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Dressed to the Nines & Ready for Prom | Formal Pics for Your Senior Portraits

Prom is a mega big deal, especially SENIOR prom! Be sure to include your glam style in your senior picture photo session for memories you can look back on forever!

Prom Dresses, Accessories & Ideas for the BIG Event

How long have you been dreaming about going to prom? The dress you’ll wear, the hairstyle, the jewelry…all those little details come together to create one seriously glam look for one of the biggest nights of your life. And if it’s your senior year, it’s a bit like your big send-off into the world! What better way to preserve those memories than by making them a part of your senior picture session?

Prom Pictures & Graduation Pictures?

Best Dresses Graduation Portraits Near Me

You bet! During your senior portrait experience, you’ll choose several outfits to show off your style and personality, and it’s a fun idea to snap some pictures of you in your prom dress or tux to show you all dressed up to the nines! Not only will photos in all your fancy evening wear bring back fond memories of prom, but you’ll also be able to show off your dressiest look to friends and family, too.

It’s your senior year, your photo session…and it’s all about the things you love. And prom is a HUGE deal, so why not plan on one of your outfit changes being your glam prom night duds?!

No Pressure, Just Possibilities

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You may feel like there’s a lot of pressure at prom time, but when it’s time for your senior pictures, there’s absolutely ZERO pressure. That’s one of the main reasons I rarely shoot sessions on the day of the event. It’s a much more relaxed and enjoyable photo experience when we’re not fighting crowds and feeling rushed.

We’ll laugh, have fun, and even get up to some silly antics throughout your photo shoot, so you can show off your fanciest, best-dressed look with absolutely zero stress.

Focus on the Details

Long after prom has passed, you’ll look back and remember the fun you had, the dress you wore, and even the place where you danced the night away. But when you’re planning your professional photos, don’t forget to take a few moments to appreciate the little things like your corsage (or boutonniere for the guys), your makeup, hair, jewelry, and even those glam shoes you’re wearing. All of these little things go into making this a huge and special night, so be sure you don’t miss a single detail!

When you choose Magical Memories by Michelle as your professional photographer, you’ll see a difference! I focus on the big picture AND the tiny details to deliver a one-of-a-kind portrait package you’ll be over the moon to show off.

Capture Every Special Moment

Best Senior Picture Clothes for Guys

Did mom help you put on your corsage or straighten your boutonniere? Did you borrow dad’s car? Are you wearing a special or meaningful piece of jewelry? Did you swap out your usual tennis shoes for fancy heels? It’s important to capture the things that make you stand out throughout your photo session, so we’ll work together to make sure all your unique characteristics shine.

Years from now, when you look back on your professional portraits, I want you to beam with pride as you share them with your loved ones. You’re making so many memories, and that’s why it’s so important to schedule and plan your senior pictures!

Where Should My Prom Pictures Be Taken?

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This is a great question, and there are really NO wrong answers…but there are locations that tend to be better than others for showing off your finest dress. When it comes to dressy photos, keep in mind, you want a relatively flat location where it’s easy to walk, twirl, and pose for several pics. I love helping clients figure out the best portrait locations to suit their personalities, so if you’re wondering where to go for your session, no worries! We’ll figure it out together as we get to know each other.

Much of the answer to the location question revolves around WHEN you want your prom photos taken. I rarely schedule prom photos on the day of your event, and here’s why:

  • Just about everyone who’s going to prom that night will have the same idea, and the great locations get very crowded.
  • It’s more convenient for clients. Rather than participating in two different sessions, we can combine the two for a really great, super-fun session!

It’s not wrong to schedule your prom pictures on the day of the event, but just be aware that a lot of other people will have that very same idea.

Gorgeous Formal Graduation Photos in AZ

Now that we’re enjoying beautiful springtime weather, most locations can get crowded. Not only do I try to plan around the busiest times, I also try to think outside the box and discover new places we haven’t taken photos yet. The more off-the-beaten-path, the less crowded! And when there’s no crowd, it makes it easy to pull out all the props and get creative with the existing space.

What’s “In” This Year? Prom Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

There are some super fashionable and gorgeous choices for you if you’re still looking for your stand-out prom outfit! Whether you’re a guy or a girl, I’ve been taking notes on ALL the fashion and accessories you want to know about this year!

If you love to lean into fashion trends and create your own inspiring looks, this year is for you! According to Seventeen magazine, you can look forward to light, airy styles that feature lace, tulle, ruffles, and shine! If you’re not into all the glitter and sparkle, you can lean into style influences from the ‘90s to deliver retro vintage vibes.

This is the year to try out new and adventurous styles, too, so get ready to see lots of texture in the form of feathers, sequins, and mesh. For even more fun, consider leaning into bold, vibrant colors that will make you stand out on the dance floor.

Whatever your personal style, there’s a dress (or suit!) that will show off your eye for fashion and send you to the big event looking over-the-top gorgeous! This season is all about including YOUR personality in your outfit, and that makes it a perfect look for your senior portrait session, too!

What’s the Key to Great Prom Photos?

Phoenix Senior Pictures Formal Suit Guys

It’s all in the details! Whether you’re feeling edgy, frilly, or formal, the most important thing is to just be yourself. When you select a dress or suit you love, you’ll feel more confident—and you’ll be more energized to dance the night away.

Whatever your style, I’ll make sure you look your prom-tastic best for your pictures—and you’ll have mementos you can share and reflect on for years to come.

Finding a Photographer for Senior Pictures

If you’re looking for great senior pictures that show off your personality and your style, you’ve found the right place! At Magical Memories by Michelle, my focus is on making sure you look and feel confident—and that you get to take home amazing senior pictures as a lasting memento of your graduation year. The first step is to grab your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience!

Be sure to keep up with the blog, where you can find great ideas, looks, tips, and more! Plus, don’t forget about Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest…I’m always sharing inspiring photos and ideas there for graduating seniors.

  • I love when seniors bring their prom dresses to their senior photo session! They add great variety and the dresses provide awesome movement in pictures! Can’t forget the senior guys! They always look so handsome in their formal wear.

    • Hey Brandi! You know, I used to just tell the kids to wear what makes them comfortable. But then the guys started wearing suspenders and bow ties, and I was hooked! Add in gorgeous prom dresses and I’m all in!

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