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Ideas for Twins Senior Pictures | Professional Senior Portraits for Siblings in Mesa, AZ

Everyone who knows me knows I love a challenge, so when Kate and Ben stepped into my office, I was ready! Ideas started flowing, and when I got to know this pair of siblings, I couldn’t wait to get started planning an amazing photo shoot they would both love. Together with mom, we talked through all their likes, preferences, and especially all the talents and skills they’d want to make sure we highlighted in their graduation photos. And let me tell you, this is one seriously talented and accomplished duo!

Brother & Sister Photos | Planning a Photo Shoot for Everyone

Seriously Laid Back

One of the best parts of my job (there are so many BEST PARTS!) is getting to see the many sides of every graduate I work with, and Ben is no exception. He’s serious about his studies and his future, and he’s invested in building his skills (just wait ‘til you see his welding projects!), but when he wants to kick back and relax, he’s pretty serious about that, too.

Long Hair Guys Senior Pictures Mesa AZ

Ben’s easy-going, free-flowing printed shirt and reflective shades were the perfect way to show off his casual style. It was super-fun to work with the reflection in his lenses and capture his carefree grin as we kicked off the day. And talk about hair envy! Those locks soaked up every bit of the sunshine, and with a laidback lean, he pulled off a dashing in-the-moment look.

Hello, Future!

Graduates of Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona, both Kate and Ben plan on attending Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. But that’s where the similarities in their educational paths stop!

Kate plans to lean on her love of engineering and success in the Academic Decathlon to drive her in double majors of astronomy and engineering physics as she transitions to college. Her dream job is to work as a NASA physicist, so keep your eyes open for even more amazing girl power coming from NASA soon!

Short Hair Girls Senior Pictures Mesa AZ

Ben’s sharp mind and intuitive nature are guiding him toward a career as a psychiatrist, and he’s already planning to earn his doctorate degree to further his future career. Known for being supportive and fun to be around, he is also artistic, a talented welder, and a history buff.

Welding Graduation Pictures Mesa AZ

Talk about mega-talented and driven graduates…it must run in the family!

Brother Sister Twins Senior Pictures Mesa AZ

Sundown in the Desert

Photographers spend a LOT of time honing their talent and working to learn all the tricks of the trade so we can make sure our clients get the very best images possible. But sometimes, there’s a little (or a LOT) of luck involved!

How often do you get to see a sunset this gorgeous? And how often do you actually have your camera ready WITH the perfect clients in the perfect spot to capture it? These ideal moments don’t happen all that frequently, so when they do, I am one seriously thrilled photographer!

Mesa Senior Photography Red Mountain DND

There’s so much to say about these photos of Kate! First, just when I thought I’d already seen her looking runway ready, she switched things up and pulled off this beautiful blue dress flawlessly. Not only does it pop against the natural colors of the sky, but she brought along a couple favorite accessories that paired wonderfully with this outfit.

The blue beret could not be any cuter! It adds serious panache and a sense of spunky style to her look. She topped things off with a perfectly color-coordinated gaming die that pulls in a key aspect of her personality, too. An active Dungeons and Dragons club member, this feisty shot is a fun reminder of one of the activities she loves.

Ben pulled off an equally stylish sundown look with a dapper hat, dressy tie, and a confident smile that shows off his engaging and witty personality.

Guys Senior Pictures Hat Sunset Mesa AZ

With the desert landscape in shadow behind them and the sky showing off brilliant colors, this sibling duo posed arm-in-arm and back-to-back in coordinated outfits. Both of them dressed to the nines, and they looked ready to paint the town or strike up a dance of celebration!

Brother Sister Twins Senior Pictures Sunset Mesa AZ

Artistic + Smart = Smartsy

I couldn’t resist capturing this photo of Kate as she sat down with her sketch pad and made what seems impossible to many of us look easy. It’s one of her many gifts, and she looks relaxed and gorgeous as she shades and blends the lines of her work.

She’s clearly got an eye for style as well! As soon as I saw how crisp and pulled together this look was on her and how it blended with the auburn shades of her hair, I knew we’d have a winning set of photos on our hands. With these images set in a shadowed background, Kate stands apart, and her choice of earth-tone boots, minimal accessories, and light makeup pull the entire look together.

Pro Tip: When you understand lighting, you can create a black background like this, indoors or outdoors, almost any time of day!

Artist Sketch Drawing Senior Pictures Mesa AZ

Talent Overload

You might want to check your kitchen drawers to see if your silverware is all accounted for, because if you look closely, you’ll notice Ben’s welding projects from Red Mountain are designed entirely from cutlery! He’s brilliant, witty, stylish, and creative…and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

A welder at Red Mountain, Ben can wield a torch and turn hunks of metal into some of the coolest pieces of art around. From soldiers to jousters to a giant eagle made of butter knives, his creativity and talent are boundless!

Mesa Senior Photography Welding

Of course, we had to include some great images of him in his welding helmet, jacket, and tee for his senior picture memories. When I saw his gear wasn’t just any plain gear—but instead covered in red flames—it added a coolness factor that demanded to be in pictures!

Welding Senior Pictures Mesa AZ

Green with Envy

Is there a color this girl doesn’t look gorgeous in? The simple answer is NOPE! She can pull off prints, vibrant blue, and everything in between. But this green sweater and coordinating hat have a way of making Kate glow in such a stunning way under the nighttime lights that it simply had to be part of her senior portrait collection.

Red Mountain Senior Picture Ideas Night

She’s trendy and chic and looks like she’s ready to take on the world in this model-worthy ensemble!

Dancin’ in the Streets

When the sun finally dropped and darkness fell, it was time to glam things up under the nighttime lights. It was the perfect time for a brother and sister dance right in the middle of the street! Was it late? Yes. Were we exhausted? For sure. Was it worth it? Absolutely!!!

Twins Senior Pictures Mesa AZ

And what better way to celebrate years of studying, hard work, and accomplishments than a twirl under the city lights?

These two are onto amazing things with big goals in front of them. Oh yeah, another great part of my job? Getting to stay in touch and hear about all the awesome things they accomplish along the way!

Get out there and take on the world, Kate and Ben!

  • What a great twin sibling photo session! You gave them so much variety and really captured their individuality! Really great Mesa Arizona Senior Portraits!

  • These senior pictures for siblings are wonderful. Looks like they had an amazing time and the night time images are just stunning!

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment Jodi! Those sunset images, we got so lucky with that amazing sunset at just the right time!

  • What driven twins! Sounds like they are going to change the world! I love how you highlighted both of them during their sibling senior session!

    • Hi Brandi, thanks for taking the time to comment! Isn’t it fun to watch these kids grow into such amazing young adults? I can’t wait to see what these two are doing in a few years!