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A Fab Photo Sesh…With Sprinkles on Top | Gilbert Senior Photographer

Celebrate your accomplishments! Your professional senior portrait session is all about YOU and the things you LOVE, so share your silly AND serious sides.

Props & Accessories Galore…Creative Graduation Photos to Enjoy & Share

When you know, you know. At least that’s what Amber’s mom told me when they moved to Oklahoma. They KNEW they wanted to return to Arizona and have Amber’s senior pictures taken by the same photographer her siblings had used…ME! I have loved every moment with this awesome family, and I was thrilled to see them back in the area again for Amber’s grad photos!

Amber’s older sisters, Bree and Ashley, graduated in 2021. They chose Downtown Scottsdale for senior photos. If you’re looking for great ideas for senior pictures, their sessions are pure magic! Plus, Amber’s younger sister, Marissa, will be back for her own professional session this month!

The great thing about using the same photographer for different sessions and occasions is that the creative styling of your pictures will be similar, so they’ll all work really well together when you display them in any room. Of course, every client is unique and individual, but there are tiny similarities in style that make them perfect to share together!

Soak Up the Sunshine

For Amber’s professional senior shoot, we kicked things off with some casual poses in the park. With the sun shining high in the sky, it was the perfect time for Amber to throw on a pair of rose-colored sunglasses…the better to see the future with!

Dressed in light denim and a stylish black top, Amber shines as the star she is for these photos. A casual perch atop a park bench shows off torn jeans and a relaxed pose that’s perfect for a flirty hair flip. This is just the right picture, too, to share her completely on-point and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Just look at those lines…not an eyebrow out of place as she shares an award-winning smile. This is an amazing, uncomplicated look that keeps the entire focus on Amber without any interference from surroundings, accessories, or anything else. It’s all about Amber, and she seriously shines!

Glowing in Red

With a floppy-brimmed sun hat and sunnies to the rescue, Amber tackled this bright day with confidence and cool accessories. I do NOT need to tell you all how much I love hats! But there’s a reason for that. Not only are they practical and gorgeous, they change up your look in a snap. I’ve worked with many clients who swear they aren’t hat people…until they pop on a fashion-forward hat that makes them stand out even more!

In this photo, Amber shares a pretty smile as she peeks over the top of a different pair of sunglasses. With a floppy hat framing her face, she steals the show. You’ll also notice in this picture that Amber subtly changes up her accessory game, but even when she does, she makes sure not to select pieces that take over the scene. A subtle three-strand pearl bracelet and coordinating necklace add a pretty amount of style, and they coordinate well with her hat and sunglasses.

And grab a peek at those picture-perfect nails! From head to toe, this young lady was ready for her senior pictures, and her preparation, flexibility, and good nature made it easy to deliver a session with plenty of different looks and expressions.

Gorgeous Smiles to Celebrate Graduation

Whether you choose to wear your graduation gown or simply show off your mortarboard cap with tassel, it’s important to share your big accomplishment in your pictures. Holding her cap in hand, it’s easy to see the ’22 charm shining brightly on her tassel. (Don’t worry. I pay a LOT of attention to this, so if you choose to show off your grad cap, I’ll make sure the year shows in your photos!)

It may seem like a small detail, but I love the way Amber coordinated her dress to match the school colors in her tassel. It truly is the little things that make photos seriously wow-worthy!

2022…A Year to Remember

Described as happy and outgoing by friends and family, Amber had a year full of fun and accomplishments to highlight in her senior pictures. From art club to Junior ROTC to spending time with friends, she’s collected a ton of memories from her high school years. As a professional photographer, it’s important for me to create a photo package that includes as many of the ‘YOU’ moments as possible!

Amber’s smile says it all in this photo as she holds out her graduation tassel for everyone to see. When asked what she would miss most about high school, she said she would miss hang-out time with her friends. But she’s on to big adventures as a graduate, with her eyes on either going to college or joining the military.

It’s All in the Details

She looks amazing! Is it the hair? The make-up? The accessories? It’s ALL of it combined together. When you take time to plan and organize your senior photos, you’ll end up with looks just as spot-on as Amber’s!

Every tiny detail shows up in your senior pictures, so be sure to focus on the small things—as well as the big ones. And don’t worry…if you don’t feel confident doing everything all by yourself, I know plenty of professional hairstylists, make-up artists, and shopping tricks to have you looking your very best! Plus, we’ll always work together to coordinate outfits and accessories so your look will shine. Don’t forget, every Magical Memories by Michelle customer has full access to the Style Closet, too, so you can mix, match, and borrow pieces to complete just about every look.

Prom Perfection in Blue

It’s only the biggest occasion of…well EVER…so your senior picture photo session is the perfect time to show off your formal prom look. It adds a nice, dressy element to your photo collection, and you’ll be able to look back on this moment for years to come and happily remember that special night.

Honestly, is there a color this girl doesn’t look gorgeous in? Short answer: Nope! Her lovely blue dress shimmers in the afternoon sun, and Amber looks radiant in a sleek up-do and shoulder-baring style. Her long earrings frame her face perfectly, calling attention to her gorgeous smile and prom-perfect make-up!

Looking Glam & Gorgeous for the Big Dance

Close-up images of Amber’s prom-night look reveal glam makeup, beautiful eyes, and an award-winning smile. And trust me, the camera loves it when you’re happy and glowing! It makes it so much fun to capture just the right images that reflect your look for the big night.

The Eyes Have It

Ok…and the lipstick, the amazing hair, and perfectly coordinated accessories! Everything comes together perfectly for Amber’s prom night look, and she pulls off a simply stunning glance at the camera for this serious shot. With faded lights in the background, Amber is truly centerstage. This photo would be a stunning addition to any room, and when shared with friends and family, they’re sure to love this fairytale look.

“Donut” Worry About Being Silly

In fact, for some of your professional shots, the sillier, the better! These are the moments that let your true personality shine, and if that means getting a little playful to bring out your authentic expressions, then that’s what we’ll do.

Show Off Your Faves

When your very favorite sweet treat is donuts, then we find every opportunity to sneak them into your senior pictures! As soon as Amber told me about her sweet tooth for this particular pastry, I was imagining all the fun shots we could get.

Remember, your photo session experience is ALL about you and the things you love, the things you’ve done, and the places you’re going…so I’ll pull out all the stops to make sure you get the most unique and creative version of you to share with friends and relatives.

This is the time to celebrate all your accomplishments, so if it means getting a tiny bit silly (or a big bit silly!), that’s perfect for the occasion.

Dare to Be YOU-nique: Senior Pictures in Gilbert, AZ

Showing off a sprinkle-covered pucker and peeking through the hole of a donut, Amber shares her silly and spontaneous side, which adds even more fun to the experience. The camera captures a playful grin as we set out to show off Amber’s fun and flirty side.

I work with future grads throughout Arizona’s East Valley, so if you’re ready to find out how you can get stunning senior pictures, let’s connect! And be sure to visit my website to find out more about what’s in store during a professional photo session.

Pride in Country, Pride in Self

A member of the Junior ROTC, Amber is considering making the military her career. She’s dedicated, ambitious, and outgoing, so she’s sure to excel at whatever she chooses!

This collage shows Amber proudly holding the United States flag as she wears both her formal uniform and her fatigues. When we sit down to discuss your senior photo session, be sure to mention important groups, clubs, or teams you’re a part of so we can work together to include them in your photo collection.

True to the Red, White & Blue

In this photo, Amber holds the American flag as she looks into the distance and contemplates the bright future ahead of her. The sun’s rays cutting through the trees in the background offer a subtle play with light and shadow that make this image even more impactful.

It is always such a joy to work with this family, and it was so much fun to shoot Amber’s graduation photos as she celebrates all of her accomplishments! I adore my repeat clients, and I love finding new and creative ways to make their photo sessions uniquely about them.

If you’re a 2023 grad (or even a 2024 grad!), it’s time to think about your senior pictures. If you’re ready to plan one-of-a-kind ways to highlight your senior year, let’s talk! I frequently post highlights of recent sessions, so be sure to keep following the blog for tons of inspiration. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, too, so go ahead and explore… Let’s make your senior pictures amazing!

  • The variety you created in Amber’s full senior session gallery is awesome! From jeans, to sun dresses, to her prom dress, and DONUTS, and even her JROTC uniform, this is a gallery full of personality! I can’t wait to see what you create for her younger sister’s senior pictures!

    • Her younger sister’s session was phenomenal!!! Record store, prom dress, coffee shop and just as many gorgeous images as Amber’s senior session! Two different kids with two different personalities, but both sessions are fabulous, so make sure you come back to see Marissa’s too!

  • This is creative photography to the max! I just love to see all of the ideas you come up with to make every student’s portrait collection unique. Amber’s professional senior photo session is an amazing collection!

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