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When the day of your senior picture session arrives, there’s one VERY IMPORTANT thing you need to realize: It’s YOUR day! That means you are practically royalty. One of my goals was to ensure Kristiana had a fabulous day while I captured amazing graduation photos for her to cherish...

Graduation Photos That Dazzle in Chandler, Arizona

As a professional photographer, I’m always looking to capture grace and elegance in my images, and I have to confess that my recent client Kristiana made that task easier with her natural ease in front of the camera—and her lovely and outgoing personality. She told me she was interested in mostly urban settings for her graduation photos, but after chatting a bit more, I learned she was completely open to a mix of images that included different scenery and backgrounds like natural green spaces and water settings.

She didn’t need to say more! I have a TON of great local spots that work out wonderfully for all my clients’ preferences, so whatever you like, it’s a pretty good possibility we can include it in your photos.

Ideas Senior Pictures Hamilton Chandler AZ

I was thrilled to head lakeside to kick of Kristiana’s senior photo session, and it was doubly exciting to see the sun was exactly where I needed it to be! In this initial photo, you’ll see it’s at the perfect spot—showing off gleaming rays of late-day warmth and showering the natural setting around us with a golden glow.

Your Day to Shine

When the day of your senior picture session arrives, there’s one VERY IMPORTANT thing you need to realize: It’s YOUR day! That means you are practically royalty as far as I’m concerned.

Throughout the day, I was focused on ensuring both Kristiana and her mom enjoyed their time together as we moved from location to location capturing the very best images of the grad-to-be.

Pampering, Prepping & Posing

It was pretty tough to narrow down Kristiana’s photo package when everything was said and done. Why? Because this young woman is nothing short of photogenic! Plus, she’s a fashion star, she knows how to work with the camera, and her energy captivates…no matter which image you’re looking at.

Did She Wake Up Like This?!

In every shot, you’ll see perfectly coiffed hair, meticulously manicured nails, and flawless makeup. While some of us are able to roll out of bed looking like fashion superstars, the majority of us need to plan and prepare for our in-the-spotlight photo shoot moment.

Kristiana ensured her hair was professionally styled, nails manicured, and makeup artistically applied to show off her best features.

Ideas Poses Hamilton High School Senior Pictures Chandler AZ

When it was photo session time, she was ready to show off glossy waves and healthy skin—along with super stylish outfits! All of that comes together to make her stand out exceptionally in her senior pictures.

Her fluttery white dress was the perfect choice for these daytime photos that show off Kristiana’s love of the outdoors. With this dressy-casual look, she’s able to pull off a timeless and naturally glamorous look.

Fabulous in Formalwear

We still had our sunshine when Kristiana decided an outfit change was in order, and boy did she wow when she pulled out this formal, off-the-shoulder evening dress in a light neutral color.

There are so many things I love about these photos!

What to Wear Senior Pictures Chandler Arizona Photography

The fact that it was still daylight when we shot photos of her in this dress gave us tons of options for locations and poses, so we started off in one of my favorite local parks. By fading the background of both the footbridge and the stone wall, I was able to ensure that Kristiana stands out front and center in her photos.

It’s amazing that, even when taken from a distance, these photos show off Kristiana’s perfectly applied makeup. She’s wearing just the right amount of eye color, blush, and lip color—all coming together to offset her gorgeous hair and ivory skin. It’s key to focus on your most outstanding features and really highlight them for your senior pictures. And don’t worry about going too dark with your makeup…the camera doesn’t pick up as much as you think, so you’ll need to go heavier than you’re used to.

Graceful Theatre Style

A 2021 graduate of Hamilton High School in Chandler, AZ, Kristiana is no stranger to the stage. She’s a theatre student through and through, and she plans on continuing her onstage studies by pursuing a musical theatre program in college.

Hamilton High School Theater Drama Senior Pictures

Of course, the knowledge of her love of acting led us directly to the stage she’s been familiar with all through high school for her next round of graduation photos! Kristiana stands out from the black, flowing curtains, and she’s absolutely stunning in an off-shoulder, high-slit dress.

Notice how her tasteful and minimal use of accessories ensures Kristiana is the star of the show! With outfit extras in perfect balance, she lets the dress, the setting, and her overall gorgeous look do ALL the talking.

Radiant in Red

Changing things up at the end of the evening, Kristiana opted for a red, strap-shoulder tank dress that shows off her beautiful smile and meticulous complexion!

Hamilton High School Senior Pictures Chandler AZ

Red is definitely Kristiana’s color. (I’ll stick by that even though I’ve seen ALL of her photos, and they are ALL fantastic!) This nice photo of her seated under the nighttime lights is so flattering, plus it gives off casual, yet dressy, evening vibes that are just right in this urban setting. (Psst…don’t forget to notice how fabulously her lip color coordinates with her dress!)

Off & Running

A successful grad, Kristiana is off to pursue her dreams as a theatre arts major, and all of us here are cheering her on. Not only is she smart and talented, gorgeous and energetic, she’s full of bright plans for her future, and I have no doubt she’ll achieve everything she sets her mind to!

  • I love the night time photo of her in the red dress! It looks amazing! I love that you have the option for your Arizona seniors to have day time and night time senior pictures! I bet they love that option!

    • My day/night sessions are definitely my most popular!! It means we can get even more variety, plus something that other senior photographers don’t offer. 🙂

  • I love the variety of senior picture poses that you offered this senior girl. And your nighttime pictures are gorgeous!

  • These are gorgeous senior portraits of this Hamilton High School senior, Kristiana! Thank you for the time you took to share these gorgeous settings and poses for senior girls. I love how much you invest of yourself into your clients. She is radiant in red, and I love the stage and other portraits as well.

  • I love these! So much variety! My favorite senior photo of hers, is the one of her spinning in her green dress! What fabulous photos for her to celebrate her senior year!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Kelly! That green dress was sooooo pretty, and the perfect outfit for senior pictures!

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