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Take Your Senior Pictures from Sporty to Fancy | Graduation Photography in Queen Creek, Arizona

When you’re choosing the outfits you’ll wear for your graduation photos, be sure to select pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful. When you exude confidence, you add so much to the beauty of your photos.

Skateboard Grind to Evening Glam: Capture Every Side of Your Personality

Wanna know the beauty of what makes us all unique individuals? Nobody has just one thing that defines them! Meet Janaye. A graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School in Queen Creek, Arizona, she’s all things sporty and adventurous, and everyone who knows her says she’s never afraid to embrace her silly, goofy side.

That’s how she introduced herself, but as I got to know this gorgeous young lady, I learned really quickly there was a whole lot more to her!

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Over the years as a professional photographer, I’ve met clients in a lot of different ways. I was out on a photo shoot with another client when Janaye’s mom happened upon us. We were working on nighttime photos at San Tan, and after briefly chatting, she mentioned she was having trouble finding someone to do a day-to-night graduation session. We exchanged information, and it wasn’t long before we were talking in earnest about a session for Janaye!

Personality That Won’t Quit

Janaye’s personality absolutely bubbles, and I was excited to work with her as soon as I met her. You can see from the first photo collage she goes from a sweet smile with dimples to a bit of a sassier look with an alluring peek over her dark sunglasses. There are so many facets to her personality, and let me tell you, this young lady can pull off plaid and denim like I’ve never seen! She turns the look into a feminine fashion statement by topping it with perfectly finished makeup, hair, and nails.

Sunshine & Smiles

Listing desert landscapes as one of her preferences, we set out to find the most picturesque of locations. Janaye brought several outfit changes along for her photo shoot, and this denim dress has to be one of my favorites for its chic yet simple look.

First of all, Janaye knows what works for her! She chose outfits that work well for her shape and body type, and the way the light blue denim stands out from the natural background is perfect.

Amazing Queen Creek Senior Picture Photographer

When you’re choosing the outfits you’ll wear for your graduation photos, be sure to select pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful. Janaye exudes confidence in this dress, which adds so much to the beauty of these photos.

Flipkicks & Fearless Style

When she’s not studying or watching movies with friends, you’ll likely find Janaye on her skateboard. One of her favorite hobbies, she’s cool and confident—both riding the board and carrying it to her next skating location. And check out her skating style! She effortlessly pulls of casual denim, a print tee, and black Vans as she shows off her moves with lush florals and green grass as a background. (Yes, we have all that right here in the desert!)

Skateboard Longboard Freedom Senior Pictures Queen Creek AZ

I have an entire network of beauty professionals who are ready to help clients get ready for their professional photo shoots. From hair and makeup to spray tans and nails, I’ve got you covered! Janaye chose to have her hair styled and her makeup applied by Deb. She also opted to add to her already gorgeous glow by booking a spray tan with Christina. All of my clients have several options when it comes to amping up their looks with the help of my network, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Future’s So Bright…

Best Queen Creek Senior Portrait Photographer

I love this look so much! You can just imagine Janaye glancing behind her with a flirty dip of her shades and then strolling confidently toward her future. She’s smiling and strong and ready for whatever the world has in store!

And trust me, this young lady has plenty of dreams on her bucket list. Her career goal is to become a flight attendant and see the world. But on top of that, she wants to sky dive and swim with sharks. If anyone ever doubted her sense of adventure, that should clear it right up. With her boundless energy and bold spirit, don’t be surprised at whatever she’s up to next!

Going Glam with Nighttime Photos

Did you know you can glam things up without ditching your relatively casual wardrobe? Yep! Janaye pulls this off perfectly, and I’m going to tell you how.

Queen Creek Senior Picture Photographer Night

A quick switch to black denim and a black leather jacket adds just enough nighttime sophistication to change the entire attitude of the photo shoot. Janaye goes from casual and sporty to sophisticated and stylish in the blink of an eye with just a couple quick changes!

The evening lighting captures the perfect contouring of her makeup, which is why I had to get a close-up shot of her looking off to the side. And she stands apart from the fading background lights in her white tank with the jacket casually tossed over a shoulder.

It only takes a few minor changes to completely change the mood of a session, and that’s exactly what we did! I’m so thrilled with the multiple looks Janaye was able to pull off, and I’m beyond excited to be able to deliver a photo package that represents ALL of her amazing personality traits.

Day or Night…Still a Skater

Senior Pictures Skateboard Night Queen Creek AZ

Think she put down that skateboard just because the sun went down? Think again! For this photo, she kept the leather jacket and pulled her skateboard in close for a candid photo that shows off her very favorite pastime. It just goes to show you can never take the skater out of the girl…which is pretty cool!

And Then Came the Dress

You may want to sit down for this last photo. It’s stunning. And fabulous. And spectacular.

And completely out of Janaye’s comfort zone. But would you just look at how lovely she looks in this red formal dress?

In just a few hours, we went from daytime skater girl to complete and total glam!

Queen Creek Senior Picture Photographer

She may not think she’s a “dress girl,” but Janaye looks so natural in this scarlet dress with her long hair resting on her shoulders. Her casual pose with her arms crossed on her knees makes it look like she’s comfortable glamming it up every day of the week!

According to her, wearing a dress to a dance has been her biggest accomplishment, but I’d say she’s already done a whole lot in her young life. As a graduate, I asked her if she had any advice to incoming freshmen. Her answer? “Be involved as much as you can and make plans.” And boy does this young woman have plans!

Go get ‘em, Janaye! Can’t wait to hear you say, “We did it, Joe.”

Find A Senior Photographer Near Me

If you’re looking for a photographer near Queen Creek, AZ, let’s talk! The calendar is open for Class of 2025, so if you’re overwhelmed and need someone to help you through the entire process, that’s where I come in. I’ll help with everything from locations & outfits to grad cards & gifts! Sound good? The first step is to grab your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience!

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  • I love how you were able to capture the many sides of this senior in her graduation photos! Such great ideas for the seniors around Queen Creek, Arizona to think about for their own sessions!

    • Hey Brandi! I really enjoy seniors like that that have so many unique looks! I’ve been getting more seniors from the Queen Creek area this year, and hoping that trend continues!

  • Oh my goodness…that evening senior picture in the dress! Stunning!! You definitely captured her personality and style! What a gorgeous high school senior!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Jodi! I agree, she’s absolutely gorgeous! I was dying over that beautiful red dress. I’m so thankful to have the chance to work with all these amazing high school seniors!

  • These are fantastic! Janaye’s bubbly personality shines through the photo gallery. Love the contrast and variety from sporty to fancy that you were abel to highlight. Beautiful Graduation Photography!

    • Isn’t she just the cutest??? Believe it or not, Janaye was actually a little nervous about being in front of the camera, but it certainly didn’t show!

  • I love that you saw all the different aspects of her personality! This senior’s parents are going to be so happy that you captured her so well and showed exactly who she is.

    • Hi Candace! I love it when their girls finally let loose and show their personality! That’s totally what happened with Janaye. Super nervous, then 10 minutes later she was just having a blast in front of the camera!

  • So many things I love about this session! You have completely captured her many different sides and also you all took photos in the day and kept on going into the night! So fun to have that much variety in a senior portrait session.

    • Thanks Brandi! I love sharing sessions from previous seniors and looking back on all the fun images we created. Janaye brought out her very best in front of the camera and it showed!

  • I love the variety you captured with this Senior Girl’s Portrait Session! I especially loved the skateboard to glam transition!

    • Isn’t that amazing, Susan? I love it when my senior girls pull every aspect of their personality into senior pictures!

  • I love the variety! These seniors are so involved, showing all facets of them makes for an amazing senior session! I love it!

  • I just love that you bring contrasting textures and ideas into each one of your sessions so that every senior has uniquely their own identity and individualism in their photos! This is the essence of good senior photography! Excellent work Michelle!

  • Holy smokes! What an amazing job showcasing this young ladies whole personality. The variety you created is phenomenal.

  • I always love your nighttime pictures. So edgy and beautiful! Helps capture all sides of these Queen Creek senior pictures!

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