Beautiful Senior Photos for Gilbert High School Students

As a senior portrait photographer for Gilbert High School, I want every senior photo shoot to exceed your expectations. I hadn't seen Alynna since she was probably 10 years old. What a great surprise to see her again and make sure she had an amazing senior portrait experience!

Gilbert High School Senior Photos

As a portrait photographer for Gilbert High School, I want your senior photos to exceed your expectations! One of the biggest compliments I get is having clients return for senior photos. Alynna was a 2019 graduate from Gilbert High School and her sister, Aracely, is Class of 2022 and graduated last spring! Since so many of my seniors need help with cute outfits for senior pictures, I thought I’d share these beautiful senior photos again for inspiration.

Waterfalls: Choosing the Right Outfit

I think this is one of my favorite outdoor locations and one I use often! I love having the girls sit on the rocks and splash! However, this is one of those settings where wardrobe can make or break the photo. In order to have these lovely images in the water, I prefer to have my seniors wear a white or light colored flowing dress. If you don’t have one, not worries, I have several dresses in my Style Closet. In fact, Alynna was planning on using one of mine, but found this gem in the back of her closet. Really?!?! You FOUND this just hanging there, unused, with the tags attached? But it’s perfect!!! The sheer skirt and sleeves are so feminine and the white really shows off her beautiful skin!

The best part? When Alynna’s mom scheduled Aracely’s senior pictures, she gave me this dress for the Style Closet, so now you can use it too! I love this dress so much!!

Beautiful Gilbert Senior Photos

Birthday Photos for Teens

Wait, who says balloons are for kids? Certainly not me! Bring those balloons and let’s celebrate! Celebrate your birthday or graduation by including some huge oversized balloons! It was just our luck that Alynna’s birthday was the same week as her senior photo shoot.

Gilbert Senior Photos Birthday Balloons

Cap & Gown Graduation Photos

Planning ahead can make all the difference for your senior photos. Most local schools don’t give you your cap & gown until just a few weeks before graduation, but Alynna already had her tassle (yay!!!) and was able to use her older sister’s cap & gown for the afternoon! They both had the same honors from Gilbert High School, so we were all set! Keep in mind, you don’t have to wear the cap & gown for every shoot, we mix and match! Sometimes we leave the gown open to show off another outfit. Sometimes we focus on just the tassel and those gorgeous eyelashes!

Both the had and the dress are from our Style Closet. Did you know we have dozens of outfits that are available for your senior photos? We even do have a cap & gown!

Graduation Photographer in Gilbert Arizona


This was one of Alynna’s top requests for senior photos. It’s not easy, and it took quite a few shots, but the result is fabulous! One of Gilbert High School’s graduation traditions is for the seniors to toss all their homework in the hallways. So Alynna had saved up allllllll her homework, notes, and papers just for this! The final image is actually a composite of 9 images and is definitely my favorite! We used it on her custom graduation announcements so all of her friends and family will have this as a 5×7 print!

The Goodies

One of the best things about hiring a professional senior portrait photographer is that you’re guaranteed consistency. I’ve been in business since 2013 and I’m not going anywhere. So for moms who want the same products for each of their grads, no worries, I got this! Along with a full collection of digital images, Alynna’s family also got a beautiful image box, custom graduation announcements, a signature silk wall portrait, and two storyboards!

If you love these, you’ll want to see her sister’s photo shoot, which showcases Aracely and has lots of ideas for cheer senior pictures! You’ll see that although they’re related, they have completely different talents and ideas, so their sessions reflect that.


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