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Handsomely Appointed: Graduation Photo Ideas for Guys in Mesa, AZ

By: Michelle
November 20, 2021

Dashing Senior Pictures | Effortlessly Casual Poses for Senior Guys

It seems like girls have a gazillion poses and outfit ideas about a year in advance of their senior pictures, but it’s not always the same for guys. For the guys, it usually goes one of two ways. Either they are totally ok with the idea of professional photos and go all-out posing and putting their personality into it—or they suddenly forget what to do with their hands and feet and end up looking like they’re trying to walk in their very first pair of shoes.

It’s not their fault…guys just generally haven’t been exposed to the level of photos and selfies and camera readiness as girls.

Hello, Camera!

When I met Noah, I was pleasantly surprised by his outgoing nature and willingness to jump in and work with me and the camera! Whether he was smiling or going for a super-serious look, this guy was photogenic from beginning to end…and there wasn’t a shot he couldn’t pull off.

Chandler High School Graduation Photography Guys

He was in for the long haul, too. With a 3+-hour photo shoot and multiple locations, there was a day full of smiles, posing, dapper looks, goofy grins, and everything in between waiting for him…and he took it all in stride!

Sunshine & Suits

This guy looks perfectly at home in a suit and tie, which is a good thing since he’s set his sights on a career as a lawyer. Even under the Arizona sun, he keeps his cool while strolling over this bridge and gazing off toward whatever the future has in store for him! I love the slightly more casual look when he’s sitting backwards in a chair without his jacket. Because after a long, hard day, what legal eagle doesn’t ditch his jacket and tie and roll his shirtsleeves up to relax?

Chandler Senior Photography Guys Suit

Remember This Moment

Noah is a 2021 graduate from Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona, and in addition to his educational accomplishments, he was a member of the State Swim & Dive Team! Of course, showing off his school letter was a mandatory shot for senior pictures. It’s not easy to earn a letter, and that feeling of accomplishment is something he’ll likely never forget. We paired his team jacket with the letter as a prop, and because Noah is so photogenic—both while showing off a smile AND a serious face—I had to capture both for his portrait collection.

Chandler Senior Photography Swimmer Varsity Letter

Let’s Talk About the Hair

Guys may think they don’t need to worry about it as much, but take a look at Noah’s fantastic haircut and groomed eyebrows! Sure, they don’t take as long to get ready as the ladies…and they don’t have all the hair to curl and spray and style, BUT it’s important to get your look right for senior pictures. Noah nailed it with his casual and modern style that works perfectly with both dressy and dressed-down outfits!

Sun Devils, Here He Comes!

A future Sun Devil, Noah showed off his relaxed style with an Arizona State tee. Paired with black jeans, red Vans, and shades, he looks ready to roll onto campus with confidence.

Chandler Senior Photography Guys

Keeping it Cool

In this outfit swap, Noah went for a black tee, black shades, and black denim—and if it weren’t for his charming smile, we might have thought he was an international spy or art smuggler! On trend and ready for everything, this outfit choice shows off Noah’s bold side and seems perfectly suited for his bucket-list item of traveling the world and seeing historical sites along the way. Switzerland is a big one on his list, too, but I’m pretty sure this style is global…so go ahead and book your tickets, Noah!

Ideas Poses Chandler Senior Photography Guys

Accomplishments & Advice

I should shout this from the rooftop, but I’ll just yell it right here:


That’s pretty amazing, and it means he’s pretty darn smart.

Asked if he has any advice for incoming freshman, he says to do every single assignment and don’t fall behind.

Final Thoughts: Graduation Photos for Guys

There are a few things you can do if you are working with clients who are nervous about their senior photos! Likely, they’re nervous because they don’t know what to do and they feel overwhelmed. If you go in prepared and have tons of great ideas and things for your client to focus on, shots will turn out better. Here are some ideas. Give him:

  1. Something to Lean On: Most of the time, when clients are nervous about posing in front of the camera, they don’t know what to do with their limbs. Give them a wall or a car or a door to lean on, and you’ll solve a huge part of the problem.
  2. Somewhere to Sit: Same thing here. If your client is standing around and fidgeting, consider finding them someplace to sit until they feel less nervous in front of the camera. Sitting feels natural and automatically feels like they have something to do.
  3. Somebody to Smile At: Don’t just ask clients to smile into thin air. Ask them to imagine smiling at someone—or better yet, have your assistant smile or pretend to tell them a joke. It works!
  4. Someplace to Hang Out: How about a restaurant or a park bench or even the school bleachers? If clients feel comfortable in the space you give them, they’ll relax and give you more natural expressions.
  5. Something to Hold: Fidgety hands are the worst! If you’re working with a guy who plays basketball, have him hold the ball. Same goes for artists, musicians, and gamers. When you give clients something to do with their hands, the need to fidget dissipates.

Chandler Senior Photography Guys Night

Way to Go, Noah!

It was so much fun to work with Noah! He was charming, outgoing, and funny—and so willing to work with me to get perfect photos that his family and friends would love. With his smarts and dynamic personality, I know he’ll go far. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you, Noah!

Formal Chandler Senior Photography Guys

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  1. Oh Michelle, you click with senior students so easily and successfully. Whether gals or guys you manage to gain their trust and attention. truly genuine expressions in this senior photo session!

    • Thanks so much for your positive comments! They mean the a lot to small businesses like mine!

  2. What a handsome Senior guy and great ideas for Senior guy photos!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Brandi! I really appreciate it!


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