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Queen Creek High School Senior Published in Magazine | East Valley Professional Photographer

Great news!!! One of my Class of 2021 seniors was recently published in Senior Year Magazine! I was so excited to tell Erica and her mom and show them which image got nationally published in the "Best of 2020" issue that was released in January.

Senior Picture Published in Senior Year Magazine

It’s not every day you take a picture that you feel could fight off 464,000 images. That’s exactly how many pictures that Senior Year Magazine had to choose from for their recent publication. So to say competition is tough would be a massive understatement! Not to mention that all of those submitted photos are taken professionally and are the pride & joy of whichever photographer created them. But time and time again, I fall a little bit in love with one of my senior photos, and I find myself submitting it – how could I help it!? It’s an honor to be published in Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2020 Edition!

Gorgeous Professional Senior Portraits

Erica’s Winning Image

Well, sometimes the world turns in my direction, stars align, and I am blessed with an image worthy of publication. In truth, I think my photos deserve a magazine of their own! But we can’t have it all – yet.

For now, I’ll settle for my picture of the lovely Erica Marie Hart being published. An exceptionally smart attendee of Queen Creek High School, Class of 2021, Erica was more than fun to spend an evening with. It was one of those sessions that you lose yourself in. Your creative flow is flowing, your finger is at the ready to capture almost any moment, and creative sparks are flying!

Anyhow, Erica knew exactly what she wanted her shoot to look like. On that sunny day in Scottsdale, Arizona, Erica wanted waterfalls, deserts, vintage vibes, rustic scenes, and some hobby-related images sprinkled on top. Are you thinking what we were thinking? The Wild West! What else could it be? Arizona IS the perfect place for it, after all. So, while not all of Erica’s images revolved around the rootin’-tootin’ theme, it certainly encapsulated everything her shoot was about – fun, passion, and doing what she so pleased.

We wandered around and found some rich wood backgrounds that mimicked old-school saloons. We came across even more miracle opportunities, such as an adorable wagon wheel bench. And that was the moment! There was Erica, blue jeans, white top, trusty cowgirl boots, and an obligatory cowboy hat. It was almost too good to be true!

Best Scottsdale Senior Pictures Girls

Erica’s shoot wardrobe surpassed all of my expectations. She looked comfortable, at home, and all-together gorgeous even as she lounged lengthways across the bench. Can I just take this moment to mention how natural and effortlessly cool she looks? While it might seem like these times would be the easiest for photographers – they’re often what sets out pulses racing and minds fuddling. But my years of experience prepare me for moments like these when everything comes together. So, I readied myself and just let Erica be her beautiful self! 

Perhaps it’s the three-tone beauty of the image, the uniqueness of the setting, or Erica’s winning smile – maybe it’s all of those things. Either way, Erica’s photo made it into Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2020 issue. Really there couldn’t be anyone more deserving. Erica’s fashion sense, intuition, and keen-eye for a good scene all made this photo possible.

There she sits in the magazine among numerous other seniors. Is it one of my favorites? 100%!! Am I biased to say I think Erica’s photo is the best? 100% not!

Award Winning Senior Pictures Scottsdale Photographer

This definitely isn’t the first image I’ve had published, and it hopefully won’t be the last!!! I enter images at least twice a year to various publications, and my Press page showcases more award-winning senior photos. So if you’re ready to have your own magazine-worthy senior pictures, let’s make it happen!

Erica’s entire senior photography session was nothing short of fabulous, so be sure to check her senior pictures in Old Town Scottsdale if you need some inspiratoin!

  • What a win!! Seriously, if you need a senior photographer in Arizona – go talk to Michelle

  • What a smart Queen Creek Senior to choose you for her Senior Portraits! Congratulations on your feature in Senior Style Magazine!!

  • Erica’s winning image stole my gaze for an extended minute! I can see why it was chosen to make you once again a published professional photographer in Senior Style Magazine. Congrats Michelle and keep up the great work!

  • Congratulations, Michelle! What an honor and what an image! I think you are spot on, it was a combination of 3 magnificent elements: that tonal beauty, uniqueness, and Erica’s winning smile! Your direction and talent combined with her relaxed and total comfort made that image a showstopper! Great job!

    • Hey Deborah! We all love it when we have seniors like this that plan and bring the right wardrobe, and it’s a definite win when you get seniors like Erica that love the camera!

  • Michelle, How awesome is this!?! Congratulations on being published to you and this beautiful Queen Creek High School Senior! So amazing

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