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Professional Graduation Photos in Gilbert, Arizona | Fun Senior Picture Ideas with Balloons

Lauren's session was all about combining her fabulous style with amazing downtown Gilbert locations! When you choose locations that match your vibe and your personality, the result is a collection of senior pictures you'll love.

Fun & Flirty Graduation Picture Ideas for Girls in Gilbert, Arizona

I love photo sessions when a client’s energy and enthusiasm match mine. Why? That means we’re both excited to put our heads together and come up with a stunning portrait collection that shows you off in all your vivacious, dynamic style! Every client is one of a kind, and it’s my job to find the perfect looks and settings that will bring your dream session to life.

For Lauren’s photo session, we hit Downtown Gilbert for some of the freshest, most unique scenery and plenty of on-trend backdrops and props. Right here in the East Valley and practically in our own backyards, you can find some great inspiration that will add to your already-creative ideas.

In the photo below, Lauren poses on an arched wrought iron bench and soaks up the urban vibes in the setting sun. With an artistically faded background, she instantly becomes the star of the show!

Best Senior Photographer Gilbert AZ

There are so many little details about this photo that make it stand out! Lauren is stunning in a pink tank dress with a feminine floral print. She tops her look off with a stylish set of layered chains and stacked bracelets—just enough to show off her eye for style and her talent for pulling together the perfect outfit! And I don’t even need to tell you how fabulous her hair, nails, and makeup are, right?!

When I’m shooting your senior pictures, I’m focused on bringing everything together to make sure you end up with photos you’ll love to show off and share. The urban trend is huge right now, and if you’re a city gal or guy, a downtown setting may be the perfect way to personalize your senior pictures and make them all about you and your style.

Happy Looks So Good on You

Cap & gown photos are a must for just about every one of my clients, and there’s a good reason for that. Just look at Lauren’s beaming face as she twirls, does a little kick, and shows off her tassel! A lot of hard work and dedication went into earning this outfit, so your senior picture photo shoot is the perfect time to show it off.

Sure, you may see a lot of people settle for those pictures that used to be standard…you know the ones with everyone posed the same way and tilting their heads at the same angle. But I’ve discovered there are so many more creative things you can do to convey your unique style and personality…and that’s what I focus on for your photos.

I love how this mini collage shows off so many different facets of Lauren’s personality. She gets to show off all her hard work and success, and just look at the beaming expressions on her face as she gets to do it in a way that reflects her individual style! Her excitement is plain to see, and it adds even more vibrancy to these lovely images.

Best Grad Photos Gilbert AZ

Lauren decided to pick up an extra graduation gown on Amazon…just in case. She knew we’d be checking out the town and moving around for her photos, so she wanted to be absolutely sure nothing happened to her official cap & gown before it was time to get her diploma.

We’re always careful on photo shoots, but I’ve learned with experience that Amazon is a great place to grab backup pieces in a flash. If we’re planning a very active session—or even if your mortarboard or tassel haven’t arrived yet—it’s great to know there are options to help us out. After all, a backup plan is always a smart idea!

Smile Like It’s Going Out of Style

A close-up on Lauren’s face lets the entire world see just how beautiful success and accomplishment look on her! Gorgeous inside and out, this young lady shares a beaming smile as she makes eye contact with the camera.

This portrait makes it easy to see exactly how much attention to detail went into Lauren’s overall look. Her makeup is light and breezy—just enough to enhance her already-glowing face. And her hair is perfectly styled as it rests in long curls on her shoulders. She looks fantastic in a hot pink dress, and a slightly faded background ensures all the focus is on her for this stunning photo. 

Best Senior Pictures Gilbert AZ

Everything’s Better with a Bestie

You have all heard me say it, but I’m going to shout it from the rooftops this time! Your senior pictures are all about you and the things that are important to you. That means I’ll be counting on you and your creative genius to give me ideas that are right up your alley!

When Lauren mentioned inviting her good friend Cali to join her for some of her pictures, I immediately started working on fun ideas to show off their close friendship in photos. You can see by the smiles on their faces that these two girls had a blast prepping and posing together, and that’s the most important thing of all. I want you to have fun during your photo session, so if you have great ideas about how to showcase the things that bring you joy, be sure to tell me so we can incorporate them into your senior year memories!

Enjoy Senior Year Friends

Up, Up & Away

I want everything to be perfect for you on your big day, and that means artistically combining many different elements and props to ensure you end up with the most creative and sharable senior pictures ever!

In Lauren’s balloon collage, many elements come together to elevate her pictures into super-fun art she can display and share. All about pink for this segment of her session, Lauren couples her feminine floral dress with a huge bunch of shiny pink balloons! Not only do the balloons coordinate with her adorable outfit, if you look a little closer, you’ll notice the real-life balloon bouquet is a replica of the small tattoo she sports near her elbow.

Fun Senior Pictures Balloons Gilbert Arizona

It’s easy to see the fun we had with light and shadow in these photos, and I love all the elements that come into play. A downtown setting frames Lauren’s playful and whimsical look and offers a creative juxtaposition to her feminine style. When I’m on a photo shoot, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to mix our surroundings with your individual style in ways that result in creative senior pictures you’ll be proud to share!

A fun side note: Lauren’s mom commented on the amount of people around us while we were shooting. It was a busy, sunshiny day in Downtown Gilbert, so it seemed like everyone was out enjoying the day! But, with an expert eye and a little planning, I was able to work around it all to ensure Lauren is the star of the show in all of her photos—no extras or walk-ons allowed!

5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Locations for Your Senior Pictures

There are a few things you can do to start zeroing in on locations you love so you can make them part of your senior photo shoot. Check out these 5 easy tips:

  1. List the places you love. Make a list of all the places in and around town that are meaningful to you—like spots where you love to hang out, places that bring you tranquility, or places that remind you of fun times with friends. When you’re in a place that holds great memories for you, you’ll truly shine in your senior pictures!
  2. Look for dynamic locations. Think about places that have a variety of landscapes, natural props, and backdrops. If we can get several different looks in one place, it makes it less stressful for you and allows us to spend more time photographing and less time traveling from place to place.
  3. Think about your interests. Are you an adventurous outdoorsy person…or would you rather spend the evening at the theatre? Are you an athlete…or would you rather find a relaxing place to read a favorite book? When you think about your hobbies and interests, you’ll naturally gravitate toward the places where you spend the most time. Whether we shoot your senior pictures in the gym or beside the water, the most important thing is that they’re a reflection of you!
  4. Think about timing. We can control a lot of things for your photo session, but a few things we can’t fix are the weather, the season, and the time it takes to get to certain places. If you want sandy desert photos with cacti in the background, the middle of the summer is probably not the best option for scheduling. After all, it gets pretty hot during the summer in the desert! Likewise, if you are in love with autumn landscapes, you’ll want to choose a time when those views are plentiful in your location. Here in Arizona, fall colors show up best in January!
  5. Think about what you’re going to wear. A LOT—including locations, timelines, and terrain—depends on what outfits you decide to wear for your photo session. For the most part, your outfits will naturally align with the locations you love, but be sure to consider things like rugged landscapes if you plan on wearing a prom dress…or watery areas if you plan on wearing your favorite shoes of all time. Don’t worry…I’ll be there every step of the way to help you ensure your outfits coordinate perfectly with the locations you love!     
  • Bonus Tip: BE CREATIVE! There’s no rule that says you have to pose for your senior pictures in the middle of the gym with everyone else. The possibilities for unique and creative senior pictures are endless if you think outside the box. Love water? Don’t be afraid to dip your toes in! Enjoy being in the great outdoors? Hit a trailhead or a mountainous landscape for a few great shots of you soaking in all the natural beauty. Love everything urban and concrete? You get the idea…get out there and explore! There’s no way anyone else will have senior pictures like yours if you explore new ideas and areas, plus you might even find some new hot spots you like enough to add to your list of go-to faves!

Lauren’s session was full of great locations and urban treasures, and she absolutely shines in every photo. It was so much fun to see her in her element and soaking up all the downtown vibes, and it was even better to be able to deliver a photo collection she’ll love to share with all her friends and family.

Photographer for Gilbert Senior Pictures

Senior pictures are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture all your high school memories, so let’s work together to make your portrait package exceptionally YOU!At Magical Memories by Michelle, my focus is on making sure you look and feel confident—and that you get to take home amazing senior pictures as a lasting memento of your graduation year. The first step is to grab your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience!

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