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Mesa Senior Photos | Desert Ridge High School

January 5, 2021

An Artist and his Violin

There are days when you just know you’re going to have a good shoot. It’ll be hours of perfect shots, easy-going atmosphere, great lighting,  and even better company – just some of the things that make my job worthwhile. Well, when I say that Spencer brought it all to the table, I mean it! I’ve known Spencer and his mom for a few years and as always, it means so much when friends hire me to be their photographer.

Introducing Spencer – Artist and Nature-loving extraordinaire

First of all, there’s something so timelessly beautiful about capturing someone playing the violin. The effortless passion of Spencer, who looks right at home with his violin in tow, is clearly visible. In fact, while he may have been a little nervous about being in front of the camera at first, once he brought out the violin he was a natural in front of the camera. It just so happens that he loves to create beautiful art – no matter what the form!

Mesa Senior Photos Instrument

The Must-have Cap & Gown Shot

Graduating as part of the Desert Ridge High School class of 2020, Spencer has his sights set on a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. Which is no surprise really, throughout the shot it was clear that Spencer enjoyed the outdoors with his surroundings. Just happy to observe and to be. The peace and serenity of the shoot comes through in every image as far as I’m concerned.

Mesa Senior Graduation Photos Cap Gown

That said, we used many locations in the Mesa area…From gorgeous greens to the beautiful desert, and all the way to the peaceful water, it all just worked.

Outdoor Mesa Senior Photos

Always Room for More Favorites!

Spencer looked stylish this favorite shirt polished off with his winning smile.

Mesa Senior Photos Guys What To Wear Mesa Senior Photos Eastmark

Oh, and did I mention that he likes basketball? Portland Trailblazers are by far his favorite team. He even had the fun idea of paying homage to the team by wearing his favorite jersey paired with a black hoodie. What a great look!

Mesa Senior Photos Desert Ridge

Driving The Shoot Home

Like all teenagers – and people of all ages really – Spencer can’t get enough of his first car. I think we can all remember the joy of our first ride, and I’m happy Spencer has a suitably cool picture to remind him of it!

Mesa Senior Photos Guys

By now, you might be noticing that Spencer really likes the color red. In fact, I believe it stars in almost every photo we took at once stage or another. No matter where we went or what changes we made, red snuck its way in time and time again. It’s also clear that alongside Spencer’s easy-going nature is a bold streak of fun! Seriously, check it out…red ties, red car, red jersey, red checkered shirt, and it all pulled together for a stunning gallery of senior photos for this guy!

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way!

Being from the Arizona desert, one of the biggest requests is “can you make it NOT look like the desert?” And Spencer, like many others, wanted to include water in his photos and we found this perfect serene spot where he was able to pull out his sketchbook continue drawing.

Mesa Senior Photos Art Drawing

Who Knew Ties Were THIS Fashionable?

And ever the stylish young man, Spencer made sure that a range of colorful ties made an appearance in his photos. While ties bring a sophisticated air to photos, they also add an extra pinch of personality through color, something Spencer was well aware of!

Mesa Senior Photos Violin

Amazing Mesa Senior Photos Guys

I mentioned earlier just a few of the reasons why I enjoy specializing in senior photos. Being chosen to celebrate this big milestone in a teenager’s life, it’s my dream job! Never do I feel this more strongly than when parents and teens see their senior pictures for the first time. Moms, if your eyes start to water it’s OK! It happens to nearly every mom when she first sees the premiere slideshow with her “baby’s” senior photos.

Choose Your Ties Wisely

Moving on before my own tears start, let’s talk about ties!  If you’re not sure about what colors or patterns would work for you – here’s a short guide to choosing the best colors and patterns for your tie.

  • White shirt – It’s all fair game, choose any color or pattern at all!
  • Navy shirt – light blue or burgundy
  • Blue shirt – red, black, blue, or even yellow!
  • Red shirt – black or navy
  • Light blue shirt – brown
  • Shirt with a small pattern – solid tie or a tie with a large pattern
  • Shirt with a large pattern – solid tie or a tie with a small pattern


  • Use patterns that are similar in style or size
  • Mix plaid and gingham


  • Think about texture when choosing your tie
  • Have your tie already tied prior to your session

If your looking for even more in-depth fashion advice, check out these articles:

But you don’t have to take my word for it; ties are for expression after all! So, pay no mind to the tie police, do your own thing, and feel free to be a rule-breaker!

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  1. Great Mesa Senior Photos that don’t look like the desert. A request that I, here in Central PA, would never get, but love that you made it happen for him.

    • We actually have lakes here if you know where to look. It does catch me off guard when I have a senior that has moved to AZ from somewhere else and asks for desert photos. No problem, we have plenty of desert! LOL!

  2. Love the tips for coordinating a shirt and tie! So helpful!

    • Candace, I’m so glad you found those tips helpful! It is really great info if you work with families or headshot clients too!

  3. I can really say that Red looks good on him, I absolutely love this blog post about Spencer. I totally can see how at ease he is with his violin.

  4. Wow. handsome Great Mesa Senior photos! It is super nice that you include helpful tips for a successful senior session. Great read!


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