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Retro Senior Pictures | Photo Shoot at the Record Store

Do you want to create a spectacular photoshoot that your teen will never forget? Before your teenager leaves the nest, it's time to capture some memories that will last a lifetime, so why settle for the ordinary when you can turn it into an extraordinary one-of-a-kind experience? Lucky for you, that's what I do best! Looking for a unique location for your senior pictures? This is it!

Groovy Senior Portraits: Rockin’ Memories at Gilbert Record Store

Record Store Photoshoot

Vinyl is all the rage these days, so after months of talking to Marissa, a music lover, and trying to find fun locations for senior pictures, we were stumped. Until one Sunday morning she sent me an image in a record store, and the rest is history!! The inspiration for this photo came from Pinterest, but Marissa definitely made it her own!

Creative Senior Photos Record Shop

Marissa, along with a couple other senior girls, really connected with this vintage vibe, so we took to local record shops to make their dreams (and mine) come true! So turn up your favorite tunes and join us for these senior sessions filled with fun and memorable experiences for everyone!

Pro Tip: Always ask permission to shoot in public locations. Don’t just show up to a record store, restaurant, or any location expecting the owners to allow a portrait session. Remember, they’re running a business, so be respectful and plan ahead.

The Nostalgic Record Shop: A Perfect Backdrop

Record shops are havens of vintage charm, filled with colorful album covers, vinyl records, and a timeless vibe that adds a touch of nostalgia to your senior pictures. The aesthetic and atmosphere provide a unique backdrop for your senior portraits. Whether you’re a music lover or simply enjoy exploring the past, a record shop offers a quirky and charming setting that’s perfect for capturing your unique personality and style.

Senior Photo Shoot at Record Store in Arizona

Posing for Perfection

Posing can make or break a photoshoot, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are some tips to ensure your senior shines in front of the camera:

1. Natural Movement: Try to relax and move naturally. Candid shots can capture genuine moments and expressions that reflect your true personality, like this fun image of Sierra! She ran her fingers through her hair and kept moving, which allowed me time to catch the perfect picture.

Retro Senior Pictures at Record Store

2. Use Props: Take advantage of the record shop’s props. Lean against a display of vinyls, hold her favorite album, or even dance to her favorite tune.

Fun Senior Pictures at Record Store

3. Reflect Your Style: Ensure your outfit reflects your style and personality. If you loves retro fashion, consider a vintage-inspired look like Sierra’s. Going for more of an urban street style, Marissa’s leather jacket is the perfect choice.

Senior Pictures at the Record Store

Kiana’s casual denim overalls also fit the record store aesthetic! In fact, it’s what I love most about locations like this; it works with whatever style you choose!

Senior Photos at a Record Shop in Gilbert, Arizona

4. Capture Close-Ups: Don’t forget to capture close-ups of her holding vinyl records or looking at album covers. Marissa’s killer look works perfect with this record store aesthetic! This is easily one of my favorite images from her session.

Ideas for Senior Pictures in a Record Store

Bring Your Vinyl Collection

To make this photoshoot truly unique and personal, bring along a few faves from your vinyl collection. Select your favorite records to incorporate into the photos, bonus for incredible albums like Michael Jackson’s Bad. I was in heaven when Marissa pulled this from her stack of records!

Michael Jackson Vinyl Album Senior Pictures

This corner of the record store is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a vintage vibe for senior pictures! The colorful curtains, orange sofa, and the retro run all come together for the perfect setting. Sierra pulled out this pink Dirty Dancing vinyl and results are spectacular!

Ideas for Senior Pictures at Record Store

Making Memories

Remember that senior portraits are not just about the end result but also the experience. Turn this day into a fun and memorable adventure:

  1. Make a Playlist: Curate a playlist of your daughter’s favorite songs and play them during the photoshoot. It will help create a lively atmosphere and keep her relaxed.
  2. Bring Snacks: Pack some snacks and drinks to keep energy levels up. A quick snack break can also provide an opportunity for candid shots.
  3. Share Stories: Encourage your daughter to share stories about her favorite albums or music memories. These anecdotes can lead to genuine smiles and laughter.
  4. Get Creative: Don’t be afraid to get creative with poses. Have her sit on a stack of vinyl records, pretend to DJ, or even incorporate headphones for a unique touch.

Senior Year Jam

A record shop photoshoot is not just about capturing a moment in time; it’s about celebrating everything that makes you, YOU! With the right location, posing, and personal touches, we’ll create senior portraits that stand out and reflect your passion for music and life. So, let’s groove to the rhythm of this exciting journey and capture these rockin’ memories that will last a lifetime! 🎶📷🌟

Creative Ideas for Senior Photos at Record Store

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