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Awesome Senior Pictures in Old Town Scottsdale | Arizona Professional Senior Photographer

Scottsdale is an absolute utopia for photographers. What are we meant to do with all of that sun, scenery, and beauty? Use it for senior photos, of course! So, when Erica came to me asking for backgrounds filled with desert, waterfalls, vintage scenes, and rustic betweens, I knew we could find all the perfect places in Old Town Scottsdale.

Old Town Scottsdale Senior Pictures

Scottsdale is an absolute utopia for photographers. What are we meant to do with all of that sun, scenery, and beauty? Well, capture it, of course! So, when Erica came to me asking for backgrounds filled with desert, waterfalls, vintage scenes, and rustic betweens, I knew I could do it – easily … wholeheartedly, maybe even a little bit too eager! But there’s no such thing in photography, really. Especially not when your photo shoot companion is full of fun and ready for anything!

A Wonderful Day With Erica

But first, let’s get down to business. Erica wants to receive her CNA license and work part-time while attending university to major in biomedical sciences before breaking into medical school. What a mouthful! And we’re not done yet, hold on – Erica’s extremely noble end goal is to be a pediatric neurologist. You just know we had to get a few pictures of Erica in her scrubs with her stethoscope draped effortlessly around her neck – looking like she’s been doing this for thirty years now. That confidence, that’s what I like to see!!!

Scottsdale High School Senior Pictures Scrubs

A Budding Fashionista

But of course, there’s more to life than saving lives! So, we delved into another of Erica’s passions – clothes. Drum roll, please, for the first mention of the Style Closet! Surprisingly, our trusty stylist took a backseat in this photoshoot. The hat you’re about to see that Erica looks like she was born to wear? She took it along herself as part of her shoot wardrobe! Talk about bucking the trend! I might have to get one of these!

Senior Pictures Headshots Scottsdale Arizona

Adding That Something Special – Personality!

If anyone could distract you from the fact that we were wandering through the Scottsdale civic center and parking lots for the perfect background – it’s Erica. While the locations weren’t lacking in beauty, Erica added that gorgeous touch that only a good heart can. Seriously, she just oozed fun, confidence, and radiance. Her long blonde curls had me drooling!

Best Scottsdale Senior Pictures Photographer

Prom Dress + Ice Cream = Perfection

Listen, I love a good Instagram snoop as much as anyone else. I’ve seen the prom dress-ice cream vibe multiple times, but I just can’t bring myself to recreate it pixel for pixel. I’d rather use other photographer’s ideas as inspiration, sort of the light that sets my creative fire ablaze (excuse the cheese.) With Erica’s fun personality, it was a breeze to add our own touch to every photo. Seriously, she took like a very-stylish duck to water with any idea we put out there! 

Scottsdale Senior Pictures Sugar Bowl Ice Cream

Western Style in Old Town Scottsdale

This town is only big enough for one shoot! And it’s Erica’s… Seriously, who knew she had an inner cowgirl? We took the wild west directly into the 21st century with Erica’s trendy style backed by the rich woods of old saloon-like buildings. I’m pretty sure that giant wagon wheel sealed the deal on this being an authentic rustic, fiery shoot (thankfully without any duels!)

Scottsdale Senior Pictures 1
Downtown Scottsdale Senior Pictures Western

Putting Her Own Twist On Things

If you’re keeping track, you know that Erica is an extremely passionate person by now! So, moving swiftly onto Erica’s third passion – Art (alongside writing!) Erica painted the sign beautiful purple and black “SENIOR” sign that starred in many of her photos. Can I just say now that it was the perfect addition?

Scottsdale Senior Pictures Boots
Senior Pictures Scottsdale Az

More Cowgirl Antics In Old Town Scottsdale

Queue the obligatory brooding cowgirl looking down while holding her hat shoot. I’m pretty sure you can see that Erica is just about ready to burst out laughing – it was so much fun! I was inspired by a few photos I saw on Instagram and knew we just had to put our own twist on it!

Scottsdale Senior Pictures Cowboy Hat

And then there’s this beauty…the one that got Erica published in Senior Year Magazine! Yep, you read that right…another published image for Magical Memories by Michelle! 

Best Scottsdale Senior Pictures Girls

Always get the “Mom Shot”

Moms and seniors tend to have very different ideas of what makes the “perfect” shot. And that’s completely fine! However, to avoid any disappointment, I always make sure to get a few photos that make the parents well up with pride and adoration – one that spends sometime framed above the fireplace.

For Erica, that meant catching her striking natural beauty up close with a more “serious” photo.

Scottsdale Senior Portraits Model Headshots

After Dark

Once the sunset and the Scottsdale lights started to shine, we hopped at the chance to use them as a background. As you can see, Erica looks like an angelic model! Totally out of this world. It was just one of those timeless photos and moments that was calling out for a black and white filter.

Dowtown Scottsdale Senior Pictures Night Life

What an enjoyable shoot! I really appreciate Erica letting me snap pictures of such happy moments. I just know she’ll achieve all of her lofty goals with flying colors!

Oh, and one keepsake piece of advice from this kindhearted gal to all you freshman out there – “Do your homework and turn it in.” That’s one worth taking to heart!

  • These images are great, and I love the variety of the location! Her outfit choices are perfect as well! So fun!

  • Love Erica’s senior photos! Looks like the shoot was as much fun as it was beautiful! I say best Arizona Professional Senior Photographer is right here!

    • OMG, so much fun getting out on the town with a senior girl! Eat ice cream, finding new fun spots to shoot, it was awesome!

  • Michelle, as always you work in top notch. And you are right Scottsdale has so much to offer – I miss the southwest and the Phoenix area.

    • I really do love it here, Scott! It’s not fun to shoot in the summer, but the rest of the year is so gorgeous and there is a great variety of locations!

  • What a great collection for Erica! Michelle, these are fantastic images and I saw your published image of Erica in Senior Year Magazine! I just love that shot! So deserving! Congrats!

    • Thanks Deborah! We were both super excited to get that image published! So fun for my teens to be in magazines!