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Ideas for Senior Pictures

East Mesa Senior Pictures Red Mountain

Red Mountain High School | Outdoor Senior Pictures in Mesa, AZ | Eastmark

By: Michelle
April 12, 2020

Ideas for Outdoor Senior Pictures

If you haven’t noticed, Arizona has some beautiful locations for senior pictures in the East Valley. One of our Class of 2020 graduates is Marissa from from Red Mountain High School. She participates in both high school and club dive, and will be continuing her athletic and academic career at Colorado Mesa University! You’ll be able to tell from her pictures, but Marissa is just oozing with personality…giggles, serious, smiles, dancing, goofy, she does it all and is absolutely beautiful!

Fashion Tip: Hats

I’m a hat lover, not necessarily for myself every day, but for senior portraits? Definitely! But you’d be surprised how many girls are so against wearing hats for their session. I’m really not sure why because not only does it give you additional looks, it’s a fun way to bring extra fashion and variety to your senior pictures! Sometimes you wear the hat, sometimes you carry it, and sometimes it just sits next you. Despite saying that she did not like cats, Marissa ended up loving many of our final images with hats. Can you blame her? Both the cute off-the-shoulder outfit and hat are from our Style Closet.

Red Mountain Senior Pictures Mesa Az

Bring the Balloons

Balloons are definitely trending with our graduates! Many of them are turning 18 and choose to bring mylar 18 balloons while others choose to bring balloons that match their graduating class year. Keeping the balloons straight can be a challenge though, so we made sure to take them together.

Senior Pictures Balloons Mesa Az

Senior Pictures at Night

One of the newest additions to our sessions is the ability to shoot after dark. Our senior portrait sessions used to finish around sunset, but now if you choose an After Dark session we’ll continue shooting and get some gorgeous night time shots to add to your gallery! Below you’ll see two of my favorite hats from out Style Closet. Sometimes she’s wearing it, other times she let’s her personality show and turns it upside down!

Mesa Az Senior Pictures Photographer

Red Mountain High School Senior Pictures Mesa Az

Mesa Senior Pictures Night


Ideas for unique senior pictures

  • Bring hats or borrow some from our Style Closet
  • Have pictures taken at night
  • Use balloons to celebrate a birthday or graduation

Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

Hey 2022 Grads, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!
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Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

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  1. I love the idea of hats! You can do so much with them, even when you’re not wearing them! Love the balloons too!

    • Right?!?! Love hats so much, and I have way too many, but I can’t help myself!

  2. Cool post. I love how you used examples not just words to go with each idea. Great work to boot.

    • Thanks Samantha! I try so hard to explain what I’m thinking so hopefully my clients will understand.

  3. YES! Night photos! SO often night photos are overlooked! Colorful lights make such a great backdrop! Love ’em!

    • Thanks Mette! We have so much fun at night with our senior picutres!

  4. Hats are always a favorite of mine! Great suggestions for senior girls to think about!

    • Thanks Brandi! I always bring hats even if they tell me not to!

  5. Love all the ideas and tips that you have! Great night shots, and I’m a hat lover as well!

    • Ha ha, looks like we have a huge group of hat lovers around here! But they’re so fun, how can you not love them!

  6. Great way to showcase hats!!

    • Thank you Amanda!

  7. I can see why you are the Red Mountain Mesa AZ senior portrait photographer to choose! I love these ideas that you have shared!

    • Thanks Jeanine! I’m glad you found these ideas helpful!

    • Oh Michelle, these hat photos are stunning! I hope lots of young people search for the best Red Mountain Mesa AZ senior portrait photographer and see these ideas. Keep up the great work!

      • Thanks for your kind words! I’ve had quite a few graduates from Red Mountain High School this year! Great group of teenagers, so I hope I get more!


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