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Dashing, Dare-to-Be-Me Senior Photos | Ideas for Guys

If your son isn't excited about getting senior pictures taken, let's change that! Senior photos for guys should be fun and I have tons of ideas for guys senior pictures! The wakeboarding portion is what I lovingly refer to as the “water adventure” segment of the shoot, and it involved a whole lot of Colin looking really, really cool while his photographer (me!) tried not to fall into the water!

Add Adventure & Accomplishments to Your Graduation Photos

There’ve been a few clients over the years who I’ve had to convince about the cool factor of the whole senior picture photo shoot situation. Colin is one of them. An awesome grad with so much going for him, it’s no wonder his mom clamored for an amazing set of graduation photos to show off his accomplishments. We just had to convince Colin there was value in the whole process…and in what he’d be able to give to friends and family to celebrate all his hard work.

East Mesa Outdoor Senior Portrait Photographer

Tough Cookie

Colin didn’t exactly arrive at my office kicking and screaming, but he did admit he was going through the entire senior portrait process for his mom. (What a sweet guy, am I right?!)

To get the best, most amazing senior pictures ever, however, I wanted to convince Colin it was something he wanted to do, too!

It took about 7 minutes. And if I can humble-brag for just a second, that’s kind of a record! This 2021 grad was on board with a professional photo shoot as soon as we started talking about the flexibility, creativity, and possibilities that would go into his images…all of which included HIS valuable input.

Restauranteur & Dapper Drink Mixer

If you’ve ever been to Fat Willy’s, you know it’s just about the coolest family sports bar and grill in town. Even cooler? It’s owned by Colin’s family, so of course some Risky Business-style pics were in order, complete with a dapper vest and tie and drink shaker in hand. (Disclaimer: To achieve this level of trendsetting genius, you must be at least 18 years old. I’ve grown accustomed to the comforts of home, and the authorities don’t take kindly to minors behind the bar!)

Check out the relaxed pose and smile Colin has going on! He’s right at home, and his classy vest, shirt, and tie combo fit in perfectly with the upscale stonework in the background. An added bonus? His smile and dimples add lighthearted charm to his sharp look.

East Mesa Senior Photographer Guys Suit
Fun East Mesa Senior Photography Guys

Shaken, Not Stirred

Ok, not even shaken! This guy was such a natural throughout his photo shoot that you’d never guess he was hesitant to even shoot graduation pictures. We added an image of his graduation cap, tassel, and gown to officially commemorate the moment.

East Mesa Graduation Photographer Guys

Getting Shadow & Light Just Right

Many of my clients gravitate toward outdoor photos since we’re in a place where the sun shines just about every day of the year! But don’t forget about the artistic and fun opportunities that exist for your senior pictures at indoor locations around the East Valley. Especially if you own—or know someone who owns—a unique, artistic, or simply amazing picture spot!

Not only did Colin’s photos give him the chance to celebrate the family biz along with his accomplishment, choosing indoor images allowed me to pull in some super creative lighting elements. I love the way Colin stands out in these pictures! With his light eyes, reddish hair, and choice of light-colored shirt, I had the chance to really pull him forward and let the background fade.

East Mesa Senior Photographer Guys

Moments That Matter (And Why I Do This Job)

Every now and then, you’ll see a senior picture where the grad is holding a photo of a grandparent or parent—sort of a fun and creative throwback photo. The image below is similar, except when I finished shooting it, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room…including mine! (Talk about a challenge. How’s a photographer supposed to focus when she’s sobbing?)

There are so many reasons to love this photo, but the most touching one—and the one that made this moment so meaningful—is the fact that Colin’s dad, pictured in the framed photo he’s holding, passed away just over two years ago. I wanted to capture the proud moment when a son looked down at his dad, both of them dressed in their graduation caps and gowns, and shared a common memory and accomplishment.

East Mesa Senior Pictures Photographer

Talk about a “mini-me” moment! Colin and his dad look exactly alike, and if the photo shoot was emotional, I can’t even begin to explain the happy and poignant emotions when they arrived for the Image Premiere and they got to see this image for the very first time.

Daredevil Moves & A Devilish Grin

After drying our tears, we moved on…to another day and a different portion of Colin’s senior pictures! It was time for fun in the sun, and Canyon Lake was on the agenda.

Don’t try to guess how many graduation caps we went through during these photos. The wakeboarding portion is what I lovingly refer to as the “water adventure” segment of the shoot, and it involved a whole lot of Colin looking really, really cool on a wakeboard and his crazy photographer trying not to fall in the water as I balanced myself and all my equipment while trying to capture stuntman-worthy moves!

East Mesa Senior Graduation Pictures Canyon Lake Boat

As a senior, if you’re gonna send the “OUTTA HERE” message, there aren’t a whole lot of ways that are cooler than this!

East Mesa Senior Pictures Canyon Lake Wakeboard

Colin is a 2021 graduate of Desert Ridge High School, and he’s looking forward to a future full of possibilities! He’d love to become a voice actor, and he’s planning to work in a trade like construction or welding to save money and build his skillset.

A self-confessed nerd, Colin loves bands like Dropkick Murphy and Five Finger Death Punch. He’s a gamer and he likes to watch Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and Supernatural. He’s got big dreams on his bucket list, so keep an eye out, because in the future he’d like to try skydiving, backpacking through Europe, and visiting Tokyo.

Asked for advice for incoming high school freshmen, he simply wishes everyone good luck. But on the down-low he says to watch out for the lunch lady and avoid making eye contact. According to Colin, she’s not one to be messed with!

East Mesa Senior Picture Photographer Desert Ridge

What an amazing young man and family! Clients like this make my job so rewarding, and I cannot wait to see how he crushes his goals!