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Professional Senior Portraits Cars Gilbert, AZ

Senior Portrait Photographer for Guys | Basha High School Football

By: Michelle
July 5, 2018

Senior Portrait Photographer

As I mentioned in my last post about Jalen’s senior portraits, we’d had everything planned for a few weeks. When plans started to fall apart, I knew right away that we’d have to choose a 2nd date to finish his session. That’s just one reason why our senior portrait sessions are different from any other senior portrait photographer in the East Valley. I don’t want you to worry that we won’t get to everything. I understand that some things, like the football field, are out of your control. Your senior portrait experience will be everything you imagined and more! Even if that means going out for a 2nd shoot! I’m much more concerned about documenting a complete story than watching a clock and worrying about how much time I’ve spend with each client. I spend about 15-18 hours per senior. We talk you through the session, help with outfits and locations, discuss what your dream session looks like, and then we make it happen!

Senior Portraits at Basha High School

Look, this is where you’ve likely spent the last 4 years. You have many memories of this place and you’ll be graduating soon, so why not incorporate it into your senior portrait session? We tried to get permission for weeks ahead of time, but the person we needed to reach wasn’t available. Since Jalen had talked to his coach, we just hoped it would be OK to be on the field for pictures. Well, it would have been if the track hadn’t been resurfaced! But on our 2nd visit, everything fell into place! And because we had another day, Jalen chose a different football jersey.

Professional Senior Portraits Football Player Basha Stadium

Planning Your Senior Portraits

At your pre-session consultation you’ll have the chance to look through many different clients and complete photo shoots to get ideas. You’ll see lots of options for locations and wardrobe choices, and together we’ll help you choose what is most important. Cathy had seen a similar image from Brandon’s senior portraits in Colorado, so I wanted to be sure to create these images of Jalen too!

The bleachers can make a great backdrop for nearly any sport, so I took a was sure to get a nice shot of Jalen smiling that mom will love!

Professional Senior Portraits Football Players

Unique Images and Poses

Everybody wants unique senior portraits, and why shouldn’t you? One great thing about our final portrait galleries is that you’ll have lots of variety! We don’t turn every image black & white, because not every image has the best lighting or emotion to make a great black & white portrait. Sometimes, if an image calls for it, you’ll get a creative edit or two as well! I created this textured art print of Jalen because I wanted something that looked rough and tough instead of bright and sunny.

Professional Senior Photos Football Gilbert

The Lamborghini Was Worth The Wait

Finally, it was time!!! Trust me, Jalen’s dad Warren had a blast with this session! Yes, mom & dad are more than welcome to tag along! In fact, I encourage it and we all have a blast together! Warren drove the car to the high school, then we discussed where to shoot. Originally I had planned on using a parking garage, but with the car sitting so low we didn’t want to go over speed bumps. Being a professional photographer means I have tons of ideas and thoughts in case the original plan doesn’t quite work out.

Jalen started out in one of his favorite t-shirts and jeans. You need to be comfortable and look like you for your senior pictures! This ended up being by far my favorite car picture ever! Can you blame me? Love it!!

A quick shirt change and a pair of sunglasses make for a completely different look! Love it when guys add sunglasses, so make sure you bring yours!

So many people stress about the location of their senior portraits. First of all, don’t think it has to be someplace special in order to get great portraits. Often I try to just get away from everything so we can get the sunset and not have to deal with cars and crowds. For these pictures, we just drove south through Gilbert and Chandler to find a nice dead end with views of the desert and San Tan Mountains.

Artistic Senior Portraits

One reason my clients choose me for their professional senior portraits is my artistic ability. Anyone can take pictures, but professionals have multiple lenses and know when to use them and where to position their subjects. Look how massive the Lamborghini looks when the shot is taken from the ground with a wide angle lens! Not to bore you with details, but it would have had a totally different feel if I had used a 70-200mm lens. FYI, that’s the big lens that is on my camera most of the time for senior portraits.

Tips for your senior pictures:

  • Bring your car or rent a fun sports car
  • Plan ahead and call the school for permission to shoot on campus
  • Don’t stress if things don’t work out as planned

Did you miss Day 1 with Jalen?

No worries, you can see the rest of his senior portraits right here!

Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

Hey 2022 Grads, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!
Freshman, sophomores, and juniors can sign up so you won’t miss out!
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Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

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  1. Great article for senior guys!

  2. Great advice for those looking for a senior photographer! He is one handsome guy! Congratulations to him!

    • Thank you! He’s an amazing young man! Then again, I love senior so much, I think they’re all amazing! ❤️

  3. I just love senior portraits to be with places and things that are so special to the senior. Great job.

  4. The Lamborghini photos were well worth wait! I love the one of him sitting by the tire!

    • It was such a great opportunity!! Not every day a senior has access to a Lamborghini!

  5. I love these portraits. They came out great! Sometimes things are worth the wait and happens for a better reason.

    • Thank you, definitely worth it this time!

  6. A great senior story making everything fall into place!

  7. Love the car photos!! Great info for senior guys, too!

    • Love it when the guys bring their cars and they do too!

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  12. Good looking kid’. Love the car!

  13. Great images. I love photographing guys! They are so fun!

    • Agreed! Guys are awesome and usually love it once they figure out it isn’t just sit in a chair and smile.

  14. These senior portraits are fantastic! I love how you offer full service photography from start to finish! So many great shots of Jalen!


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