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Senior Pictures That WOW in a Fraction of the Time | Professional Senior Picture Package Session with Violin

One of the really cool things about your senior pictures is that they are TOTALLY yours, so be sure to wear outfits that make you feel confident and bring back the best memories, because that’s exactly how we’ll end up capturing your most authentic and relaxed expressions.

Stunning Graduation Photo Ideas: Pose with Your Musical Instrument

Think graduation photos have to take all day—and all night? Think again!

You don’t have to be a photo shoot marathoner to walk away with dazzling senior pictures that show off several different looks and styles. In fact, all of Lili’s amazing shots took place in just about an hour.

cap and gown graduation photography mesa az

No matter which portrait package you choose with Magical Memories by Michelle, you can be assured you’ll get the exact same high-quality attention to detail during your shoot and throughout the photo selection and production process. The only difference? The number of outfits you want to change into, the number of places you want to pose in, and whether or not you want to include nighttime images.

For Lili and her family, it was important to get just a few outfit changes and work those into several different and creative looks. So that’s exactly what we did!

We definitely wanted to include some classic cap and gown poses, but true to my style, we added some fun and creativity in the mix, as you can see in the above collage. As Lili flashes the peace sign, you can sense her fun-loving and laidback style, and in the bottom photo, I love how she’s tossing her graduation gown over her shoulder, showing off a gorgeous scarlet red dress that perfectly complements the school colors in her tassel.

Banish the Jitters

Can you believe the gorgeous girl in these portraits was ZERO percent excited about her senior pictures before her photo shoot? Not even kidding. It wasn’t because she didn’t want fabulous photos; instead, it was all because of NERVES!

Ever since her older sister, Savannah, posed for her senior photos TWO YEARS AGO, Lili has been a nervous wreck about doing the same thing. It was time to shove all her worries to the curb, because the plan was to have fun, laugh a little, and get some great photos.

The good news is that once she figured out I wasn’t going to throw her on a runway in front of the entire world and force her to strike impossible and uncomfortable poses for hours, Lili ended up having a great time. She looks relaxed and lovely in every one of her photos, and there not a single nerve to be seen!

Making a Statement in Red

Lilli looks stunning in this red dress, and the flower bouquet adds a perfect feminine touch to amp up the eye-catching appeal of this image. With a flirty twirl, she flashes a smile over her shoulder and shows of beautiful pearly whites and makeup that’s been expertly applied. See what she did there? Her lipstick matches the flowers and the dress to magically pull everything together!

formal graduation portraits east mesa az

One of the really cool things about your senior pictures is that they are TOTALLY yours, so be sure to wear outfits that make you feel confident and bring back the best memories, because that’s exactly how we’ll end up capturing your most authentic and relaxed expressions.

This red dress was a great choice for so many reasons! Aside from being an iconic fashion statement, it stands out from all the backgrounds we’d chosen to use, it makes Lili’s perfect skin absolutely glow, and it’s excellent for layering and mixing and matching different looks faster than you can snap your fingers!

One-of-a-Kind Pics for One-of-a-Kind YOU

Lili is a talented musician, and playing the violin has played an important role throughout her high school years—so of course we found a way to beautifully incorporate her music into her senior portraits.

mesa senior pictures violin

What better way to highlight the lovely notes of a violin and the beauty and talent behind the instrument than to move to a waterside scene? Lili looks happy and serene posing beside the water with the green trees and desert growth in the background. And she looks perfectly natural and at home as she’s pulling the bow across the strings.

This is also a great way to show of her picture-perfect manicure and subtle accessories! Remember, if you already have a stunner of a dress and an eye-catching prop you really want to draw attention to, you don’t want to overload on accessories. Lili did a wonderful job of finding a striking balance for these photos.

Creative Peek-a-Poo

This close-up of Lili’s face as she peeks from behind her violin is an instant fave. Talk about mixing artistic ideas with classic beauty. I intentionally faded the background, so all the focus is on Lili and her violin because the effect is simply striking. The curves of the violin perfectly hug the shape of Lili’s face, turning this into a piece of art she and her family will love for a lifetime!

And a huge congrats to Lili…this image was published by Senior Year Magazine!

Senior Pictures Ideas Violin Mesa AZ

Adding an Edge

A quick outfit change got us a slightly edgier look in black and white color block pants with a black tank and biker booties. In the first image, Lili gazes into the distance as she leans casually on a metal railing. The soft gleam of the sun in the background adds a warm glow that softens her look, adding a dreamy, wistful gaze.

cute outfits senior pictures mesa az

Slightly more playful and carefree, the image on the right shows Lili relaxing on a lush, green background and showing off a beautiful smile for the camera.

I can’t go on enough about how this girl chose such perfect outfits for her senior pictures! The bold, solid colors work so well with just about any background that it allowed us to get creative at the drop of a hat, and we ended up with portraits the whole family loves!

Bringing the Sunshine

One more outfit change brought out this sunflower-bright yellow mock turtleneck paired with a black mini and strappy heels. It was perfect for a field of flowery blooms that was just steps away from where we were shooting!

Once again, Lili nailed her look with bold color choices, minimal accessories, and the perfect hair and makeup combo. She looks ready to take on the world…which is exactly what she’s about to do!

Lili is a graduate of Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona, and is currently studying at Arizona State University. With wide-open goals and plenty of talent to spare, she’s sure to choose a career that will impress us all. For now, her bucket list is full of things like expanding her art expertise by learning how to draw environmental backgrounds, going to a Hozier concert, and earning a degree.

outdoor senior pictures east mesa

You’re gonna do all of that and more, Lili…can’t wait to see how you shine! And if you love Lili’s senior pictures, don’t miss her sister’s graduation photos! It proves that siblings can have unique senior portraits even in the same location.

Finding a Photographer for Senior Pictures

It’s not always an easy task! But if you’re overwhelmed and need someone to help you through the entire process, that’s where I come in. I’ll help with everything from locations & outfits to grad cards & gifts! Sound good? The first step is to grab your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience!

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