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Ideas for Teen Photo Shoot

Professional portraits of your teenager are so important and can be lots of fun! They change so much during these teen years, so don't forget these milestones and awesome teenage years! The sports, the fun personality, it is all worth cherishing! Spend some quality time with your teen and get gorgeous photos at the same time!

Professional Portrait Photographer for Teens

Let’s talk about the forgotten years. You know you have thousands of pictures of your firstborn as a young child, but what happens as they approach those awesome teenage years? Yes, I did say awesome! Perfect? No, but definitely worth remembering! Skylar’s mom wanted a special way to celebrate her daughter turning 13. She hadn’t had professional portraits taken in years and her senior pictures were still several years away.

At the time, Sky had just started 8th grade and was filled with excitement as she entered her teenage years. She was a competitive swimmer with MAC. And did I mention she was just an all-around wonderful young lady? She definitely found her inner model! Here she was showing off this darling daisy top and sunglasses! Super cute!!

Cute Photoshoot for Teenage Girl

East Mesa Locations for Professional Portraits

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that I tend to avoid popular locations. Why shoot where everyone else does when there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered? I prefer finding unique, picturesque spots that may not be on everyone’s radar. This particular shoot took place in one of the quieter neighborhoods in East Mesa. It may seem unassuming, but with the golden afternoon sunlight and the desert backdrop, it provided the perfect setting for capturing Skylar’s beauty.

Ideas for Outdoor Teen Photoshoot

This gorgeous image was even selected for publication by Modern Teen Style! Their pictorial issue features inspirational teen images from photographers across the country, so to have an published among industry leaders is quite an honor!

Style Closet Dress & Accessories

Skylar has a fantastic sense of humor and really embraced the attention during the shoot, once she got used to it! When she learned about our Style Closet, she was thrilled. She selected a lovely dress with a versatile belt, which she promptly styled as a scarf when she first tried it on. It was a moment her mom won’t forget. The experience of the shoot is just as important as the photos themselves – it’s about enjoying this stage of life and reminding teenagers how loved they are, amidst the chaos of school, sports, friends, and teenage drama.

Fun Teen Photoshoot with Arizona Photographer

And of course, no shoot with my teen and senior girls is complete without hats! Skylar looks stunning in this light blue sun hat, especially with her beautiful long curls.

Ideas for Fun Teen Photo Shoot

As moms, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of our teenagers’ busy lives – the school schedules, the sports practices, the social events – and forget to pause and capture the magic of this fleeting moment. But amidst the chaos, let’s remember the importance of celebrating our teens and tweens for who they are right now. Booking a photoshoot for your child at this age isn’t just about capturing their physical appearance; it’s about freezing a moment in time, immortalizing their unique personality, and reminding them of their worth and beauty. So let’s seize the opportunity to create lasting memories and show our teenagers just how loved and cherished they truly are.

Photographer for Teen Photo Shoot

The fall calendar is open so now is the time to book a special photoshoot for your teen or tween! I’d love to meet you and learn about all the fun ideas you have! Make sure you get your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn what happens next!

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