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Your smile, your personality, your style…that’s what your senior experience will show! Find looks and locations that remind you of your best high school memories! If you need ideas for senior pictures, this is the place!

I’ve collected some of my favorite sessions and created eight galleries with seniors just like you showing off their talents, cars, hobbies, sports, smiles, smolders, and dance moves in some of the most incredible East Valley locations. 

I can help with ...

gorgeous outfits for senior pictures

Pick through these galleries to find inspiration for cute outfits, beautiful formals, suits & ties, accessories, and so much more! I even created a list of what to buy and best places to shop for your photo shoot! You’ll be sure to be the best-dressed and least-stressed senior!

Great locations for your photo shoot

Check out all the best photo shoot locations in Phoenix, Mesa, and the East Valley! Look for places with great lighting and few distractions.  Consider outdoor plazas, beautiful green areas, and lakes, but don’t overlook parking garages, side the of the road, or indoor locations. 

how to pose so you don't look awkard

These seniors aren’t models, but with just a few tips, you can defintiely look like one! These senior pictures will give you some fun posing ideaswhat poses look besthow to move, how to stand, and what to do with your hands so you don’t look stiff.

Best Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer

So glad we found Michelle!

My mom and I were so happy to find Michelle after months of looking for someone to take my senior portraits!!
We had an enjoyable and relaxing experience from beginning to end, but only because of Michelle’s understanding of her clients, and the art of portrait photography.

Throughout our entire experience, Michelle was accommodating to our wants regarding locations, outfits, and other portrait essentials, while also providing her own advice from years of experience in the field. Michelle was excited to play around with different ideas while taking my portraits, and was so happy to try out some new locations, like ASU Gammage Auditorium!
We are immeasurably happy with how my portraits turned out, and are so glad that we found Michelle! If you want someone who understands your teenager AND takes indescribably beautiful portraits of them, you want Michelle!
Prescott, Class of 2022
Arizona School for the Arts