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Aviation Inspired Ideas for Guys Senior Portraits

Corbin is a high school grad from Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona. He graduated in the spring and will be finishing up his first semester at Arizona State University in December! He's following his dreams of becoming a software engineer – he’s a tech-head, which means that he dabbles in programming as a hobby alongside his studies. With all his passions and skills, I have no doubt Corbin is going places!

Capturing Senior Pictures Every Guy Will Love (Mom Too!)

The trick to creating a senior portrait session for guys, is to include things they love. Their clothes, their car, their shoes, and their hobbies. The goal is to let them be comfortable, act like themselves, and leave the rest to me! For Corbin, that meant including band tees and Mustang…and even an airplane! You won’t want to miss this one!

Corbin has great taste, favoring more understated hues like beige and darker blues. He’s got some serious style too. He really wanted to take a few pictures rocking his favorite band tees, capturing a casual look in addition to his slick formal ensemble. I had a great time following his lead when it came to the different themes and capturing the beautiful moments he was so passionate about! Because of Corbin’s interest in photography, he has a keen eye for detail and was open to trying some different poses too.

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A Mother-Son Bond Captured in Senior Graduation Portraits

You know, nearly every mom fusses when I ask her to jump in for a few pictures. And yet every mom LOVES the results! So stop questioning me and just roll with it, ok Mom? In the tradition of capturing milestone moments, not only did we get some great photos of Corbin and his mom, but genuine genuine smiles and proud expressions tell a story of dedication, support, and the unbreakable bond between them.

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These photos radiate a special warmth and encouragement that shaped Corbin into the young man he is today. There is so much more than just graduation pictures; after all, mom has been by his side cheering him on at every academic step since kindergarten. and you can bet these photos will be cherished for a lifetime.

From Sports Cars to Jet-Set: Corbin’s Airport Photo Session Has it All!

Outdoor Senior Pictures for Guys

Get this – Corbin’s family actually owns Falcon Aviation in Mesa! I was thrilled when we got special permission to head over to Falcon Field for some shots. With Corbin’s attention to detail and love of experimentation, we went all out for this shoot, and made the absolute most of it! We used one of the airplane hangars to get some really unique and awesome images. It’s always so brilliant when there’s something new and exciting to shoot with, and this session proved that!

Outdoor Senior Pictures for Guys

This session lasted for about three hours, which gave us plenty of time to capture the perfect shots! The photo shoot really pushed me outside my comfort zone, and with a bit of patience from Corbin, the results are nothing short of spectacular!

Outdoor Senior Pictures for Guys

This is a photographer’s dream!!! A huge hangar with a Cessna and a Mustang Roush? Are you kidding?! I was in heaven! By using creative angles and lighting we created some stunning images.
His photos have even been featured in some really cool publications like Senior Year Magazine’s Guys Edition and Best of 2022 Edition, and the Winter Issue of Senior Poise. WOW!

With Corbin’s remarkable taste, endless enthusiasm, and the fantastic opportunity to experiment with different props, we were able to get the BEST shots of him. Guys, if you’re worried about posing, just kick back and chill. No, literally. The only guidance I gave Corbin was to lean against the car, fold his arms, and cross his legs. I promise, I’ll make sure you look amazing!

Outdoor Senior Pictures for Guys

With all this variety, Corbin’s family had a hard time choosing which images to print. That’s where this client favorite, the Heirloom Album, is the perfect choice!

They are handcrafted lay-flat albums with thick, crystal silk pages. A standard album is 20 pages, but can be expanded to hold even more of your favorite images. Imagine flipping through this amazing album filled with your favorite photos—each page is a unique design to showcase the very best from your photo shoot.

Another client favorite is the Senior Video. When you return for your image premiere and ordering session, this is the first thing you’ll see! Every image is edited and lightly retouched to show you at your very best. Take a peek at Corbin’s senior video to see all the incredible photos we created together.

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  • One thing I love about senior sessions is the way they are unique to each senior, and Corbin’s senior photos capture his exciting personality! I love the passion he has for his interests and the way you stepped in to photograph his style with creativity!

  • The airplane photos and car photos are of course amazing! I know this senior guy loved showing those off! But, my favorite pictures are the ones of Corbin and his mom. It’s probably the boy mom in me, but those just pull at the heart strings.
    Isn’t it amazing the work we can create when we are pushed outside our comfort zone?!? Awesome senior guy session!

    • I totally agree!!! The best part of this whole experience was getting a text from Corbin months later, telling me to sign him up for college grad pictures because he wants to do it again! And definitely pictures with Mom, 100% every time!

  • I especially love the photos in the airplane hangar! Great Senior guy photos!