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Avoid the Awkward, Try These 5 Posing Tips for Guys | Gilbert Senior Portrait Photographer

By: Michelle
May 17, 2021

5 Posing Tips for Guys

If your senior portrait session will be your first professional shoot, you’re probably wondering what you should be doing in front of the camera. Of course I’ll be there to guide you through your photo session, but sometimes a few tips before your shoot will help calm your nerves and be sure that you’re 100% camera ready!

Here are some simple tips to help get you started.

  1. Consider Your Best Features.

If you had to choose, what are your best features? What features would you like to accentuate in your senior photos? This could be your jawline, your chest, or your shoulders. Whatever features you would like to accentuate should be closest to the camera. Guys, if you’re looking for a nice, strong pose, always keep your shoulders square to the camera.

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  1. Natural is Better.

When it comes to posing for your senior photos, it’s best to stick to poses that look natural. Poses that have you sitting down or leaning on one knee are just some examples of what looks good and not forced in front of the camera. Another great tip (and you’ll hear me say this over and over) just laugh! Give me a funny laugh, a fake laugh, an evil laugh…they all work!

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  1. Don’t Worry about Your Hands.

A common complaint among senior guys who get in front of a camera for the first time is that they don’t know what to do with their hands. Don’t worry about hand placement too much. Once you get into it, your hands will naturally find a place in your pockets, at your sides, or folded in your arms. Do what feels comfortable to you. Still stuck? Try rubbing your hands together, checking your watch, holding sunglasses, or fixing your cuffs!

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  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Move.

I actually prefer it when you move around and it doesn’t have to be big movements either. Simply moving your head around can add some variety to your senior shots. Again, I’ll guide you but if you feel nervous and find yourself stiffening your head or jaw, just take a deep breath and try again. Move your shoulders, take a few steps, change your face or look away from the camera.

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  1. Have Fun.

You will always get the best shots when you approach your senior portrait session with a relaxed mindset. You are here to celebrate an important milestone, so have some fun! These photos are meant to highlight your personality after all so just be yourself! Don’t hold back, be goofy, tell jokes, rev that engine, and show your stuff!

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If you want to be extra prepared, head over to a site such as Pinterest to see how my senior guys pose. You can also browse you my website for inspiration too.

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Hey 2022 Grads, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!
Freshman, sophomores, and juniors can sign up so you won’t miss out!
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Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

Hey there! Want to catch up on the latest, see where I’ve been photographing, and get some great ideas for your photo shoot? You’re in the right place! My blog is updated with some of my favorite photo sessions, hilarious stories, and insights you’ll want to know before it’s time for your big day.



  1. Great tips for helping guys pose for their senior pictures! Awesome images too!

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Brandi! I always love hearing from you!

  2. These are such good tips and #3 is one of the main things I talk to my guys about. It’s something simple and it all just works together and gives some great shots.

    • Hi Shunta! I’m glad you’re able to use these tips with your senior guys too!

  3. How refreshing to hear Don’t worry about your hands. I know people always ask that question and I know it’s first on my mind when I see someone pointing a camera toward me. I just love that you’ve found a way to liberate seniors so they can be themselves and look their best for stellar senior photos with you! Great tips!

    • I agree Andrea! Hands are always an issue, but once I give the kids some tips, they relax and end up looking amazing!


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