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When planning graduation portraits, I encourage every client to focus on the big and little details that make them unique...and that make high school memorable for them. When it's time for the day of their photo session, all those details come together to create a portrait package that's artistic and one-of-a-kind!

Pretty As a Picture & Precision Trained: This Beauty Can Beast

Your graduation portraits should be a collection of images that show off all the things you love, the things you’re best at, and the things that made your high school years memorable and exciting. When you see the images from Isobel’s professional photo session, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree this is one seriously talented, gorgeous (inside and out!), and all-round fantastic young lady!

Beautiful High School Senior Portrait Dress

We started her session with some great sunlight, and with a local park just around the corner, we opted for some lovely shots by the water in a flowy sheer dress with a light floral pattern and a fitted bodice. The look was perfect for posing in a natural setting like this because it allowed Isobel’s feminine beauty to mingle seamlessly with the natural beauty all around her to create works of photo art she can share with friends and family.

A Ray of Sunshine, A Breath of Fresh Air

I love the way Isobel’s long, wavy hair captures the glint of the sun in these waterside photos, and a slight twirl catches a bit of outdoor breeze to show off the weightlessness of her gauzy dress. This collage also shows off her stunning hairstyle from several different angles. With all of her attention to detail, she looks just like a magical fairy soaking up the beauty around her!

Best Dresses Senior Portraits Mesa Arizona Photographer

But not to worry…if you’re getting ready for senior pictures and don’t want to take any chances by styling your own hair and makeup, I can help you out! I work with a team of talented professionals who are ready to help you with everything from hair and makeup to spray tans. When it’s time for your big day in front of the camera, I’ve got connections that’ll have you looking your best with ZERO stress!

Dream Big, Aim High

There’s a fine art to tossing your grad cap and making it look effortless and graceful…all while walking toward the sun. In high heels. On the grass. With just a couple of tips, Isobel pulled it off like a professional on the runway!

It took a few tries to capture this photo exactly how I wanted it. I love the high-flying toss of Isobel’s cap and the way the tassel floats against the blue sky to show the falling movement. But I believe in taking creativity to the next level, so I was determined to capture the gorgeous flare from the setting sun—and my determination paid off because the lighting across Isobel’s graduation gown is especially striking. Now, THAT’S not your everyday cap toss!

Train Like a Champion

At first glance, it might look like all fun and games, but as a competitive shooter on her school team, Isobel is an extremely talented markswoman able to hit the smallest targets at the farthest distances. It takes a steady hand and nerves of steel, but this recent grad has armloads of medals to show for her commitment to the sport.

Air Rifle Senior Pictures

A graduate of Arete Preparatory Academy in Gilbert, Arizona, Isobel shines during this nighttime portion of her session that shows off all her accomplishments in an array of red, white, and blue. Just look at all those medals dangling from her gun! She earned every single one with her dedication and hard work, so of course, we had to get plenty of creative shots to highlight the skill she’s fine-tuned through many hours of practice.

The Future Is in Sight

This photo of Isobel is full of pure intensity! I’m sure it’s that kind of fierceness and strength that have been behind all of her success so far—and it’s what will drive her toward her future goals as well.

In addition to going to college out of state, Isobel also wants to travel while in college and eventually become a child therapist. When asked what she’d miss most about high school, she said she’ll miss her peers and teachers, and she reminds incoming Freshmen to branch out and meet new people when they get there. That’s some pretty solid advice from a seriously smart grad!

Air Rifle Senior Photos Medals

Creative Graduation Portraits in Mesa, Arizona

If you’re starting to think about planning your senior portraits, my galleries are a great place to start! They’re full of tons of great ideas and inspiration that will get you started, plus you’ll get ideas about what professional sessions look like in action.

I have to admit I was counting down to Isobel’s photo session because I previously worked with her older sister Helen and couldn’t WAIT to deliver even more great pics for this fun family! Stay tuned for PART II of Isobel’s senior portrait photo session…yep, her session was so amazing it’s in TWO blogs.

It may seem early, but it’s time to book your 2023 senior pictures! If you’re ready to chat, contact me here. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

  • I love these creative graduation portraits. What an accomplishment for this high school senior and amazing memories captured forever! Gorgeous!

  • I love that you were able to capture ALL of Isobel’s personality in her senior photos! From being all dressed up and girly to being a tough, hardworking competitive shooter, you really captured her beautifully.

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