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Professional Senior Portraits for A Primavera Online Graduate

When you throw an idea for your senior photos, I’d venture that we can either accomplish it—or come pretty darn close! I want you to look and feel your best, and when your photo shoot is done, I want you to be able to say we did everything you wanted to do for your senior pictures...and had a blast together!

Dreaming Out Loud…In Vibrant Color & Elegant Style

It didn’t take long to realize Rae’s professional senior portraits would end up turning into TWO photo shoots, and it worked out perfectly! Rae and her family had so many amazingly creative ideas that I wanted to make sure we planned enough time to cover everything!

Primavera Online High School Senior Photos Girls

If you remember, Rae had a fabulous ‘50s-themed photo shoot at Chase’s Diner in Chandler, Arizona, and she looked like she stepped right off a movie set. But we had so much more in store for her!

The Pictures Teens & Parents Want

You know parents and teens always show up in my office in complete agreement about senior pictures, right? KIDDING! Most of the time, there is compromise and give and take so that everyone ends up happy with the outcome. It’s perfectly normal, because moms and dads see their grads as the kiddos who used to dump dry cereal over their heads on Saturday mornings; while teens see themselves as young adults ready to burst onto a scene of adventure and freedom. (There’s a bit of a dichotomy we have to overcome!)

If I didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t even notice, but in Rae’s diner pics, she’s wearing braces. In her second session, she’s not. Wait, what?! First of all, you don’t notice because this girl would be gorgeous wearing a paper sack! But she and Mom had a different perspective on the timing of her photos. That’s because Rae absolutely loved her braces and wanted to remember how she looked in them. And Mom was super excited to capture photos of Rae after her braces came off. We just did both!

That’s the thing about working one-on-one with your professional photographer. When you throw out the idea, I’d venture that we can either accomplish it—or come pretty darn close! I want you to look and feel your best, and when your photo shoot is done, I want you to be able to say we did everything you wanted to do for your senior pictures.

Dreaming of Glam in the Great Outdoors

For her second photo shoot, Rae glammed things up! This time, we took things outside, and after donning a light pink chiffon gown with a sequined bodice, Rae dipped her toes in the water. There’s something absolutely beautiful about the combination of glam contrasted with the natural beauty of a running stream. For Rae, this setting captured her laid-back, carefree style and her gorgeous laugh.

Primavera Online High School Senior Photos AZ

Versatile Style for Miles

When I say this girl has an eye for outfits and looks that really work together, I mean it! Rae had outfit after outfit that she expertly pulled together to work with her hair and make-up, and she pulled off every single one.

With a few fun props and her down-to-the-last-detail hair and nails, she went from dreamy waterside splashes to seriously sassy and classy, pairing her serious look with a casual lean on a sports car. Notice how we paired the different shades of green! Even though they’re not the same, they work well together and serve Rae’s bold style well. Of course, sunglasses were a must for this supercharged photo.

Primavera Online High School Senior Pictures AZ

Gorgeous in Green

Nighttime photos were a must for Rae—especially after I saw the way she rocked this emerald green dress. As the sun went down, I was able to pull in the twinkling background lights, which added even more atmosphere. Rae’s selection of nude, strappy heels, glamorous up-do, and a single gold-toned necklace let all the focus fall on her fabulous wardrobe choice and her beautiful expressions.

Primavera Online High School Senior Pictures Girls

Going Casual for the Wrap-Up

There’s no look this girl can’t pull off! From glam and dressy to casual and modern in denim, Rae’s fashion game is always on point. At the end of the evening, she rocked faded and ripped denim with a cropped hoodie to show off her laid-back urban style.

Primavera Online High School Senior Photos

When you’ve got style, personality, and confidence to match, you’re already photo-shoot ready! It was a joy to work with Rae and her family, and I can’t wait to hear what Rae does after graduation.

Great Accomplishments, Great Future

She says her greatest accomplishment is graduating early. She’s planning to study to become a midwife, and trust me, it will happen. This is a determined, smart, and motivated young lady. She loves singing, reading, writing, and taking pictures. A self-confessed dreamer, Rae is loving, kind, and blunt—and looking forward to a bright future.

Her advice for incoming freshmen is to never let anyone else determine who you are or what you can be. Rae is wise beyond her years, funnier than you’d believe, and gorgeous inside and out! She is on her way to doing great things.

Photo Shoot VIP

Between hair touchups and outfit changes, we captured a combination of looks Rae was going for. But there’s one person we couldn’t have done it without! The moral support (and laugh-inducing encouragement) of her mom—were invaluable, so of course, Rae’s final portrait package included a photo of mom and daughter enjoying a candid moment together.

I love it when parents want to participate in senior picture photo shoots! Why? Because even though most parents decline at first, it ends up being a favorite photo! Mom and Dad, you’re welcome and encouraged to tag along during our adventures! You guys are great moral support, plus your kiddos usually love it when you help them with wardrobe changes and things like emergency lip gloss applications.

Primavera Online High School Senior Pictures Mom

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  • I really like your willingness to do multiple shoots to capture both a parents ideas and also the seniors. You also bring up some good points as to why you it is important to hire a professional photographer and communicate your vision with them.

    • Hey Keith! Thanks for your comments! I always remind my parents that I want everyone to be happy so I shoot the ones I know Mom will love, but also take the edgy shots that the senior wants too!

  • I love this girl’s glam style for her senior photos! And that last image of her and her mama is so precious! That is one mom will cherish forever!

  • Kelleen Hite