding different colors of nature into the scene.

Grad Photos for Guys

Lots of Time for Outfit Changes

Switching outfits makes all the difference in the world in terms of setting up a story for the picture and looking great doing it. Sometimes simplicity is the key. You know your son lives in t-shirts, ripped jeans, and Vans most of the time, and as you can see this casual outfit worked perfectly for Aidan’s magazine-worthy image.

Awesome Sports Car Photoshoot

Senior Photos in the Desert

Taking senior year pictures in the desert can be a great way to capture the beauty of the natural landscape and the spirit of adventure embodied by the graduate (not going to lie: the car helps in both categories in this shoot for sure), and such was the case with Aidan.

Aidan grabbed a spring session at the last minute and was keen on including his car in the photo shoot. Being a car enthusiast myself, his Mustang was a great addition. Plus, what adult wouldn’t get all nostalgic about the car they were cruising around in throughout their high school years? Especially this car!

Best Senior Picture Photographer for Guys

I’m known for making Arizona NOT look like the desert by finding beautiful green locations with water or grungy urban settings. But of course the Arizona desert is gorgeous! Just remember that if you want a variety of backgrounds, heading out to the middle of the desert isn’t always a great option because there isn’t anything else nearby.

However…it’s Arizona! So guess what that means? We can drive a few blocks and likely find the perfect desert setting that doesn’t look like it’s in the middle of the city! You an easily have both for your senior portrait session!

I found a spot off the roadside in the desert where we took some amazing snaps with the car, even though the area was dusty and dirty. Aidan was thrilled with how he looked like a model in the photos!

Mesa Senior Photographer for Guy

Mustang in the Desert

If you haven’t already noticed, Aidan loves cars! His favorite movie is all about cars (Fast and Furious); he wants a car-related job and is going to further his education to support a prolonged career in the automotive industry, and, oh yeah, by the way…He loves cars! 

Senior Pictures with Mustang

While we did choose a casual outfit for some of his car images, he also grabbed his suit and tie for that extra stylish sophisticated look. The best part is that BOTH looks are amazing and gave tons of different images in his final gallery.

Dear Parents…

If you’re a parent debating on scheduling a shoot, is it worth it? Does my son even want to do this? The answer to both questions is a resounding YES!!!

I promise to make it easy! It’s all about you and your son! What is he interested in? I guarantee once we figure it out, he’ll be happy to hang out with us for the afternoon showing off his gorgeous eyes and stunning smile! Isn’t it worth it to have these memories to tell the best story about your child before he heads off into the world? What would you like to see? Don’t forget, I take a huge variety of shots during every session, and I know that what you want as a parent might differ from what your kids would rather have. And that is OK! I shoot with that in mind so that everyone will have images they love!

For example, Aiden probably would have been happy to have just photos with his car or dog, while his parents and grandparents will definitely want a pictures of their boy just being himself.

Ideas for Senior Year Photo Shoot

Well, the good news is that when you choose a professional senior portrait photographer for your son, all of these things are considered before jumping into the shoot. Everyone will have the perfect senior photo package that suits for your family!

Scrolling through these photos, you’ll notice that Aidan is wearing multiple outfits to complement his style and personality. This custom collage is a 16×20 mounted silk storyboard, perfect for hanging on a wall or displaying on an easel. It’s definitely a client favorite because there are so many designs! You can select many of your favorite images or just a few. Add a quote…or not. It’s up to you! No matter which designer artwork you select, it will all be designed live during your Image Premiere and Ordering Session!

Custom Collage for Senior Pictures

Aidan’s mom, Amy, also selected a client favorite; the 5×7 Signature Image Box. Look, I know it and you know it. There will be MANY images you love from your senior pictures, but how am I going to display all of them? Well, here’s your answer. This beautiful image box will make a beautiful addition to any coffee table or shelf in your home, but on the inside it is filled with 12 double sided silk prints that you can display on easels! That means you can show them off in any room in your home!

How to Display Professional Senior Photos

Hey Seniors!

Class of 2024 grad, it’s time to plan your graduation portraits, and it’s never too early to get started planning for 2025 either. Keep following the blog to get tons of great ideas, and you can also find me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest with the latest and greatest ideas for your senior pictures!

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I even create a Pinterest board specifically for boy moms where you’ll find tons of ideas for your son’s senior pictures!

You only get to do this once, so let’s make it count! If you get stuck or need opinions just reach out to me…I have enough ideas for both of us, I promise! Ready to get started? Contact me and we’ll get you on the calendar!

If you haven’t received the 2024 Senior Client Welcome Guide, that’s a great place to start!