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Awesome Senior Picture Ideas for Guys in Arizona | Gilbert Senior Photography

Yep, you know this is a winner every time! Moms love it when you can capture a genuine smile of her boy! Since this was her favorite, it became the front of the image box she ordered and now has displayed in her home. This awesome location has wooden fences...

Gilbert Photographer for Senior Pictures

It seems like there are a million photographers out there, so when someone recommends me it just gives me goosebumps! Well, that’s how I met Nick and his mom, Raquel. They are friends with another one of my seniors and when we met at the in-person consultation, I knew it was gonna be an awesome session! Nick had ideas and a great sense of style, but still was just that genuine, sweet, boy that all us moms love! Sorry Nick, you know it’s true! You boy moms know it, I’m a boy mom so I get it. Our sweet little guys grow up and all of a sudden you’re sitting at high school graduation sobbing, wondering what happened to your baby. That’s what I’m here for! To allow you to slow down, have an an afternoon with your son, just watching him be the center of attention during this special milestone. The best part is that when we’re done, you’ll have the memories of the experience we create together as well as gorgeous images of your son. Yes…even the ones that say they don’t want to have senior pictures done!

Tumbleweed Park

The old truck is always a favorite, broken windshield and all. It’s such a fun spot and the lighting is great. This year, Vans as all the rage and I’m finding that my boys bring just as many shoes as my girls!  We were lucky enough to find lots of texture the day of the photo shoot. Wooden fences and even an old pile of logs work great for senior photos!

Gilbert Photographer Graduation Photos

Gilbert Photographer Senior Photo Ideas

Gilbert Photographer Mesquite High School

Gilbert Photographer High School Senior Photos

A Mama’s Dream Picture

Yep, you know this is a winner every time! Moms love it when you can capture a genuine smile of her boy! Since this was her favorite, it became the front of the image box she ordered and now has displayed in her home. With the image box is a client favorite since you get at least 25 of your favorite images printed! Our beautiful, high-end folio boxes come with a custom cover and 10 double-sided silk prints.

Gilbert Photographer Senior Pics Guys

Something A Little Different

Some people love this look and others not so much, but I think it’s a fun look for our senior guys! I almost always do photo on a wall with sports pictures, but this one of Nick wearing sunglasses is just awesome!! This guy could be the next Vans model!

Gilbert Photographer Fun Senior Pictures

When The Sun Goes Down

We keep shooting! We headed towards Downtown Chandler and up to the top of a parking garage for a few quick sunset shots. I’m so happy to be able to offer this look to my clients and I love looking over the different cities as the sun goes down. Nick did too, and this was a favorite for all of us!

Gilbert Photographer Graduation Pics Night

Dress It Up!

Ok, I’ll admit there was a time when I never even suggested that my senior guys get dressed up for senior pictures, but once you see them all put together, you see the boost of confidence! You can imagine the amazing things they’re going to accomplish as adults as they become grown men…no longer our little boys. Just look at him!!! He looks so handsome, and now Mom has these sweet pictures forever.

Gilbert Photographer Senior Guys Outfits

Gilbert Photographer Senior Pics Night

Checklist for Suit & Tie

  • Please iron your clothes. (Photoshop just isn’t the same as an iron, I promise!)
  • Hang your jacket, shirt, and pants on hangers.
  • Remember to bring matching shoes and socks.
  • Don’t forget your belt!
  • A watch is a great accessory for your suit and tie.
  • I love the old wagon and the pictures in the suit! Very well done. ?

  • These are awesome! I love the variety, and his shoes are rockin’! Great job!

  • Fabulous senior session! Especially love the city overlook and that he wore a suit. Nick rocked that whole session, and chose a great senior photographer.

  • I love the image on top of the rooftop! I also think it is awesome that you were able to get a senior boy to wear a suit for his pictures! Those are my favorites!

    • Right? I came to that realization with my own son, who hasn’t had a proper suit in years. I took him shopping and he tried on several properly-fitted jackets (instead of off the rack) and we had assistance in selecting the right colors. That smile on his face when he first looked in the mirror was priceless. I knew then, that this needed to be something I pushed for these young men’s senior pictures. And it works!!

  • That elusive genuine smile! 🙂 So great. Love this whole senior session.

    • Right Bobbi Jo?? I make my teens laugh, laugh at me, with me, I don’t care! Tell me the last stupid thing your sibling did, anything for a genuine reaction!

  • Sometimes senior pictures of guys are hard to do, but you make it look easy! Genuine, relaxed, and personal. Great photos for this lucky fellow!

    • I am so lucky to have all these amazing clients. They make my job as a professional photographer so much fun, I definitely wouldn’t want to do anything else!

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