We’ll be closed from November 20th – November 26th. Happy Thanksgiving!


Woohoo, you’ve been selected to host an Instagram takeover! I’ve heard from many of my teens that they LOVE takeovers so let’s get started!

I’d like you to host for the selected day, share pictures and videos throughout the day, and of course share and talk about your senior portrait session. Feel free to talk about what you loved, where we went, favorite outfits, etc. But I also want you to connect with your friends and other teens on my account, so please have some interaction throughout the day, and just have some fun!


 A few days before, be sure to share and let people know you’ll be participating in this takeover!

Then, on your day:

  1. Start with a video intro including your name, school, and class
  2. Post the Q&A, This or That, or Faves
  3. Share a few pictures from your session
  4. Take pictures and videos to post throughout the day
  5. Talk about your future plans, college, etc.
  6. Encourage audience to ask questions
  7. Talk about favorite outfits/style
  8. Share your products (video)
  9. Say goodbye, thank everyone for sharing in your day, etc.  

Thank you so much for your help! You know where to reach me if you need me!