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Should I Get a Spray Tan For My Senior Portrait Session?

Today I've asked Christina Hayes from Nizhoni Day Spa to help us out with some information about spray tans. If you've looked through any of my photo shoot prep materials, you'll know that self-tanners are a big no-no! Christina's beautiful spray tans though, wow!!! They blend perfectly with your skin tones and give you a beautiful natural glow!

Preparing for Senior Pictures: Spray Tans

If you’ve looked through any of my photo shoot prep materials, you’ll know that self-tanners are a big no-no! Christina’s beautiful spray tans though, wow!!! They blend beautifully with your natural skin tones and give you a healthy glow for your senior photo shoot.

Nizhoni Spa

Today I’ve asked Christina Hayes from Nizhoni Spa to help us out with some information about spray tans. You can visit her at her lovely spa in Apache Junction. It’s beautiful and quiet, perfect for some self-love!

east valley spray tans waxing

She’s here to answer all your questions!

  • What should I wear in the tan?
    You may go nude, in swimsuits, bras, underwear, shorts, anything you wish. HOWEVER, you will have faux tan lines from what you choose to leave on…so that needs to be considered for photos of bare shoulders, etc.
  • When should I book tan for photo shoot?
    I recommend the day before. No more than 2 days before. Because of athletes, shaving, and any other things that may degrade the tan in areas where clothing and sweat rub together. (just to avoid any issues). Tanning is not recommended same-day as photos.
  • What clothes and shoes should I wear?
    Plan to wear loose clothing home and open sandals or flip flops.
  • What should I do if I have leather seats in my car?
    Please bring a towel to place on your seat vinyl or leather. Your legs shouldn’t sweat or rub on these surfaces. Its not that the tan will rub off on them, but it will avoid any stickiness on your skin.
  • What color tans do you offer?
    My tans are custom to each individual and will always look natural! Less is more & your skin tone and time of day for photos will be considered in each personalized session. Showering times can range anywhere from 3 to 8 hours or even overnight depending on what we decide is best for you!
  • Do you use a booth?
    No! My tans are personally airbrushed, no booths!!
  • I’m a little nervous about my body. What should I do? 
    Nothing! I see all shapes & sizes of people and pass zero judgement. No body shaming allowed!!!
Best East Valley Spray Tan

If you want to learn more about Christina Hayes, check out her small business showcase where she talks about all her services, visit her website, or look her up on Google.

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  • This is so helpful to have this info regarding spray tans for photo sessions! Thank you so much!

    • You’re welcome Susan! I’m glad you found these tips helpful! Self tans can be a disaster for photo shoots, but Christina’s spray tans are just beautiful!

  • Great tips on getting an East Valley Spray Tan. I wouldn’t have any idea when would be the best time to make an appointment without you having written this post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jodi! Christina gets booked quickly because she offers such amazing services! I’m thrilled that you found this information helpful!

  • This is so informative! I’ve considered a spray tan and never knew any of this! Great information! Especially before an upcoming photoshoot!

  • Such good tips for high school seniors if they are wondering about getting a spray tan before their senior pictures! It’s definitely best to leave it up to the pro’s!

    • As you know Brandi, bad spray tans are a nightmare to edit! I’m so glad I have a reliable pro that does awesome spray tans for my clients!

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