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Creative Cap and Gown Graduation Photos | Mesa Senior Photographer

Cap and gown pics are some of my faves because I’m super proud of all the young adults I get to know who are just setting out on their journeys in life. I love capturing the joy, the excitement, and even the nervousness of what lies ahead for all of them...

Dream Your Future…Own Your NOW!

Graduation photos are a rite of passage for most high school seniors. They’re keepsakes you and your family can all look back on—a year from now, ten years from now, and more. If my clients today were to ask their parents for a glimpse of their senior pics from back in the day, they would probably giggle at the taller-than-life hair, acid-wash jeans, and tight-roll cuffs.

I’ll admit, there are days when parents now look a bit perplexed at some of the new fashion choices. We’re confused by pockets that are too ripped-up to hold anything, and we wonder how it’s possible to walk in heels that pinch every toe except for one. But, we’ll hand it to you guys…when it comes to fashion, you have it together! You somehow manage to put together things we’d never dream of and make them magically work together.

My clients amaze me every day with their creative and fun-loving senior picture ideas, and that’s why I always meet with them to discuss what THEY have in mind. (Seriously, don’t underestimate your own photo shoot ideas!)

Caps, Gowns & College Countdown

Cap and gown pics are some of my faves because I’m super proud of all the young adults I get to know who are just setting out on their journeys in life. I love capturing the joy, the excitement, and even the nervousness of what lies ahead for all of them.

What’s even more fun is getting creative—over and above the typical standing straight-and-tall, looking super serious cap and gown photos. Much like personalities, there are about a gazillion different ways to capture this stage of life. Here are some exciting ideas to do cap and gown pics if you’re looking to steer clear of the boring and lean more toward the creative and artistic:

  1. College tee with cap and gown. This one is a great way to show off your future plans and share the excitement with everyone! Share these pics with Grandma and Grandpa and close family friends as a way of announcing what the future holds. You’ve worked hard to get there, so be confident in sharing your success!
    Graduation Photos Guys Phoenix Arizona
  2. Decorated graduation cap. Everyone loves to decorate their mortarboard caps in unique ways that reflect their individual tastes and personalities. Whether you’re a musician or a mechanic, your skillset sets you apart, so show it off! Even if your school frowns on letting you walk with a decorated cap, consider purchasing a second one to decorate for photo-op fun. Many high schools don’t allow decorated caps during your actual graduation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show it off during your senior photo shoot!
    top cap gown graduation photographer mesa az
  3. Grad cap toss. This is the signal for all grads that they have “officially” made it. Hats fly high in the air, rousing cheers ensue, parents get teary-eyed, and flocks of newly-graduated seniors set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Again, some schools frown on the toss now (because of eyes getting poked out and such), but it’s always a hit to re-enact it for senior pictures. We’ll find a nice open area so you can toss until your heart’s content!
    Mesa Graduation Photos Cap Gown
  4. Chalkboard message. What about sharing what’s on your mind? Once you’ve donned your cap and gown, another creative option is a mini chalkboard message where you can add your own personalized announcement like “Outta Here!” or “Done!” Be your own walking billboard and announce your success in pictures with a chalkboard note you can share with all your loved ones.
    Gilbert High School Senior Pictures
  5. The grad cap peek. A flirty peekaboo from behind a grad cap is a great way to capture the depth and beauty of your eyes. Be sure to let the tassel and the graduation year show!
    Florence High School Senior Pictures
  6. The walkaway. Whether you’re tossing your cap high in the air or tossing a confident glance over your shoulder, the walkaway is a symbolic photo of moving from one stage of life to the next. I love to find a beautiful outdoor venue for this shot so I can capture sunny, blue skies that surround clients as they walk toward the future.
    Mesa Senior Photos Sunset
  7. Show off the tassel. Whether you want to be flirty or serious, showing off your graduation tassel is a great way to share your school colors, your grad year, and all your hard work. Hold it in front of your face and be silly…or look at it pensively as you reflect on your years in high school.
    High School Graduation Photos Arizona

Got more great ideas? I want to hear them! I love finding brand-new, creative ideas that stand out and make my clients the stars of the show. Your senior pictures should reflect all the amazing things that make you unique, so let’s work together to create a customized session that’s exceptionally you.

If you’re a 2022 grad, it’s time to start pulling together your creative ideas and thinking about your ideal senior picture photo shoot. Can’t wait to hear what you have in mind!

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