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Ideas for Outdoor Senior Pictures | Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona

Arizona has some beautiful locations for senior pictures in the East Valley. Recently, I talked to Marissa, who graduated from Red Mountain High School in 2020. It's always great hearing from my grads! Marissa is just oozing with personality, so her family chose the ultimate senior portrait session which includes both day time and night time pictures. Such an epic session I thought it was time for an update!

Ideas for Outdoor Senior Pictures

If you haven’t noticed, Arizona has some beautiful locations for senior pictures in the East Valley. One of my Class of 2020 graduates is Marissa from from Red Mountain High School. She competed in both high school and club dive, and I just got an update from her about life since graduation. She is currently studying nursing at at Colorado Mesa University!

I just finished my first semester of nursing school and I’m loving it! I’m about to start my second semester of nursing school and my sixth semester of college at CMU. I’m loving my life and can’t wait to be a nurse!

You’ll be able to tell from her pictures, but Marissa is just oozing with personality…giggles, serious, smiles, dancing, goofy, she does it all and is absolutely beautiful!

Wearing Hats for Senior Portraits

I’m a hat lover, not necessarily for myself every day, but for senior portraits? Definitely! But you’d be surprised how many girls are so against wearing hats for their session, and Marissa was no different. I’m really not sure why because not only does it give you additional looks, it’s a fun way to bring extra fashion and variety to your senior pictures! Sometimes you wear the hat, sometimes you carry it, and sometimes it just sits next you. Despite saying that she did not like hats, Marissa ended up loving many of her final images with hats. Can you blame her? Both the cute off-the-shoulder outfit and hat are from the exclusive Style Closet, which is available for all my clients.

Red Mountain Senior Pictures Mesa Arizona

Confetti and Glitter

My senior girls LOVE pulling out the glitter for senior pictures! But glitter is messy, so confetti is a much better option. We always place plastic on the ground to make cleanup easier too. Can we talk about this great senior picture location though? It is actually just off the side of the road, but it really makes for a beautiful desert background.

Pro Tip: Lay plastic on the ground when using confetti to make clean up easier. And please, NEVER just leave confetti on the ground!!

Outdoor Senior Pictures Confetti

Bring the Balloons

Balloons are definitely trending with graduates, whether it’s your age or your graduating class! Many of them are turning 18 and choose to bring mylar balloons while others choose to bring balloons that match their graduating class year. Keeping the balloons straight can be a challenge though, so we made sure to tape them together.

Pro Tip: Use shipping tape in a loop to keep the balloons from spinning. Consider holding the balloons, like Marissa did, for another look too!

Senior Pictures Balloons Mesa AZ

Senior Pictures at Night

One of the newest additions to our sessions is the ability to shoot after dark. Our senior portrait sessions used to finish around sunset, but now if you choose an After Dark session we’ll continue shooting and get some gorgeous night time shots to add to your gallery! Below you’ll see two of my favorite hats, both available to borrow from my Style Closet. Sometimes she’s wearing it, other times sometimes she’s carrying it, and both work beautifully.

Mesa Az Senior Pictures Photographer
Mesa Senior Pictures Night

Ideas for Unique Senior Pictures

  • Bring hats or borrow some from the Style Closet
  • Senior pictures at night give you a whole new look
  • Use balloons to celebrate a birthday or graduation