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Triplet Bridge Senior Pictures

Mesa Professional Senior Photographer: The Thompson Triplets | Tally, Wyatt & Cole

By: Michelle
June 19, 2021

Triple Vision: Graduation Photos for Siblings in Mesa, Arizona

If I thought senior picture photography was fun before, the Thompson triplets from Gilbert, AZ, just made my job THREE times the fun!

tally cole wyatt senior pics

Wyatt, Tally & Cole: Totally triplets, with totally unique senior picture ideas

How did we pull it off and make everyone happy with their photos? Great question!

When the Thompson family contacted me about a senior picture photo shoot for triplets Wyatt, Tally, and Cole, I was ready to grab my equipment and run out the door immediately. Not only is this one of the most amazing families—with a fantastic trio of kids—I was thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot senior pictures for three siblings at once!

Getting it Right…For All of Them

Planning a photo shoot for one graduate can be tricky. Every detail has to be right. Plus, I want to make sure everything is exactly the way my clients envisioned it. From wardrobe and location planning…to hair and makeup…to specific poses and times of day, there are a million decisions to be made.

Now, multiply that by THREE and you get a whole lot of crossing your fingers, holding your breath, and possibly even looking for four-leaf clovers in your free time.

But there was no need to worry about how well these sibs would work together. They each had their own brilliantly creative ideas, AND they had their own individual styles lined out and ready to share. They were on top of it and ready to roll!

Meet Wyatt

A 2021 Gilbert Classical Academy grad, Wyatt is an energetic and driven basketball player with his eyes on the prize of one day working in college athletics. He plans on going to business school, and he would love to work with the school’s athletic department. Wyatt is proud of his accomplishments in basketball and the leadership skills he has gained from his years of hard work. He’d one day love to go to a Texas Longhorns / Oklahoma Sooners football game.

gilbert senior photos guys

Meet Tally

Make way for the artist! She graduated from Gilbert Classical Academy alongside her brothers and plans to attend NAU to major in Secondary Education or Art Education—or both. Creative with an affinity for urban style, she loves the art scene and would one day love to go to Florence, Italy, the birthplace of Renaissance art. Full of adventurous plans and innovative ideas, Tally admits she also just wants to start by spreading her wings and adulting well on her own. I have no doubt she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to! Click here to read more about Tally’s photo shoot in Downtown Phoenix!

tally senior picture collage

Meet Cole

Also a 2021 Gilbert Classical Academy student, Cole plans to have a career in healthcare and is looking forward to attending college in Arizona. He’s a laid-back, fun-loving guy, and in his spare time, you might find him playing video games or basketball. He’s up for adventure but knows one of the most poignant parts of graduating is leaving high school friendships. Cole is looking forward to getting into nursing school in the future and to traveling to Europe one day!

senior photos gilber az guys

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

So how did we make a triple photo shoot work so that everyone got the senior pictures of their dreams? It all goes back to a major belief I have about every client I work with: communication is key.

We did a lot of planning, and I really wanted to get to know each of the triplets before their sessions so I could make sure their personalities would shine in their photographs. Sure, they have a LOT in common, but these amazing kiddos are unique and individual, and they ALL have so much to share.

I knew we were going to need more than a single session to capture everything. After getting to know them and talking it over with the family, a plan formed pretty quickly. We did two complete photo shoots:

  1. Downtown Phoenix: We chose a downtown location complete with modern images, artistic locations, urban backgrounds, and everything else that simply screamed ‘Tally!’ This was our artsy day, and it was full of paintbrushes, color…and boundless energy. See more of Tally’s photo shoot here.
  2. Chandler: We chose a variety of locations in Chandler, including Downtown Chandler, that would appeal to both boys and their love of basketball—and we worked the timing so Tally could pop in for a while. This let me get shots of all the siblings together.

Believe it or not, we were able to get ALL the basketball photos the boys wanted (some of my absolute FAVES!) between just two buildings. And of course, we had to include a nod to their family tradition of grabbing a photo with Tally and Wyatt smashing Cole in between them. The family loved that image so much that they chose it as the cover for their 11 x 14 keepsake photo box, and I love it so much it gets its very own hashtag… #SibSmash!

triplet smoosh senior pictures

Mom’s Fave Photo

Of course, Mom’s favorite senior picture always makes the cut, and this one features her three kiddos re-enacting a photo from their childhood. Walking side-by-side over the arched bridge together, Mom can now look back on how far her triplets have come—and on how much they have set their sights on accomplishing!

triplet bridge 2 senior pictures

There’s no doubt in the world that Cole, Tally, and Wyatt will tackle everything they set their minds to—and then some! Congratulations to these amazing seniors. Part of what I love about my job is getting to know my clients and keeping in touch with their success as they move past high school and onto even bigger things. I can’t wait to hear what these three do next!

triplet bridge senior pictures

Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

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  1. Omg this is awesome! I can’t imagine the work that went into planning for three of them! Their sessions are great! I also love mom’s favorite photo of them!

    • Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous when Mindy first emailed me about her triplets! But they are all so fun, so different, and love each other so much…it was perfect! I still get chills thinking about them!

  2. I love these sibling senior photos! It is so neat how each one already knows exactly what they want to do and how diverse their interests are!

    • Hi Brandi! that’s always the challenge with seniors whether they’re siblings or not. I want every senior to feel special and really make sure that I capture their passion!

  3. As a Mesa professional senior photographer, you hit this one out of the park. These triplets images are wonderful. Such amazing memories

    • Hey Jodi! Thanks so much for your sweet compliments! I’ll never forget these siblings!


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