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Affordable Photo Session for Guys in Mesa, AZ | Streamline Your Graduation Pics

Quick Take sessions are exactly that! Quick, fun & flexible, they are the photo session for the person on the go. With fewer outfit changes & locations, you'll be on your way in no time!

In a Hurry? Need Affordable Senior Pictures? Quick Take Sessions Are Speedy, Fun, & Flexible

Some clients contact me, and they already have a pretty good idea about what they want for their senior pictures. They know when, where, and how long they want their session to last—and they’re pretty set on their styling. That’s what happened with Owen!

This high school grad is a choir kid who wanted to keep his senior pictures simple and straightforward. He wanted just a few different shots and an outfit change, but he wasn’t looking for anything elaborate. I can do that!

But let me explain one thing first. When I say “nothing elaborate,” that has nothing to do with the quality and attention to detail in Owen’s photographs! No matter how many photos my clients choose or which session package they’re leaning toward, they’ll always get the top tier of service and quality from me!

Traditional Cap & Gown Graduation Photo

Just about every client wants some version of themselves in their graduation cap and gown—and with good reason! As Owen was smiling for this picture, I’m sure he was reflecting on all the hard work he’s put into his studies and his extracurricular activities to finally get himself to this huge milestone.

Plus, this is the perfect photo keepsake to share with family members like grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and everyone else who’s excited for his accomplishment. I always try to make sure the graduation year on the tassel is showing front and center as a visual reminder, and Owen’s ’22 gleams in a gold tone against his green cap. His school colors work perfectly against the natural background, faded in bokeh styling, that’s full of yellows, greens, and reds.

Senior Pictures Cap Gown Guys Chandler AZ

Waterside Neutrals…Casual Styling for Guys

Owen opted for natural outdoor settings for his photos, and since we were doing a Quick Take session, all his pictures were shot in the same general area. The great thing about where we live—the East Valley—is that all you have to do is turn around to get a different view with completely different surroundings.

In these photos, Owen opted for neutral colors that work great in natural settings. His stone-colored polo shirt works well with light denim blue jeans, and his handsomely styled dark hair is nicely offset by the lighter color choices. I love that there’s both a smiling and a serious image of him with this look because it shows two very different, and equally photogenic, moods!

This little spot beside the water is a tiny oasis close to home, and it is just perfect as a backdrop for tranquil, nature-themed sessions.

Guys Senior Picture Photographer Chandler Arizona

On-Trend Casual in a Tee & Jeans

A fun and easy way to change things up, especially for guys, is to do a quick shirt change. In this case, Owen opted to swap out his polo for a bright and casual tee, and he continued to leverage his versatile denim choice to create multiple looks.

At Magical Memories by Michelle, I have tons of props and accessories we can use as extras in your photos, so no worries there. For Owen, I brought along this vintage cane folding chair that…yep, you guessed it…fits perfectly into this natural setting!

Owen’s yellow shirt is just right, too. It makes him the center of focus, and as he sits with his elbows propped on his knees and on the back of the chair, he projects cool vibes for days.

Casual Senior Pictures Guys

Quick Take Senior Picture Sessions in the East Valley

If you’re looking for a solution that’s quick, fits your budget, AND delivers the best, most creative senior pictures in the East Valley, you’re in the right place! When you choose a Quick Take session, you’ll still get an outfit change as well as pictures in your cap & gown…in a convenient East Mesa location. You won’t get any of those boring fake backgrounds or pictures that look like everyone else’s!

Owen chose a dark suit with a light pop of pink for his necktie as a dressy option for one of his senior portraits. This one is guaranteed to look great on the walls at home, and relatives and family friends are bound to want a copy, too.

The great thing about the Quick Take session is that you can always order additional images individually, so no matter how many people line up for his amazing photos, Owen will never run out!

Formal Senior Pictures Guys Chandler, Arizona

With great looks ranging from casual and comfy all the way to dressed up and dapper, Owen has every style covered with his senior portraits. He walked in knowing exactly what he wanted and needed in his portrait collection, and a Quick Take session had it all.

What a pleasure to work with this young man and his family! Congratulations on your graduation, Owen, and much luck and success to you in the future!

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