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Performing Arts

Are you a high school senior who loves music, band, fine arts, and theater! I've got lots of great ideas for your senior pictures including teens who play violin & piano, love marching band, compete in dance, love to draw or paint, and some of the most incredibly talented teens you'll ever meet! Singers, dancers, musicians, actors, ,theater kids...it's all here!
Music Theatre Drama Senior Pictures Ideas

Performing Arts

Take the Stage, Break a Leg

It’s time to show off your Broadway talents, your Hollywood aspirations, your musical abilities, and all the other amazing things you can do! Your senior portraits are the perfect opportunity to highlight all the amazing things you’ve done throughout your high school years, so break out those play bills and the sheet music because it’s time to get creative with all the hard work you’ve put in to building your exceptional talent!

Check out how these clients decided to creatively highlight their talents in their graduation photos…