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How to Display Senior Portraits | Bespoke Heirloom Albums

In an era dominated by digital photos taken on your iPhone, there's something truly magical about holding a physical photograph in your hands, and as a professional photographer, I want every client to have more than digital images. A client fave is the 10x10 Heirloom Album. It is every mom's dream to have an entire book filled with gorgeous images of her senior!

Mom’s Favorite Product

Heirloom albums are more than just collections of photographs; they offer a heartwarming way to hold your teen close, even after they leave the nest. The lay-flat design allows seamless two-page spreads that create a visually stunning panorama, telling your story in a way that no digital screen can match. It’s the best way to transform individual images into a cohesive, flowing story of your teen’s last year of high school.

Graduation Photo Album Mesa AZ

The Silk Touch

Silk pages are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Their smooth texture and delicate sheen add a tactile dimension to your memories. Each page becomes an art piece, highlighting the fine details and vibrant colors of your senior pictures. Quality is of utmost importance. With the fingerprint-resistant surface, you can enjoy your photos without the extra worry.

Timeless Beauty

Heirloom albums are built to last, ensuring that your cherished memories will be preserved for generations to come. The quality of materials used in these albums reflects not only the longevity of your memories but also the timeless elegance they deserve. Silk pages resist discoloration and damage, ensuring that your photos remain as vibrant and protected as the day they were created.

Personalization and Customization:

These albums offer endless opportunities for personalization. The stunning glossy cover looks almost like glass, and brings your senior photos to life more than you can imagine. Together, we’ll choose your favorite senior images and I’ll do all the design work to create a work of art that tells your story authentically.

You can choose a cover with just your favorite photo, or we can customize it and add your name, graduation year, or any other text you’d like.

Design & Print Senior Pictures

If you’ve had portraits taken by another photographer, or even have a collection of your own photos, you can order these beautiful heirloom albums from Magical Memories by Michelle! I’ll create and design your album, and within 2-3 weeks your heartfelt memories will become a treasured piece of artwork for your home. If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of digging through images, let’s do it together! Let’s chat and see how I can help you create photo keepsakes everyone will love!

Arizona Portrait Photographer

Ready to have an incredible senior portrait experience? Not just the photos, but the entire experience will be the highlight of your senior year! Magical Memories by Michelle is a full service senior portrait studio here to capture your personality, so you can relive this epic chapter anytime you want. Step one? Grab this FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about the process, pricing, and heirloom artwork.

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