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Quick & Easy Senior Photo Sessions | What Do Guys Wear for Senior Pictures?

Yes, there is an option if you just want a few great senior photos! The Quick Take session offers a simple 20 minute photo shoot with an outfit change! It's perfect if you know you want just a few high quality senior portraits.

How to Plan the Right Senior Photo Session for You

Most visitors to my site will see a LOT of day-to-night and longer-length photo sessions, but what you may be wondering is whether there’s an option for a shorter-length, creative, AND fun session that doesn’t take your entire day. Guess what? There is!

Crunched for Time? Reserve a Quick Take Session

Owen’s mom contacted me with concerns about needing to have last-minute photos taken, and I was able to offer her some great options! Magical Memories by Michelle recently introduced Quick Takes—a session with your time constraints in mind.

A Quick Take session allows the client (and family!) to narrow down their image selections and participate in the same high-quality, artistic photo shoots that longer options offer. This means if you want a few great images with a couple of outfit changes—and if you pretty much know your style and what you’re looking for—we can have you in and out of your session in about 1.5 hours (just in time to make it to the next school event, a Target sale, or even just a restful end to your day)! That includes time to shoot and select your favorite images to be retouched!

Senior Pictures Cap Gown Guys Chandler AZ

Photo Memories in a Jiff

An active member in his high school choir program, Owen, needed a few images that really made his style and personality shine! As a 2022 graduate, he was focused on getting a well-rounded collection of photos that showed off a variety of graduation looks that many families love to see and share.

When you’re thinking about a Quick Take session, make a list of the looks you think everyone will want to see—and BRAG ABOUT! Here are some popular choices that tend to make the list every time:

  • A photo of you in your graduation cap and gown.
  • A casual outfit.
  • A dressy outfit.

When you select a Quick Take session, you’ll get all the attention to detail I offer for all of my photo shoot packages! We just work together to narrow down your selections so you can get exactly what you want in a shorter time frame.

Owen looks handsome and oh-so-happy as he poses in his cap and gown with the ’22 charm clearly showing. With a pristine white dress shirt and a perfectly knotted tie peeking from under his gown, it’s clear to see this dapper grad is going places! Take a look at the way his hair slightly peeks from beneath his mortarboard cap…Owen makes it look like he’s never had a bad hair day. But don’t worry, I help ALL my clients make sure they look their photo-ready best for every session and every shot!

Customize Your Photo Package

While most Quick Takes show my clients in about 2 different outfits, Owen and his mom decided to add an extra casual outfit, since his clothing changes were fast. How could they resist? These photos show off all the different sides of Owen, and the outdoor setting adds artistic, real-life touches to his images. He opted for waterside photos, and he’s simply a natural in this space!

Here’s the great thing about Quick Take sessions…you can add as many images as you want for a low $50-each fee. That means when we’re out and about—even if you’ve planned on just a few pics—you can easily opt to enlarge your photo collection with more of the photos you love!

Guys Senior Picture Photographer Chandler Arizona

Going Casual…Take 2

A quick outfit change had Owen in faded jeans and a yellow graphic tee that coordinates perfectly with the yellows and greens of this natural backdrop. Of course, we had to get a serious photo AND a smiling one, because every family wants to see ALL the sides of the grad they are so proud of!

Take a look at Owen’s hands in both pictures. They look natural and relaxed, rather than awkwardly hanging out wondering what to do. I help all my clients with natural posing that looks good on them, and when it comes to placement, most clients have no idea where to put their hands! When I gave Owen a couple suggestions, he pulled off a creative, relaxed look that’s fantastic for him.

Photos can take on a stunning, natural look simply by asking clients to cross their arms over a chair back or lean forward with elbows on their knees. When you have something to do with your hands (and feet!), your photos will look less staged and more like you’ve been captured in a candid moment.

Casual Senior Pictures Guys

Dressy Suit, Fall Leaves & Proud Smile

With colorful leaves in the background, Owen looks like he’s standing in a crisp, cool location. You’d never guess by looking that we’re in the desert and in 100 degrees of heat!

If you have a specific background look in mind—like the fall season—be sure to let me know. We can pull it off, but here in Arizona, it takes a little bit more planning to coordinate our session with nature’s timeline.

In a tailored suit and sporting a pastel pink tie, Owen is the picture of success. He’s reached an amazing milestone and put in the hard work—and his beaming smile says it all!

Formal Senior Pictures Guys Chandler, Arizona

It was a joy to work with Owen and capture some amazing senior pictures he’ll be able to treasure and share for years to come!

If you’re a senior (or even a junior), it’s time to schedule your senior pictures! Trust me, it will sneak up on you…so be sure to give yourself enough time to plan and collaborate with your photographer. Plus, when you schedule early, you get your pick of the best calendar spots!

Ready to get started? Be sure to check out my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest posts for the latest updates and session photos. And don’t miss out on reading even more from the Magical Memories by Michelle blog…it features extensive information about individual photo sessions that are sure to give you tons of inspiration!

Contact me to get started and to get more information about your senior portrait package.


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