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Keep Williams embodies the Williams Field spirit. A quintessential Black Hawk with poise and grace and an outlook that dazzles just as much as her smile. Her time at Williams Field is one for the memory books.

Senior Session Adventures

In a world brimming with endless possibilities, it is never easy picking out what you want. Harder still, is deciding which ideas best fit Keep’s personality! Well, a sense of adventure and pride led us down a simple yet creative path. While she is a determined young woman with an energetic spirit, she gave me the reigns on this shoot, and together, we created memories that will last long after her session!

Black Hawk Graduation

Williams Field High School, Keep’s alma mater prides itself on its ability to raise leaders in every walk of life and you immediately see these qualities in Keep who is poised to head off to one of her choice universities in preparation for life in a professional field. She is very enthused about serving as a coroner and I am certain she can do just about anything she sets her eyes to. It’s in the smile, a confidence that cannot be broken.

These cap and gown photos speak volumes of her ambition and preparedness but it is her smile that hits you first. It’s in the eyes, the curl of her cheeks, and her pearly white teeth – Keep will be doing life with a smile, and like everyone who has hacked life successfully will tell you, a smile can open a thousand doors. My heart’s doors have certainly been blown off the hinges by Keep’s infectious smile.

That razor-sharp focus as she threw her cap into the air with a hint of green in the background is all Keep! This lady will have the world at her feet soon enough.

Graduation Photos for Black Girls

Speaking of capturing hearts with a single smile; this picture of Keep in her graduation gown appears in Senior Luxe’s Spring 2023 edition. Watch that carefree throw of the cap, her immaculate fingernails visible after the cap had left her hand, and that smile again, as charming as ever!

Black Girls Graduation Pictures

Cowboy Themed Senior Pictures

One of the things Keep wanted for her shoot was a cowboy-themed photo. It is one of the adventures we set out to create, a journey into an iconic past and a rustic environment brought to life by her charming smile. She simply dove into the past and dazzled everyone without looking out of place.

Senior Pictures Cowgirl Hat Boots Black Girl

We created some smashing gems here! Keep’s mother is absolutely in love with these cowboy pictures but one makes her rapturous; the side profile with Keep tipping her hat, her gorgeous, well-manicured nails in full view, and her eyes slightly closed in a moment of reflection. Her mom is not the only one admiring this artistic piece, it is rather beloved and was selected for published in Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2022.

Cowboy Hat Senior Pictures

Watch her tip her hat lightly; Whether she is wearing a smile or not, the cowboy attire sends the same signal: ready to break bounds! Some of these photos were taken in Downtown Gilbert while others were taken at a random neighborhood in East Mesa, but they are stunners! It doesn’t matter where we are, I can create magic just about anywhere!

Lady in Red

The moment you look at Keep in that red dress with her angelic smile and twirling ever so slightly with the wind, the opening lines of Chris de Burgh’s 1986 classic “The Lady in Red” come to mind. “I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight, I’ve never seen you shine so bright.”

Poses for Girls Senior Pictures

She is absolutely stunning in this red dress! Keep just glows in the most beautiful ways and that smile remains a crown. Her beautiful black skin is so evenly matched and we can simply say that red is her color!

Beautiful Dress for Senior Pictures Black Girl

The magic is not just in the color, it is in the dress which blends elegance and simplicity in an amazing look for your photoshoot. I have this dress available in my Style Closet in many different sizes and colors, all to ensure you look your best!

This colorful graffiti wall in Downtown Gilbert was the perfect backdrop for Keep’s skin tones too. I’m not the only one with this thought. This bold, strong senior portrait was also selected for Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2022 edition!

Black Girls Senior Pictures Arizona

Walk on Water

Take a second look at that “Walking on water” picture; Keep is like an elegant gazelle, walking with poise and grace and making her way into Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2022!

Arizona Senior Pictures for Black Girls

I love creating meaningful art for my clients. Keep’s dad passed away when she was young, so I wanted a special keepsake to include her beloved father. We know he’s watching over her and would be so proud of her accomplishments!

Outdoor Volleyball Senior Pictures

Sports is the great American story, always uniting and uplifting in its purest form. Keep’s hands, clutching not one, but TWO volleyballs, gives you a glimpse of her athletic ability. Her stillness is poignant because Keep’s favorite quote is one her mother taught her “Be still.” (The photo for this section is the volleyball photo)

This fabulous senior portrait was also selected for SeniorMUSE’s June 2023 publication. Yep, that’s FIVE of Keep’s senior portraits that have been selected for publication. The photos continue to wow long after the adventure is over!

Volleyball Senior Pictures Gilbert Arizona

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  • When I got to the cowgirl themed senior photos i thought those were my faves from this session, but then I kept reading. Then the red dress ones were my favorite, nope the water ones! But that volleyball senior photo at the end is perfection! Such an awesome gallery for this Williams Field High School Senior!

    • Hey Brandi! Me too…every time I try to cull a senior session! OMG, these kids are sooooo amazing and it’s fun to watch their confidence come to life during a session!

  • Keep has the most perfect graduation session, literally walking on water! What a gorgeous and well rounded session, the keepsake from her father is a treasure. Beautiful work.

  • I had such a difficult time choosing favorites from this session!! What a beautiful client, with a beautiful gallery to celebrate her achievements! Great work!!

  • Lovely session, lovely subject. So many great senior photos here, but my favorite is definitely the red dress!

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