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Planning Senior Pictures for Your Personality | Florence, Arizona Senior Photos

When I asked Ashley about her favorite activities and sports in school, she enthusiastically told me about her involvement in cheerleading, so of course we had to capture some memories of her in her Warriors cheer uniform, complete with silver and red poms and a bow on the side!

Patriotism, Pom-Poms & Picture-Perfect Moments: Yes, you CAN have it all!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when the day of Ashley’s senior portrait session rolled around! It was so much fun—and it flew by in the blink of an eye—for so many reasons. And once you read about it, I’m sure you’ll be ready to plan your senior photos too…a photo shoot that is customized to show off every aspect of your personality, just like Ashley’s does.

The Perfect Color

A graduate of the American Leadership Academy Ironwood in Queen Creek, Arizona, this girl seriously lucked out with her school colors! Could she look any more gorgeous than she does right here in her vibrant red graduation cap and gown? I always enjoy it when I can get a closeup of the tassel, too, to make sure the graduation year shines front and center in keepsake photographs. Ashley’s smile says it all!

Cap and Gown Photo Senior Portraits Mesa, AZ

It’s clear to see Ashley was prepped and ready for her photo shoot, too. Just look at her makeup that’s done to perfection, and her hair is practically a work of art! All the little details that clients take time to focus on before their session always add to the beauty of their final photos. And don’t forget, if you’re nervous about doing your own hair and makeup, I have trusted pros who can help you out with that so you can feel your confident best on photo day!

The Eyes Have It

This photo is the perfect one to show off Ashley’s picture-perfect makeup…up close and in detail. She chose a light ombre shadow with defined liner on her top and bottom lids, along with mascara that expertly separates and highlights her lashes. The result? A stunning gaze directly into the camera that will mesmerize anyone who sees the photo!

American Leadership Academy Graduation Photographer

The mixed floral bouquet was a great way to add in some great pops of color, too! With a bright yellow sunflower strategically placed at center stage, the focus is drawn subtly to Ashley’s eyes as she flirtatiously peeks over the top. Pro Tip: Don’t forget we’re in the desert, and while we have TONS of beautiful locations, it may be difficult to find huge bunches of flowers in the wild. If you love this look, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and stop by your local florist to pick out your favorite bouquet on picture day.

Dressed to the Nines & Ready to Shine

I always ask my clients what they’re thinking about for their senior portrait sessions, including whether they want a short and sweet photo shoot…or whether they want to go all out and get lots of looks in different locations. Ashley was ALL IN and excited to capture every facet of her personality in pictures.

Florence High School Senior Picture Ideas

This white dress perfectly shows off Ashley’s sleek black hair, and the way she’s looking off to the side while running a hand through her hair adds a natural feel to the moment. The lacy and flowy off-the-shoulder look adds a feminine touch that makes her stand apart from the desert background we settled on.

Whether she was dressed up, casual, or in a team uniform, Ashley owned and rocked every single look! Part of the reason, of course, came down to her confidence and enthusiasm, but I also have to hand it to her…she knows exactly what works for her, and she rocks her own personal style.

If you look closely, you’ll notice her fabulous nails, too! Nails are a big deal for photo sessions, because hands are a major focus in just about every photo, and you may not believe it, but it’s pretty noticeable if you show up with chipped nails, hangnails, or jagged edges. Zoom in, though, and you’ll see that Ashey’s gorgeous scarlet nails aren’t super long. You don’t have to go for 2-inch nails to look glam for your graduation photos. Clean, neat, and polished wins the day every time!

Cheering for the Future

When I asked Ashley about her favorite activities and sports in school, she enthusiastically told me about her involvement in cheerleading, so of course we had to capture some memories of her in her red and white Warriors uniform, complete with silver and red poms and a bow on the side!

She’s proudly sporting a 2021 sash in one of the photos, and we used a chalkboard prop in another to add just the right graduation message for her portrait collection.

Queen Creek Senior Girl in Cheerleading Uniform with Pom Poms

Patriotism with Panache

From cheerleader to cowgirl, this girl can change styles in a blink, and every look was more fabulous than the next! When Ashley mentioned she wanted a patriotic Americana look for some of her pictures, I knew the perfect place.

What to Wear Scottsdale Senior Portraits

We loaded up and headed to Old Town Scottsdale. Ashley had all the gear she needed to pull off model-worthy looks, and she donned everything from a cowgirl hat to an American flag vest, faded jeans, boots, and a belt with a big silver buckle.

Then all we needed was a smidge of sass and a pinch of feistiness, and I knew we’d get the perfect photos. Just look at her expressions in these images!

With a bit of a hat tilt, a “howdy there” brim salute, and a sideways glance, Ashley easily switches from cheerleader to cowgirl faster than I could click the shutter button.

Old Town Scottsdale is a great spot for photos like these because it’s steeped in tradition and full of vintage backdrops like the railing and stairway you see here. If you have time to go explore, you’ll find something unexpected around just about every corner. We lucked out and found a gorgeous American flag display that perfectly coordinated with the patriotic look Ashley was going for. It couldn’t have worked out any better!

Shining Bright…At Night

Ashley had a couple of different nighttime outfits, and she rocked both of them! Going slightly more casual on the right, she opted for a playful strapless jumpsuit with heeled peep-toe sandals. Under the glowing, crisscrossed light strings that decorated the area, she looks just at home in this urban chic hot spot as she does in natural settings like the desert or laid-back locales like Old Town.

Nighttime Senior Photos in Gilbert AZ with Creative Graduation Photographer

Going full-on glam in a formal gown, Ashley twirls to give the full effect of the dress. Crimson roses on a black background pop against the nighttime backdrop, and the flow of her hair and the fabric of the skirt add a lovely natural feel to the portrait.

Wanna know something really cool about these two photos? We were playing in the middle of the street! That’s the fun part about scouting out all the local spots that are both beautiful AND conducive to a full-on photo session. We didn’t have to worry about cars zooming by, and we landed a great spot underneath the lights.

Sister Love

This blog is just full of secrets! Want to know another one? This was a DOUBLE photo shoot!

Ashley and her sister BreeAuna combined their creativity and interests to come up with a session that included favorites they both love! It was great to work with both of these young ladies and learn about their hobbies, dreams for the future, and get to know their unique personalities. Don’t miss Bree’s senior session in Old Town Scottsdale!

Creative Patriotic Americana Graduation Photos with Sisters Scottsdale, AZ

While she says she’ll miss her friends from high school, Ashley is looking forward to studying in the medical field in college. She leaves valuable advice for incoming high school freshmen: never give up…even when it’s hard. (Not only is this girl beautiful, she’s super-smart, too!)

A country-music lover, makeup aficionado, and occasional TV binger, you’ll probably find Ashley hanging out with friends whenever she’s not busy with her other activities. Traveling the world is on her bucket list, and I only have one question…

Where is she gonna go first? Way to go and congratulations on your graduation, Ashley! Can’t wait to hear how you conquer the world!

What Mom Said…

Michelle has the touch! This makes my 3rd Senior that she has captured with her amazing gift. One attended ALA Ironwood and two attend Florence High School. She talks to the kids and finds what is in there heart, captures it with the camera and brings it to life with high quality art work. We have done photo shoots in Old Town Scottsdale and Gilbert. Michelle knows the east valley area and suggests the best one to highlight your Senior graduate. We are moving to Oklahoma but will be flying back for our graduate next year! Best experience EVER!

Elena Brown, Mom to BreeAuna and Ashley

And can you believe it? She did exactly that! They moved to Oklahoma, but came back for Marissa’s senior pictures. It’s absolutely incredible to have clients like this! Marissa is a music lover, so make sure you check out her senior photos at the record store!

Class of 2025, Looking to Hire A Senior Portrait Photographer Near Florence, AZ?

Magical Memories by Michelle is a professional senior portrait studio that is designed to help teens and young adults come to life in front of the camera! Your first step is to grab this FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about the process, pricing, and heirloom artwork.

Don’t forget to keep following the Magical Memories by Michelle blog for more exciting ideas for senior photo sessions. Start collecting ideas now so you’ll be ready when it’s your turn! You’ll find lots of great ideas on my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages, and explore my website to learn about Arizona’s top senior portrait experience!

  • I loved the every outfit and idea for this shoot. I love when seniors come with ideas for photographers to work with. I’m sure she’s going to love her session! You would never know you were in the street for the night photo.

    • I love when can use different locations than other photographers and so do my seniors! Thanks so much for commenting, Shunta!

  • I love these Florence Arizona Senior Photos. I especially love the night ones. I have been wanting to try these and it’s on my to do list. This beautiful senior is lucky to have such a talented senior photographer!

    • Hey Jodi, thanks so much for your sweet compliments! You totally have to get out and try shooting at night. It’s so much fun!!

  • I love the variety you found for these senior photos with personality. Ashley’s unique self shines! Great locations and awesome use of floral addition for senior shots!

  • I love how Ashleigh’s unique personality shines in her senior pictures! So many fun locations and a ton of variety in her outfits!

    • Brandi, I love that you’re able to get a glimpse of her personality, because she’s an awesome young woman! I’m glad you enjoyed her blog post!

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