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Gorgeous Graduation Photos in Arizona

When night falls, everything seems to get a little more magical, and that was all the more true when Jasmine pulled out her violin and began playing under the evening twinkle lights while wearing her stunning red prom dress.

Lakeside Allure, Bestie Time & Violin Notes in Gilbert, AZ

I’ve worked with a lot of grads over the years, and no matter how many of them I meet, I’m always astounded when someone as lovely and talented as Jasmine comes along. A 2021 graduate from Gilbert High School, this young lady has huge plans for the future and more talent than I could even begin to explain! Not only is she gorgeous with a personality that’ll knock your socks off, she’s smart as a whip and involved in a ton of activities that keep her busy and motivated.

Gilbert Senior Photographer Girls

One Smart Cookie

In the top 10% of her graduating class, Jasmine is a seriously smart cookie! Her favorite class in high school was English. She’s a reader, and admits that Harry Potter books top her list of favorites, but she’ll also pick up a good fantasy or adventure read, too.

Jasmine has always been super busy and involved in school, and I wanted to make sure we captured as much of that energy and vivaciousness in her senior portraits as we could. In addition to maintaining stellar grades, she’s been involved in Orchestra, Student Council, and the Environmental Action Club.

Fabulously Photogenic

I haven’t even mentioned how absolutely fantastic it was to photograph Jasmine, but hang on because here we go. No matter where we went, the camera just loved her!

Outdoor Gilbert Senior Photographer Girls

When I first met with her, she mentioned loving outdoor, natural scenes—especially with green and blooming foliage. I had a few top spots in mind, and after running my ideas by Jasmine and her family, we had a game plan.

I love how she looks so comfortable in the outfit she chose for this part of her session. It’s the perfect combination of casual and chic! The flowy sleeved, waist-tie top shows off a trendy peek of tummy (not too much!) that highlights fashionable light blue denim with a knotted waistband. She tops the outfit off with a pair of blingy shades and a billion-watt smile that’s a serious show-stopper!

Another fave moment? Check out the twirl and hair flip that shows off her perfectly curled hair against the background!

Music to Our Ears

Jasmine has played the violin for several years, and during her senior year held the honor of being first chair in her school orchestra, making her the top violinist!

Gilbert Senior Pictures Violin Music

There was no question. Of course we had to get some great images of her with her violin. And what better place than a serene waterside location with the sun shining off the water and reflecting through the trees? We even found a nice flat rock for her to sit on so she could make music and dangle her feet above the water.

A Flowy Dress & Waterside Smiles

Flowy, flowery dresses always combine well with waterside photos, so when Jasmine wanted to take a peek inside the exclusive Magical Memories by Michelle Style Closet, I was really hoping she would LOVE this dress! It works perfectly in this setting!

What to Wear for Graduation Photos in Gilbert, AZ

It may seem accidental, but the glow of the sun hitting the water in the above image is quite intentional, and when I saw the opportunity, I didn’t waste any time. Jasmine is seated in the ideal location for the outdoor setting to frame her look. I positioned her so she was giving a casual glance over her shoulder, ensuring she took center stage among the rocks and natural growth around her.

Her wavy hair, floral dress, and minimal accessories are perfectly suited to this style and location, turning this image into a nearly surreal waterside vision.

Hitting the Books

It may not be an assigned textbook, but Jasmine is a serious reader, and you’re likely to find her diving into her favorite genre in her downtime. This portrait of her relaxing in picnic-ready style is sure to be a favorite because it shows her doing something she loves—and it catches her seemingly unaware as she casually relaxes.

Ideas Senior Photos Gilbert Arizona

The lush, green grass and the reflection of the trees in the water gave us yet another opportunity to pull in some of the imagery Jasmine said she loves. A fan of natural settings, it doesn’t get much better than this! I’m not the only one who thought it was gorgeous—it was published in Senior Year Magazine too!

Partners in Crime…Besties for Life

What’s better than graduating? Graduating and making ALL those memories with your best friend!

I love adding besties to graduation photo sessions for so many reasons. Wanna know why? Have you ever heard that saying, ‘If you’re lucky enough to have a best friend, you’re lucky enough’?

First of all, bestie sessions remind me of ALL the amazing people in my life. And secondly, they make me soooo happy that there are young people heading out into the world with their best friend right beside them! Whether or not they’re heading to the same school or making the same plans, they will always have the memories they’ve made together in high school, and nothing breaks that bestie bond.

Best Friends Graduation Photo Shoot Arizona

The joy is evident on the faces of these two girls in their caps and gowns. And as they gaze at each other, you can tell they’ve shared plenty of fun moments, dreams, laughs…and more than a few shenanigans, too! Now, there’s an image you want to keep forever with your graduation memories.

Best Friends Graduation Pictures Gilbert AZ

Sky-High Dreams

The graduation cap toss is probably one of the most iconic moments we think of when graduation rolls around. It’s the symbol of tossing off all the old things you’ve done and looking toward a bright future of new dreams.

Cap & Gown High School Gradution Pictures in Gilbert AZ

Jasmine didn’t disappoint when she when for the throw! With a confident walk toward the sunset, she flung her arm high and released her mortarboard cap and tassel, letting it fly high into a fading blue sky. What a pretty picture it painted with the changing colors of the sun as the day came to a close!

Ravishing in Red

Things took a turn for the dressy side when Jasmine changed into her Prom dress. We timed this so we could catch the sunlight at the end of the day—and still take this gorgeous outfit into the night for even more stunning portraits.

Gorgeous Formal Graduation Photos in AZ

For Prom, Jasmine chose a strappy sheath dress in red with a side slit. The simple shape of the dress allows her to really play up her personal style and focus on things like makeup, accessories, and hair to accentuate the bold dress color. You can see that, even from a bit of a distance, Jasmine’s nails stand out—making it super important to focus on even the tiniest of details!

Evening Magic, Evening Music

When night falls, everything seems to get a little more magical, and was all the more true when Jasmine pulled out her violin and began playing under the evening twinkle lights while wearing her beautiful red prom dress.

Formal Senior Portraits Gilbert Professional Photographer

The way she closes her eyes and leans into the music adds a romantic touch to this image. Not only does this photograph capture Jasmine’s beauty and her love of music, it adds elegance and sophistication to her look, and I’m sure it will be a favorite of friends and family for years to come.

Urban Style at Night

Jasmine had one more trendy look up her sleeve, and she didn’t disappoint! This girl knows her fashion, and when she paired this black leather jacket with light denim and a leather belt and boots, I was floored by her fashion flexibility.

Gilbert Night Senior Pictures Leather Jacket

Not only does she know what looks great on her, but she wears her outfits with confidence—which the camera picks up every time!

I love the way her jet-black hair blends with the black leather jacket, helping her pull off a dark-and-never-brooding look that smolders in this photo series.

Of course, Jasmine warms things up with a smile in the photo collage below, showing everyone there’s true joy underneath that urban chic look.

On Track for the Top

Jasmine is ready for the future, and she’s got her eyes set on Arizona State University (ASU) for her next step. Her study goals include specializing in something in the medical field—possibly biomedical science. But she’s not opposed to studying anthropology…because, hey, who wouldn’t want to travel the world and study different cultures?!

Whatever you become, Jasmine, you’re going to be a great one! Can’t wait to see where all your talents and passions lead you!

This is only part of Jasmine’s session! Check out her senior video to get even more ideas for gorgeous graduation photos!

High School Graduation Photographer 

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  • These are gorgeous Grad photos–I love the Cap and Gown photos with her best friend! Great memories!

    • Thanks Susan! I love it when my seniors include their best friends! And if they don’t have a cap & gown in time for their senior pictures, I always offer them additional cap & gown photos in the spring too!

  • What great variety in this senior session gallery! I love the graduation photos with her violin!

  • Fabulous variety for this beautiful and talented senior. The locations and outfits were the most stunning combinations!
    Love the ambient light with her violin….show stopper!

    • Thank you so much Deborah! I was so thrilled when I found out she was bringing her violin!

      • Michelle, the pictures you took of my daughter Jasmine… not only captured her beauty but we almost see a glimpse of her soul! They were extraordinary!! Beyond my expectations… you not only catered to Jasmine’s wishes, you also took the winning shots that I wanted to capture. I will treasure these pictures forever!
        I absolutely loved coming across this little look into her photo shoot in your blog and it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for taking such amazing pictures!!

        • Ana, your comment brought a huge smile to my face! I know it’s been almost a year since Jasmine’s session, so I’m glad I could surprise you with this beautiful blog post sharing her session! Absolutely gorgeous young lady, inside and out!

  • Such a beautiful senior girl! And those violin and picnic photos 👌🏻 Amazing! All these locations were beautiful!

  • Jasmine is gorgeous and elegant and poised, thanks to your talented photography skills and the comfort you provide your subjects from behind your camera. Every single photo shares a beautiful senior story. These are such fun senior pictures Michelle!

  • These really are gorgeous graduation photos. What a beautiful capture of her senior memories. I love the violin images.

  • Jeanine Offer Krupp

    You’re right, Jasmine is a smart cookie, choosing the best Arizona Senior photographer. I love the cap and gown portraits and adding a friend is the icing on the cake!

  • I love the book image, great placement to avoid cleavage!! Okay, I love them all –

  • Just came back to admire these lovely senior portraits–the outdoor ones are dreamy!

  • Jasmine’s Senior Session is truly perfection! She looks stunning in all of her photos, and you did an incredible job capturing her personality and style!

  • I always love your evening photos of your seniors. These gorgeous graduation photos in Arizona are stunning as always!

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