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From an artistic standpoint, I get bored easily, so as a senior photographer I’m always up for trying out new locations!  I want your senior pictures to be unique and show off your personality and favorite things!  Ok, so “downtown Phoenix” is quite a large area, but it really gave us a chance to take create a super fun gallery of amazing senior pictures for Mercy!

Looking for inspiration for Senior Pictures in Downtown Phoenix?

From hippie to chic, glamour to grunge, this girl has it all!!  Mercy and I met just after she finished her junior year at Red Mountain High School. She was one of my models for our Downtown Gilbert Photo Shoot, so I knew she’d have a ton of great ideas! The best part is that she’s not afraid to just go for it…she’s in 100% no matter what I ask her to do! The result? Awesome senior pictures that truly show off her crazy fun and carefree personality!

Graduation pictures with personality

So yeah, cap & gown graduation pictures can be boring.  Yeah, we shot a few of the standard cap & gown pictures…but this, this here, shows Mercy’s personality so much better!  And it wasn’t posed or planned, we were in between shots and she was just being goofy. But as a professional photographer my job is to always be ready to catch just the right moment! Totally my favorite graduation picture ever!!!

Silly Senior Pictures taken by Phoenix Senior Photographer. Cap & Gown Graduation Pictures with Tassel.

Style Closet Accessories and Props

Our style closet has grown a lot in the last couple of years, and one of my favorite props is this antique phone. I’ve had it for years and only had the chance to use it once. Luckily Mercy loves it as much as I do, so it was definitely on her “must have” list for senior pictures!  Another crazy piece from our style closet is this headband that can be used as many different accessories!  It works great as a headband here, but looks amazing as a belt, scarf, bracelet, anklet, or choker!

Senior pictures with vintage rotary phone taken by Phoenix senior photographer.

Notice that choker?  Same accessory as we used with the antique phone, but used differently for this amazing close up!  All of these were taken near Heritage Square in Phoenix, which is a really great location for senior pictures!

Phoenix Senior Photographer does fashion photo shoot for senior pictures.

Talk about a versatile accessory!!!  It goes from a headband to a choker to a belt, and looks great no matter how you wear it!!!

Girl twirls in dress for senior pictures taken by Phoenix Senior Photographer

Bring Your Prom Dress for Senior Pictures

I love it when my girls bring prom or homecoming dresses!  This one here is a little more special because it was a $20 Goodwill dress that Mercy and her mom updated.  Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?!?!

Phoenix Senior Photographer for Prom Pictures

Handmade Floral Crown

I’ve mentioned how creative Mercy is, so it was no surprise when she came with this amazing floral crown and handmade dress! While the location wasn’t anything special, when I saw these flowers I knew they’d be perfect! So while everyone else headed on to the next location, Mercy and I stayed back for just a few more shots.

Girl wears handmade floral crown for Phoenix senior pictures.

Girl wears handmade floral crown for Phoenix senior pictures.

Variety is the Key to Amazing Senior Pictures

I don’t know how long Mercy’s session was, but it was a blast!!! When we go out on location, the experience is meant to be as amazing as the pictures! We’re making memories as well as capturing them, and hoping to bring a lot of variety to your session. Mercy easily went from one look to another with the help of our mobile changing room, giving her a wonderful gallery filled with variety!  In just a few hours we went from the Rosson House to the parking structure to the streets of Phoenix and more! With unlimited outfits and locations, we encourage you to bring as many outfits as you’d like!

Phoenix Senior Photographer near Heritage Square



So this is one of my favorites, like all-time favorites ever!!!  I love Mercy’s free spirit!  When I told her to dance and let loose on the streets of Downtown Phoenix, she didn’t even hesitate!  The overalls, the colorful tie dye top, and the sunglasses coupled with the sun flare just scream summer, freedom, and probably not adulthood.  Which is just fine with me because adulting is overrated anyway!  Doesn’t it just make you want to smile?!?!

Downtown Phoenix Senior Photographer SunFlare

Ideas for your senior pictures:

  • Prom or homecoming outfits
  • Sunglasses
  • Wedges (LOVE her shoes!!!)
  • Cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover:  If you don’t have them, borrow them from someone who has already graduated!
  • Simple clothing:  That basic dress lets us focus on her, not her clothing…even though she rocked it no matter what outfit she was wearing!

What not to bring:

Anxiety!!! Seriously, try not to be nervous!  We’ll take care of the posing and technical stuff, and you just be your amazing self!  While some of our suggestions may seem strange, there is always logic behind the craziness, and the results can be truly amazing! If you don’t look good, you’ll be the 2nd one to know and we’ll try something else!

Want to see more sessions with Mercy?

I don’t blame you! She’s super fun and I love her style! If you’re looking for ideas for posing or styling, Mercy will definitely get your creative juices flowing! Don’t believe me? Check out our Downtown Gilbert Photo Shoot!

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