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Making Music & Celebrating Success | Outdoor Graduation Photos in Queen Creek

You know how you can tell when something just seems effortless for someone? When clients share a free and easy vibe with the camera, it’s easy to pick up different facets of their personality—just about as fast as I can click a button.

Beautiful Locations & Artistic Ideas for Senior Pictures

Want to know how many AMAZING shots we can capture in a shorter photo session? It doesn’t take long to get tons of fabulous photos when you’ve got great ideas and an incredible sense of style! My Gold Session is just right for clients who want to want shorter photo shoots and fewer outfit changes, but still desire the same professional quality and attention to detail as every other client session.

Brenna knew what she wanted when she walked into my office for her initial consultation. She was looking for a short and sweet session to highlight a few of her favorite looks and activities, and she wanted photos with natural, outdoorsy flair.

I loved my photo shoot with Michelle! She was awesome and super outgoing! I usually don’t like my photos taken but Michelle made me feel comfortable and pretty. Thank you Michelle, this has been a wonderful experience!

Brenna Bayles

Natural Smiles & Carefree Twirls

You know how you can tell when something just seems effortless for someone? Brenna was a natural in front of the camera! From in-the-moment smiles to lighthearted twirls, she easily pulled off a variety of expressions and looks…which is a great way to stretch your photo session time. When clients share a free and easy vibe with the camera, it’s easy to pick up different facets of their personality—just about as fast as I can click a button!

Brenna’s outfit in this portrait duo is super-fun. By pairing a short pleated (and very twirlable!) skirt with a black top with sheer sleeves and ankle-length boots, she created a captivating and on-trend monochromatic look that’s way up there on the WOW scale!

Beautiful Outdoor Queen Creek Senior Portraits

Really, Only 1 Hour?

How is it possible to get so many great portraits in a 1-hour session? Several factors work together, but the main one is that by the time your big photo shoot day arrives, we will have already chatted about what you love, how you want your photos to look, and what types of outfits you want to wear. All this information helps me prepare ahead of time by planning locations and props that will complement your pictures.

And guess what?! When you have your final portrait collection in hand, it’ll never look like we had a shorter session than anyone else! You’ll look so amazing, anyone who sees your graduation photos will assume you spent hours on location getting every shot perfect.

Daytime Edgy with Personality to Spare

Brenna’s look in these daytime photos is just as edgy as if we’d decided to shoot them at night. In fact, I love that we caught these shots during the daytime so she could show off every detail of her fashion style.

I highly recommend Michelle for senior photos. She did an amazing job making my daughter feel at ease. She captured her personality and inspired her to just be herself. As a result, we have these amazing photographs that truly reflect my daughter and what she is passionate about.

Robin Bayles

She put together a striking ensemble with this layered look, and it works both with a lighthearted smile and her serious face! The careful attention she paid to hemline effects with this outfit is especially fun! Notice how every line comes just short of the one below it for a mod and trendy look. Her black crop tank barely skims the waistline of her skirt; likewise, the hemline of her skirt skims the tops of her boots for a creative and put-together style. A black leather jacket tops it all off and can be either tossed over a shoulder or worn as a top layer.

Best Outdoor Queen Creek Arizona Senior Pictures

The Eyes (and the Hats!) Have It

When you’ve got a gorgeous face and you’ve spent time ensuring flawless makeup, lashes, and brows, a closeup photo is a must. And those of you who know me know I’m going to tell you all about the awesomeness of hats. But it’s with good reason!

Just look how amazing Brenna looks with a floppy brim framing her face in this portrait! Not only does she get a chance to show off how dazzling she looks while donning a fancy sun hat, but this closeup shows off her beaming smile and sparkling eyes as she peeks from behind heart-shaped sunglasses.

best queen creek senior photographer girls
best queen creek senior photographer

Artistic and Eye-Catching

Brenna’s hair is gorgeous when she’s standing up and posing for photos. So when we decided to go for this natural lying down pose, you can see how her lush, shiny locks form the perfect backdrop for her as she looks straight up at the camera. Sticking to her preferred natural setting, the green grass pops in the background, and when we added a large leaf for a peek-a-boo effect, the outcome was jaw-dropping!

Best Queen Creek High School Senior Pictures

This stunning photo of Brenna even got published in Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2021 edition!

On a High Note

Brenna is soaring high and loves the activities she’s participated in throughout her high school years. Part of her senior photo session included showing off her love of music, specifically her accomplishment of spending four years in the marching band. One of her lifetime goals is to play every instrument, and so far, she’s off to a good start!

Below, she shows off rock star vibes while sitting waterside with her white guitar. Dressed in a tank dress with floral accents, she fits perfectly into the natural setting and even gives a fun-loving splash of water with her toe.

queen creek arizona senior pictures guitar

Dressed in black concert attire, Brenna looks ready to put on a show with her flute. I love how her red lipstick stands out against the solid black outfit, too! Plus, this is the perfect time for her to show off a few favorite rings and delicate dangling earrings. Notice she didn’t go overboard with the accessories, but since there’s plenty of focus on her hands, this photo perfectly highlights subtle accessories.

queen creek senior pictures ideas band flute

On Top of the World

The best part of any session is when the client lets loose, throws their head back, and laughs! That’s when I can capture the unfiltered, unscripted, no-nerves-allowed version of them that their friends and family love. In this photo, Brenna is turning her face skyward as she tosses her hair back and kicks a stylishly clad foot into the air. Her smile is absolutely contagious!

This pose is a super-fun one, too, especially with the outfit she chose. I love how it shows off the wide belt that accompanies her dress, plus the striped knee socks and heeled Mary Jane shoes. It’s a look all her own that shows off her confidence and style.

queen creek senior photography ideas

Time to Soar, Grad!

Brenna will graduate from Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, Arizona, in 2022, and she’s looking forward to studying computer science and cyber security at Northern Arizona University (NAU). While she’s got plenty of exciting things on the horizon, we needed to capture the excitement and pride that come with donning that cap and gown that symbolize all the hard work and dedication that got her to this point!

Of course, there was a hat toss—but we had to change it up just a bit as Brenna strolled off into the sunset (and toward a brilliant future) while her mortarboard floated back down.

best queen creek senior photographer

Life Since Graduation

Brenna is enjoying a life full of adventure at NAU. She’s currently studying computer cybersecurity, her dream job is to be a wildlife veterinarian. She also wants to travel the world and be in a jazz band—so who knows where we’ll see her next! But for now, she’s loving the snow and goes skiing every week. What a change from life in Queen Creek!

My advice for future grads is to create a routine. It is probably one of the most important habits for college and it will help with grades and studying!

Brenna Bayles

All I can tell you is she’s determined to make her dreams happen! Watch out bucket list…here she comes!

  • I can’t believe how many awesome pictures you were able to create in only an hour! The Gold Session is perfect for those busy seniors that just don’t have time for a longer session.

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