Featured Senior Portrait Session

Phoenix, Arizona

This is Noah, a talented swimmer and Class of 2021 graduate from Desert Ridge High School. We started his session in Eastmark showing off his ASU college t-shirt, just letting him warm up in front of the camera. I’m pretty sure Noah wins the award for Best dressed guy with his wide variety of button down shirts, ties, and jackets. We didn’t hang out in East Mesa for too long before heading to Downtown Chandler. We got permission to shoot at one of the golf courses, and I got my first glimpse of Noah in his suit. As a future lawyer, he certainly looks the part! One thing I love about jackets is the different looks we can get. Wear the jacket, toss it over your shoulder, then pass it off to mom. It all flows so easily to create a gallery moms cry over. But wait, ASU shirt, button down, suit, suit…um, didn’t he bring anything else casual? No? Ok, no worries. Grab his black undershirt and shades for that laid back vibe! See? It doesn’t have to be complicated! As a varsity swimmer, Noah also grabbed his team jacket and letter for a few shots to showcase his athletic side. After all, he’d endured 5:00 a.m. practices for months and that letter was well earned!

Just a quick drive to Downtown Chandler had Noah ready for the night time portion of his senior session. I’m telling you, suits after dark just ooze class! I love the lights in this part of town and so do my seniors. The area we use is usually pretty empty during the week so parking is easy and we have the street to ourselves! Take another tip from Noah if you’re trying to decide what looks best for senior pictures. His black button down shirt is a classic look that every grandparent will love. And as a bonus, I’m showing a couple of his swim photos from his senior banner, since that is how I met Noah and his mom. I worked with the team to create senior banners and these were the images that were part of the design!

Guys, this could be you! Every guy that comes to me wants one thing. “Just make me look good!” Mission accomplished! Read more about Noah in his blog post too!